Reducing waste and improving waste management

Reducing waste and improving waste management

Reducing waste and improving waste management


The idea is very essential.

Because it is a very good idea

It's an outstanding one, with great potentials if implemented..

This is very impressive, it would reduce the rate of sickness in the community

Very Interesting

It's a good idea

its impressive

Yea, this idea will help reduce the rate of sickness I'm the community

Very great idea that can be implemented

This is a very good idea, I look forward for it's implementation

Good idea...Great innovation. If give a good support will help in cobbing climate change....

because its practicable and cheap to carryout and be implemented

Good idea and i wish you all the best

This is a splendid idea because reducing waste is not only an environmental emergency, it is also a health emergency. The idea will keep Kano state clean and habitable while improving the health condition of its populace.

it can be improved by engaging in the implementing and provision of the infrastructures required for it implementation

It's a great idea. It will protect the environment and the health of the people around

As a Hygiene promoter and a community health Volunteer, these are the basic things we need to sensitized our people to mitigate diseases .

This is a great ideal that is pratical and praticable ti impliment by the kano state government and its inhabitant.

This Idea will keep Kano clean and once the city is clean, then, over 50% of our health challenge is solved already.Really nice and innovative.

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