Zero Bola

Zero Bola

This is outstanding.


This is very good idea

I like your ideas so much and i will be very much happy to see it come to reality

This is a wonderful idea

Reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills.

Economic impact, reduction of green houses gasses and environmental health

Because it maybe the best idea that'll help end malaria across mutiple countries around the globe

As someone who grew up in the City of Kano, Nigeria, I am very familiar with the current desperate situation of refuse disposal. This idea is a welcome development which if properly executed will definitely bring about improvements in the air quality of the city as well as open up business opportunities for environmental protection services.


Sustainable and high impact potential

This is a fantastic idea

A great idea with solution to many problems.

Very good initiative

That’s fantastic and quite innovative. Generation of wealth from waste. This will improve socio- economic development of the state. Impact analysis is also very significant in the project for successful outcome.

To improve the health condition of the general population of the state and bring about power generation


It has several layers of utility. Besides waste elimination, there's power generation, and improvement of environmental health.

An innovative solution to the eye sore waste disposal which will reduce vector diseases enhance environmental livability and generate employment

It's brilliant and will make Kano clean and disease-free

A good idea, which when implemented as stated, will go a far in improving the living standard of Kano residents, thereby increasing security, business and other economy aspect of Kano populace. Kudos to you for these great idea.

πŸ‘ this is excellent and very intresting

Great Idea. Municipal waste management has been a major problem form many African cities.

With this idea coming into life, Nigeria will not only have power supply but enough to power the industry of the future. Impactful IdeaπŸ‘πŸŽ―πŸ’―

It is innovative and could solve many problems

It's reflects a progressive mindset of our technocrats

A very good and excellent idea indeed.

The innovation is a welcome development especially, where Bola is attempting to overpower the authorities concerned there by by causing more malaria parasites and other related diseases to our environment

I love this idea, it’s definately a game changer and we will reap benefits such as sanitizing kano, create new jobs and act as a blue print for some many innovative ideas. πŸ‘πŸ‘

The idea is possible and it is also an environmentally welcome idea that will impact the health and the betterment of kano city.

Great idea, it will help in reducing pollutions and provide electricity to many home.πŸ‘

It will make the environment clean, and at the same time it will help generate electricity

This is excellent innovation. It will improve health related issues in the state.

This is a great innovation to save the environment.

It solves several multidisciplinary problems at the same time.

I think the best thing about project is the 20MW of power that will be generated. It will go a long way in breach the energy gao we have in kano.

It is an efficient way of reducing air pollution and also create a clean environment

It's amazing and also a new innovation in kano state and the country as a whole. If fully implemented, it'll be of great benefit to kano and the country at large. I pray May Allah make it a successful one.

Helps with clean environment/clean energy

This idea solve Kano’s most pressing issues which are both waste and energy! It’s a remarkable and timely idea.

Amazing innovation

its hightime we put our piles of garbage to better use, not wait for the Government to solve all our problems.

Brilliant idea to keep our environment safer and increase local energy generation

I believe it is going to make a world of good in Kano and possibly the whole of Nigeria, by improving the health standards of Nigeria. Not only does it assist in the fight against malaria but it also amplifies the fight against environmental pollutants in Kano, which is a major hazard in health and safety of the people in Kano. I commend him for this laudable idea and I believe he deserves support in every way possible.

It’s innovative and what Kano truly needs. Hopefully other states will emulate this project, its what Nigeria needs.

Great idea, good thinking. Towards a safe environment.

This is an excellent innovation for Kano, Nigeria and Africa at large.

Municipal solid waste is one of the prevailing, influential and practical factor common in Kano contributing and impacting positively to environmental pollution.. Lack of of a good model, policy and improper approach to environmental management to control it will result many diseases and hazards as the demography of kano and market grows exponentially. If this type of research are fully implement, will achieve Sustainable Cities and Communities within kano and boost its economy too..

'Waste mountains' have bedevilled our once beautiful city of Kano which are an eye sore! Malaria has become a year round affliction of the people, even waiting for the unborn child!!! Well done my people, Keep it up.

It's very innovative and educational for new job creation

Because it will provide employment to the society and improve the economy of the state

It's a fantastic idea

Brilliant idea, Malaria is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands in Africa and Nigeria, this project will eliminate the breeding ground of Mosquitoes thus boosting Malaria eradication efforts in the country and continent at large.

