Reducing waste and improving waste management

Reducing waste and improving waste management

Share ideas on 1) how to increase community awareness, 2) collaboration strategies with waste collection operators, 3) incentives to engage informal waste collectors, 4) data sharing strategies to get more information about the situation on the ground, 5) successful solutions from around the world.


Boola - Data-driven Waste Management Platform

Converting Food Waste To Livestock Feeds

Plastic waste into new flakes and car bushings products.

The Insider on waste reduction and waste management in kano

Project Haske

waste bin sensors and routers

Drainages Upgrade Within Kano Slumps City To Tackle Flooding

Landfill Regeneration - Transforming waste to green

Reducing waste generation & improving waste management

The ‘Less Waste’ project.

Kano Nigeria: climate change and post covid-19 economy

Public Awareness

Managing solid waste by reducing, recycling & recycling.


Use of recycled plastics in construction for scaffolding


Collaboration strategies with waste collection operators

pyrolysis Reactor

Waste Segregation

Reducing Waste and Improving Waste Management

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