Medical Waste Management Solution

Medical Waste Management Solution

Medical Waste Management Solution


It is a very unique idea addressing a specific niche that has long been ignored. A very much needed innovation in the healthcare waste management sector

It's a life saver.

An innovative and cost effective idea

Great Initiative.

Very good, greatly needed

It is a much needed innovation

It is good.

It will solve alot of problems for hospital waste

Yes its a great idea

This idea is highly scalable, from what i understand, the machine is locally fabricated, also from my research, this model has been implemented in other countries though their model is high tech but we need to at least start from somewhere. This idea should be implemented, a very unique one amongst all entries and the only idea that addresses medical/healthcare waste management industry.

A very scalable and needed initiative. Everyone knows the poor waste management healthcare centres practice.

The Idea has a very scalable business model, also it has been implemented in other parts of the world. The idea also offers the perfect solution to the problems of medical waste management as outlined

A very good idea.

This is absolutely a great idea, a life saving one. We see people earning their living through picking waste from the dump sites, not thinking about what would potentially harm theim in many ways. The need for proper medical waste disposal cannot be underestimated. It will save lives.

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