It is so impressive, it has the capacity of making Nigeria clean and energy self reliant

Greatly needed, recycling of waste, clean energy, low cost and could eliminate local air pollution and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50%

Will help keep our environment clean

Brilliant Idea

It is revolutionary for kano state

It's a very welcoming idea, especially to us here in a developing country and it will help in sanitising our environment

It's a very welcoming idea, especially with us as a developing country,and it will really help us in sanitising our environment

πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† ⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰

It's an amazing idea that will really help sanitize and bring power solutions to Kano people

This is extremly amazing. When this type of innovation is carried out i believe it will reduce the rate of rampant sickness we encounter every year, especially Kano which has the large number of population.

This is a beautiful idea that will create a more enabling environmental living condition for both humans and some extension, plants too! We need innovative ideas that can be brought home in the areas of cleaner energy while using or recycling those disposables that can in turn hamper the clean living condition. It will keep Kano city clean and create more job opportunities. Well done... bring it ON!

This is the future.

The zero bola project has tremendous potential in effective waste management and also in the provision of alternative source of electricity. Also the quality of life of the people of Kano state will greatly improve as there would be a marked reduction in diseases such as dysentery, typhoid fever, malaria, as well as diseases spread by rodents.

Good innovation

Environmentally friendly

It is a good innovation that will solve society problems

Logistics preparations

Innovative and envirometally friendly

Eradicate all common diseases associated with dirt

The idea of making the environment clean and safe and in the process generating energy

Of course I very welcoming idea to keep Kano clean and healthy, with it population this will go a long way to sanitise the state. Good luck.

helps end environmental pollution in his home state , makes the society free of waste and makes waste to be used for productive purposes

This is a very wonderful idea and initiative. Will like to be part of this innovation.

A superb project that has a chain effect that benefits all. Not only for Kano but Nigeria and eventually African continent

It is a very good way to rid the environment of waste while recycling the waste.

The fact that waste will be eliminated and electricity generated.

Because of the positive impact on the environment and power generation.

Very interesting and a very good idea , I pray this come to live.

It is so practical.

This will change a lot for Kano state,like increase in alternative power source it a great step forward, reducuction in the rate of malaria infection to almost zero% as the breeding ground for mosquitos will be eradicated and creation of job opportunities for young people as well.

Its an amazing innovation that will help keep the city of kano clean

πŸ† πŸ† πŸ† πŸ† πŸ† ⏰ ⏰ ⏰ ⏰ ⏰


Ecosystem is sustainable through this unique system.

Well done young Man, love the creativity.!

This is a brilliant idea for it will help to achieve proposal waste disposal and management, thereby reducing the menace of malaria, thypoid fever and cholera. I am highly impressed with the initiative.

This is good idea which can change our environment from waste to wealth

Environmental sanitation

it is a brilliant idea and takes green effect into consideration. plus it solves the problem of never ending trash in major cities. Also recycling not only the waste but generating clean energy from it might form the foundation for future waste management in major African cities.

Very good innovation , health wise and economically

Brilliant idea.

Waste is generated by our action and also leaving with is also a threat to our healths or it have already become the course to dead to some of our society. We knew but we can not do anything about it. But with this project all the negative impact of the waste will be eliminated and additional it will also a source of energy of great impact to development of our society. May God help us this project to be achieved.

This is a wonderful idea


A superb idea.

😍this is brilliant. Waste elimination and improved health conditions are synonymous

I m an advocate of a safe and sustainable cities, which can never be realized without sustainable sources of energy. It is a long-overdue project.

Spectacular idea, that will also create jobs as well as energy for the state

This is very good idea.

The idea’s potential in terms of socio-economic value is outstanding

It's a great idea

I like this idea because it will create job opportunities to our teaming youths and it will reduce unwanted waste in our communities.


Its a good idea

The impact of youth in this project will help in reducing the difficulties in achieving this project, leading to the proper means that will bridge the communication gap, as a means of creating awareness. If kano State Government implement this project it's among the most interested project that every government will be happy to produce, that will improve the livelihood of its citizens. The recent need in the cheep energy source that will produce Electricity will be achieved.

It's practically based

It will save environment and generate energy and employment

Best wishes

It is a great idea with multi dimensional benefits, ranging from immedaite tangible economic benefits to long term ecological benefits

it is innovative, creative and will create jobs in a period of a devastating pandemic and in an area of the world where poverty is chronic. It will also encourage creativity in a society where corruption is rife and make innovation rewarding. I love the idea as it is from a student who is dedicated in helping the society. The idea will also help globally in combatting the General environmental challenge of global warming as it is another environmentally friendly idea that will change thin

πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† ⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰

The idea would aid waste management, while improving public health and also create multiple jobs. I appreciate the concept, it's a nice idea.


