Boola - Data-driven Waste Management Platform

Boola - Data-driven Waste Management Platform


It is a great ideathat we need in our city. It is practical and innovative. As it builds on already existing technology it would be feasible and cost efficient. It will also help create more decent jobs as well as make our city clean

This is definitely an awesome idea. It is well designed, the practicality of the idea is very obvious as they're building on, and enhancing the current system on ground. The business model is very clear as well- it is sustainable and clearly shows that the team have vision. It's a social entrepreneurship which considers women in the system too, and that's very important. Moreover, they're tackling problems with climate change, unemployment, and squalid living among others.

After the piot program, this idea should be expanded to cover the whole of northern states.

The idea will help in cleaning of state

It has great social impact both short amd long term. Solves a huge problem of waste disposal , it will create employment and most importantly a safer environment.

I personally have a growing interest in waste management and recyclings. I’ve always seen the treasure laden within it. This is a great Idea that needs to be pushed .

I like the idea of boola waste management which addresses and gives solution to proper waste management and can result in the availability of valuable materials to reuse. This can save money while potentially creating new jobs and business opportunities. Reducing, reusing and recycling your waste is important for the environment and profitable... Good idea.

Its simplicity and practility. I hope you guys will expand this project to cover the whole of Kano and beyond.

Its awesome converting waste to energy. We got bunch of watse flying around messing the around. With this I believe we can all convert our watse to energy suplementing the current energy deficiency in kano and other part of the Nation.

Very nice.

Because it's a very good idea which is brought by the most intellectual person i ever meet in my life.

This is definitely a great idea that we need in our city. I like it because it's sustainability is clear and it is feasible. It will also aid in mitigating climate change, provide more jobs and keep our city clean

This idea is perfe

I believe this idea should be implemented because of its practicability and impact.

This seems very simple but yet workable. I like its simplicity because that makes it easy to implement, sustain and scale up.

The idea is a very importan one if taken will bring many achievement to yhe state

This cool, no more waste. It helps do counter deforestation. Very nice

Highly scalable

I like the idea because it would solve the huge problem with waste disposal and recycling in our state and the fact that it would provide decent working conditions for thise in the sector, the health of those informal waste pickers is in line because of the unhealthy working environment and lack of protection equipment. With this idea, health hazards would be greatly minimized, more jobs would be created and our environment would become cleaner.

The solutions matches with the problems

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