Great idea. We do need this really

This is a noble idea that will eliminate waste population and will help safeguard the environment from degradation. The proposed 20MW of clean energy will boost the power needed for the industrial revolution in the state

It will be very helpful for kano

Like ❀️

Awesome and ingenious...

Zero Bola means no mosquitoes and rats, it will help put an end to malaria fever, lassa fever and other related diseases.

What an amazing idea. Very creative and practicable. Looking forward for it's implementation.

Because if implemented, it will help reduce pollution in our environment and also help in fighting some diseases we have been battling with for ages.

It has great positive environmental impact, especially in line with the green revolution. Eliminating malaria breeding sites with save many lives and electricity will help the economy of the industrial city of Kano.

Kano is one of the dielrtiest towns in Nigeria. We need a solution and this is it.

Great innovation with a viable implementation plan

Because it will enhance the quality life of the people. What a fantastic Idea! May Allah guide you

The statement of problem is well established and needs a timely and sincere response as the main theme of the research is going to address. TabarakAllah my good friend Anas.

Clean environment and excellent waste management

Excellent for the environment and public health promotion.

I am so excited about this for the progress and development I see coming with it for Kano and the people of Kano and indeed Nigeria.

Yes I am in support. Its a round solution to lots of problems. Solving our waste problem and providing electricity in the process, this is a win win πŸ‘

It will solve a lot of problems for the people that need it most.

It very innovative and impressive

Practical on a small to medium scale with existing technologies. Will also have significant health and sanitation benefits in an environment with serious economic challenges.

It’s amazing! A light at the tunnel project!


Excellent proposition that can help get rid of the State heap of refuse dumped here and there.

Is a very very nice idea I really really love it I am an electrical engineering graduate and I'm into research on renewable energy especially biogas so I would love to take in project if possible thanks

This is absolutely amazing. So far this is the best idea I've seen for a while towards development of Kano State to tackle waste which devastated the city

πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† πŸ•°πŸ•°πŸ•°πŸ•°πŸ•°

It seeks to eliminate the root causes of two deadly diseases in Nigeria, has a power generation component and is scalable.

Very interesting

Amazing idea

An excellent idea,I support the project to be relocated to ancient city of kano Nigeria

It looks like a promising idea to reduce pollution!

Very practical and self sustaining solution to a critical problem

It will come with economic, social and health benefits to both the immediate environment and Nigeria as a whole

This project will have a significant impact on public health in Nigeria whilst providing sustainable energy. Brilliant idea

The positive environmental impact of this idea is tremendous

An extraordinary with a great purpose, benefits and goodness for kano state and Nigeria in general



The idea is timely

Eradicating diseases


An excellent idea, wish you best of luck.


This singular project promises multiple positive impacts in areas of employment , energy, agriculture , and health.


Good innovation

It help my country Nigeria by keeping it clean which lead to good health condition and also help in electrical power generation

This will address one of the Major problems in Kano state and NIgeria at large which is waste management. This is a great initiative

Amazing solution. Waste is a big issue in Kano, which has led to an unusual number of mosquitoes in the city.

I really love the idea. Very innovative, hope reality will be put in place

Its outstanding and i think and beleive it will help achieve Zero bola in kano

It will be a very impactful innovation. Brilliant and impressive.

One of the best practical approach coming at its best time to address an age long desire and aspiration of the ancient city people. May God bless this innovation

Reduce air pollution in the densely populated kano. It will also generate power that can improve the electricity quality in the city. Also, the rate at which the waste are dumb in the city affect the aesthetic view of the city. Amongst many other reasons. Thank you

Its a great idea.

Will significantly improve the air quality when deployed

It is good

Its fantastic and quite ingenious

Simple effective technology.πŸ‘

Simple effective technology!

This is a great project. The world is growing thus more waste is to be expected. With the explanation in the video, we are basically wasting energy and leaving waste that could cause diseases. In Nigeria, almost every 10 steps one can find waste on the ground. With this project, that can be eliminated and it will lead to job opportunities. Good work bro. 😍

Because it impacts the society and brings about employment opportunities for the populace.

This is a good innovative when properly implemented and manage

Yes I do

This idea is attempting to scratch one of the spots that has been itching me.

Excellent idea if implemented, it will definitely save lives

It will improve the health and well being of the Kano people


Yes, it will go a long way solving eviromental challenges

This will benefit not just kano but the whole of Nigeria

Very innovative and simply amazing

Very interested

Fabulous, This is a very good idea

This project tackles 3 key issues on the city of implementation. It provide 1. Solution for the removal and disposal of hazard waste. 2. Generation of power 3. Provision of employment opportunities.

It will be a great help to the community

It is a fantastic idea on efficient waste management, which can be replicated in all the major cities in Nigeria.

Very innovative, very practical, high impact and life-changing. Doff my hat!

This idea have the promise to address the waste crisis in Kano.

It has a great potential for impact considering that kano state is one of the most polluted cites in the world and the added bonus of energy generation sweetens the deal

We need more youngsters with innovative mindset, keep it up.

It's a sustainable project that not only takes care of the waste in the city but also captures the gas that can be used for other purpose.

I believe this is what the future looks like for waste management in Nigeria

I believe this is what the future of waste management looks like in Nigeria.

The idea is a sure way to reuse our resources to the maximum capacity. πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†


😍 beautiful

This project will help alot in reducing waste dumping in communities there by ensuring good sanitaiton condition and better health. Secondly the energy that will be generated will help alot in reviving our torn down indutries thereby help in reducing unemployments which will ultimately reduce crime rate in the state

This is one of the most exciting ideas I have seen that address a major environmental and health challenge.

It is explained simply, has practical value and is sustainable

Amazing 🀩

Because is innovative

Great idea.! Bola is the greatest menace and environmental disaster we have in Kano. I love this project

It will solve weste management issue in my city.

Good innovation for waste management.

It will be marvellous to see and feel kano without bola and the economy will receive a boost

Very good. Kudos for this.

Anything to help Kano get rid of her waste is a welcome development, especially when it adds value and benefits apart from getting rid of the waste

It has a lot of multiplier effects and will generate multiple opportunities Economically.

It’s exactly what kano needs

Because waste management needs urgent attention in the selection area

For it’s environmental and economic impacts, we’ve got to campaign for you. We’re PROUD.

Because it will solve so many problems between the yougth

A superb idea. This is exactly what our societies need.

A welcome initiative. I hope you scale through.

πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†This is a great innovation for clean energy .

It's amazing and critical thinking implementation. It's a way to tackle environmental waste that distort the lives of people in different communities for a long time.

A very good idea, that will help mitigate the effects of climate change

Superb, Dis is an Excellent idea so innovative other states should also copy and paste.

For healthier environment


This idea is great because it moves Kano State to a greener future. It also provides a safer and cleaner environment. Making this plant will also further enhance Kano State and make it a leader in green energy in Nigeria. In addition it would also create more jobs in the State and ease unemployment.

It’s part of what Nigeria needs


This is an amazing Idea & Innovation and most impactful if successfully implemented

This will be life-changing in terms of waste management, especially in African cities with large population

It's innovative and can solve many problems. It can benefit the poor and the rich.πŸ’ͺπŸ‘

Because healthical, economical and prevent waste . It is a good ideology which everybody supposed embrace

The possibility of transforming waste into energy excites me. Its impact in the health and socioeconomy of one of the poorest regions on earth could be monumental

Is an good idea but how can we that interested join the project?

It puts the state on environment- friendly waste disposal pathway and ultimately the entire country.

I think this is a good initiative which will help Kano state/Nigeria to meet its SDG obligations. However, I understand biological conversation of waste is usually implemented as a captive or stand-alone system to supply a single market, building or small neighborhood. Waste conversion for industries could be best achieved through thermochemical conversion which is faster and more robust than the suggested biological method. Lastly, this project should be lauded and supported.



It definitely seems to have potential for great impact, but I wonder how practical it is. I’ve seen a couple of suggestions & good questions down in the comments.

Amazing. Excellent. It will go along in beautifying our great city of Kano...

Yes,Sustainable waste management .

Waste to energy and wealth can create jobs and increase incomes in Kano state Nigeria

Job creation and increased incomes Reduced carbon emissions

This is a brilliant idea that will put into use the massive solid generated that is unutilized which create nuisances to our health and the environment. This project can be applicable and highly beneficial to many cities in Nigeria.

Because it's a developmental idea here in african region

Its a brilliant idea. The potential impact would be massive.

An excellent initiative coming at the right time.

Best solution for the age old Bola menace. The people of Kano will be grateful for many generations to come.

It's technology-driven, environment friendly an opportunity to generate employment opportunities and cost effective over the long term.

An innovative waste to wealth idea. Important for healthy environment.

This is an amazing idea, very sustainable in nature.

Its innovative and will make a big impact to the environment

An impressive idea that our communities are in dire need of. The chief reason I like the idea is it will solve at least two problems: clear the unsightly open refuse dumping sites - that pose several health hazards to people - that unfortunately punctuate the city of Kano as well as improve power supply.

This is a perfect idea, in fact, it is also my field of specialization where I obtained both MSc and PhD in.

Kano is quickly becoming a mess. In a few years, the city will become intolerable and cesspool. This work will help mitigate that risk.

This is a very good idea.

Zero waste in a growing large city like Kano state requires a complex but sustainable solution, I believe this idea will not only be a good solution but also one that keeps the community green.

Amazing project

Is a very good innovation, i hope it comes to work and inshallah this project will not only be in kano but i t will reach the whole of the nation, am so amused by this project.

This is a brilliant innovation.

I like the idea, it is an excellent idea. But my question is how to fund the project? Is it from public, private or an international organization? To make it more feasible & sustainable, I propose Green Sukuk to fund such project. GS is an innovative product for funding environment friendly projects such as waste management and clean environment. Title: Green Sukuk for Sustainable Funding of Zero Bola Project in Kano State Bello Sani Yahuza, a PhD student at IIUM. Research area: Green Sukuk


This is very encouraging and To Mee the most beautiful part of it is No bola No mosquito No mosquito No malaria ..

Its a great achievement will help a lot

Amazing and very innovative driven approach towards sustainability and mitigating climate change. This innovative idea should be supported across all ramification.

At last we can say bye bye to mosquitoes

A very fascinating idea which tries to eliminate environmental pollution, the problems of climate change especially in urban cities and capitalizes on the concept of waste to wealth by generating electricity (clean renewable energy)another major challenge in our urban cities. This project is highly innovative and functional, it deserves to be supported

Very nice concept

Policy makers should do the necessary to support this to its logical conclusion towards the desired results. Public and Private partners should be incoporated to achieve a diverse oriented results.

Its an amazing idea

Great idea!!

It's fantastic

This is an excellent initiative and I believe will have tremendous impact on one of the most populace city on the continent of Africa.

Smart, clean and renewable

To have cleaner city and also the benefit to generate electricity

Clean Energy

Value Chain acknowledgement

It's truly remarkable and sustainable especially when one considers the magnitude of garbage in Kano.

This is a fantastic. We are proud of you .

This will change lives by creating a healthy environment and would create jobs for the youths😊

Being able to generate biogas to serve the industrial areas in Kano can do a lot to eliminate waste, clean the environment, and provide jobs. Brilliant idea.

An enviromentally friendly and sustainable business model

Amazing, i really love this idea.


I love it due to the fact that it targets environmental cleaning at the same time benefitting from the waste...

I was amazed by the idea which is very beautiful.

Because it is not only a waste to wealth project, it is also a waste to health project!

This will definitely raise the level of our health's absolutely amazing

Its a huge dream to see Kano Cleaned up with zero waste and the ability to generate energy its even a bigger win.

This idea will help bring to use the vast amount of waste generated in the city of Kano. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

The project will help in nation building by reducing carbon emission, efficient waste management, eradication of diseases, utilization of biomass to generate power etc

This is Amazing and the idea is superb to see how waste can be eradicated and keep everyone healthy. Good Luck Zero Bola

A very important and great idea one of the first steps towards a healthy environment.

it is a very practical solution for varbage in nigeria

It’s a very great initiative. Here’s to a safer environment πŸ‘πŸ»

I like this idea because it focuses on renewable energy while reducing pollution and green house gases. Elimination of waste is critical for earths survival.

Ma sha Allah takwara. This is spectacular idea, i can already picture it success. In shaa Allah you will get this project and i will love to see me working as part of it. #Kanofirst

It's a good thing to do, converting waste to wealth.

Its tremendous impact on humanity. Keep thinking about clearing mosquito habitats, which could save lots of lives!!!


I like the completeness.

It provide reused energy while at the same time solving the waste challenge faced at Kano

Very interested we loves it

It's very innovative.

I like it because it is a good way to reduce air pollution, promotion of land refill, prevent mosquito larvae from hatching thereby reducing malaria, source of light energy,job opportunity to many

Resused energy from waste is a fantastic way to get rid of the mess in Kano while at the sametime provide jobs.

It's a very good idea and it will help to reduce waste also recycled

It will help our communities in a tremendous way. We need to take charge of our environment.

Waste management is an issue that needs to be addressed

It’s an innovative use of waste.

This is very innovative

What a powerful innovative idea, i like it due to the fact that it tackles environmental cleanliness and as the same time converts to energy, who knows that one day it will be manure or Gas.

Waste management in Nigeria is a long standing challenge and i just cannot wait for this clean solution with the added benefit of additionally contributing to ameliorating the poor power supply in the Country.

Fantastic idea!!!

Brilliant project to save our dear environment

It's looking to solve difficult pollution problems. A clean environment is necessary for a healthy life.

This will help solve energy problem in the country and also promote cleaner and safe environment.

This technology has abilty to make an immense impact to both the physical and State environment in many positive ways

Solve societal problem

It seems to be an excellent idea that if actualities we will benefit from the waste disposal and also gain the products that could help in power generation and LFG that will be extracted from the waste.

This is an amazing Idea & Innovation and most impactful if successfully implemented

πŸ‘this is a welcome development, like the idea. Keep it up

Because of the unending health side effects of the waste. And also environmental problems.

i am Supporting the idea

Marvellous Idea that can improve our life expectancy. This will benefit Kano in many ways.

It’s a welcomed idea that will benefit Kano and if successful it can be extended to the entire country

I am in support of clean energy

I love the idea because the citizens will enjoy the freshness of the air and diseases will be at it's barest minimum.

Innovative, creative and sustainable.

This is an amazing Idea & Innovation and most impactful if successfully implemented

This is outstanding.

I really like the whole Idea It will lead to a very clean and healthy Kano I see you going beyond Kano Yazid Allah ya taumaka.

It solves an unending problem facing Kano City residents. It also brings about a great solution with positive impact on the city. The solution will reduce CO2 thereby helping in achieving Nigeria's Paris Agreement target in reducing global green house gasses emission. I love this idea and hope it will be implemented to the latter.

This idea if successful will go a long way in proper waste management in Kano.

It will solve waste dump and environmentally related diseases problem in Kano, Nigeria

Great idea

Converting waste to wealth

It would help improve the living condition in our environment

Because it help in eradicating an environmental pollution and also providing energy that can be use for other professes

The energy consumption rate in the country already is not enough and if we have a stellar idea like this that can generate energy for that area. I'm all for it. I like it.

The impact of this project will benefit all

It’s a great idea and a welcome development if approved. Quite doable.

A business idea of buying waste for energy should be incorporated into the plan, to aid in the process of compilation of waste, in order to encourage the communities to dump their waste in the landfills

Separating recyclable waste matter (e.g. glass, paper & cardboard, metal) from ordinary landfill waste.

It is going to go along way in eradicating diseases that have to do with garbage disposal. Also it will improve on the looks of the Kano city at large.

make it a point to target one state in each geo political zone.

This idea will be improved by gathering enough information from experts in the field.


Is Amazing Idea

This Idea is for the country not for only Kano soo share and vote Zero Bola for Better Nigeria πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

Because of what it aim to achieve as a goal as regarding the elimination of waste in northern Nigeria. The idea of elimination of waste dumps and dumpsites in Kano over a span is really commendable and applaudable to a large extent.

Because it will be a huge investment for not only Kano but Nigeria at large. Recycling is one of the major investments a country should have. If we have something like that in a place like Kano, it will benefit millions of Nigerians and will add significant value to Nigeria’s Economy. Let’s start with Kano and extend to other Northern and Southern Stares at large. Together we can overcome poverty in Nigeria!

For our health and hygiene benefits

Great IdeaπŸ‘Œ

I really appreciate with effort and courage may Allah see u through this projects


A brilliant idea

This idea will help Kano environs and its inhabitants to curtail the menace of refuse. It's really impactful idea.

Great idea! Converting waste to wealth πŸ‘

This is such an innovative solution to the waste pollution problem in Kano state & Nigeria as a whole.

Looking at the environmental impact and what it can bring to the environment, it takes away our Bola which in return gives us Energy. I think this helps and saves both sectors we have always been trying to find solutions to, this is a part of the solution

This is interesting and amazing idea

It is practicable

This innovative, will add to power generation and convert waste that has been inimical to health to useful stuff and ultimately create jobs.

It will improve the economy and wellbeing of Kano people.

Zero bola project will be beneficial to our society. Good luck

The innovation is a great functional one, most interesting it is been carried out by indigenes with in-depth knowledge of the environment which will enhance its effectiveness.

This is a great idea and it will help kano to get rid of mosquito/malaria. all the bestπŸ‘

Unique and impactful indeed

This idea will be improved by gathering enough information from experts in the field.

Reusability of gas generated by landfill waste and controlled environmental benefit impact.

Requires robust legislation that protects sustainability of the system if or when implemented.

Because it will bring an end to dumps and dumpsite in Kano, and revived our closed industries due to the anticipated 20mw energy. The rebirth of the industries will definitely reduce the number of unemployment in the state.

This is an excellent idea.


Potential positive impact for clean energy generation, job creation, environmental protection and better health outcomes. This project is really for people and planet in line with the SDGs.

Very innovative for reducing the climate crisis

Good one. Climate friendly

Because it will help eliminate waste, destroy microbes breeding, reduce spread of pathogenic diseases e.g. malaria and to generate electricity


Excellent and very realistic project that looks sustainable too

Waste dumps are a huge problem in Kano state. Not least for health reasons. His solution also tackled climate issues.

This is a promising and great idea


How are policy makers going to be included? How and when will the public be enlightened on recycling and waste management?

I believe it will impact on the lives of people πŸ‘

I hope it succeeds

It will bring about healthy community.

Environmental Sanitation is a major challenge for both citizens and government in Kano States, t h e proposal to convert waste into electricity in wonderful! Literally is like "killing two birds 🐦 with one stone "

Very good idea. Lets hope all parties concerned will cooperate


This is a wonderful and welcomed idea. Cause the filth and dirt in kano has become something else. Hopefully this will help alot when it comes to cleanliness and eliminate unnecessary waste and pollution which is destroying the eco system. Kudos.


This is what development looks like I pray he get all the funding he deserves Ameen good luck brother πŸ‘

Fantastic idea.

It's of course a new development to our community in terms of job and wealth creations.

Kano needs this! Nigeria needs this!!

The project will bring positive change to the lives of the communities affected.

This is very innovative and it will help solve one of the major environmental hazards in Kano State.

What a nice idea! I will fully participate in making this vision a reality. Keep it up!

Waste management has been a serious problem in Nigeria, with this project we are assured of a greener Kano

This is really a marvelous idea! I pray may Allah make it easy for all of us ameen.😍

To help improve the lives of people

The socio-economic impact of this great project will help my community positively. The heap of garbage in my state will became a history if this project is implemented.

This a great idea for the environment, and it help reduce unemployment in Nigeria.

Great Idea

This will be a great innovation, it will reduce land and air pollution, and utilize it into so other energy.

Excellent idea that will help to reduce air pollution and eliminate waste.

The idea even though not novel is yet to be achieved in most cities in Africa. It is a development that will integrate the arms of sustainability; environment, social and economy. The fact that it involves all stakeholders, Government, Private Sector & the local Community also makes this a more holistic approach to help solve the problem of waste in Kano City.

Generation of energy

Excellent idea considering the amount of waste being generated and dumped in that areaπŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† ⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰

It's a nice idea which will improve human health

This is what Kano needs to prevent an unfolding disaster!

Great idea!

Beyond amazing idea, I pray that it will be implemented.

It's innovative and will improve the economy of Kano State if implemented.

Hoping to see the impact

That's a good idea, i will help to regain the most conducive environment

The idea will reduce harzardous substances that are exposed to the surrounding and this will improve the wellbeing of the communities around.

This is a wonderful idea and will help in properly disposing waste thereby creating a safer and healthier environment for people.


This is a good idea

Great idea.

This is what the world needs right now! It's all about environmental sustainability, and sustainable energy! Incredible πŸ‘

This idea will serve as a sustainable waste management solutions to Kano and sldo provided clean energy and generate employments

It is promising, the ancient city deserves more than that

Socially, Economically and Environmentally Sound Idea

A great idea on sustainability and pollution control

It is a good idea to control pollution

This is a great and innovative idea, being a solution to our local problems. Waste management is a challenging issue especially in major cities like Kano. Kudos to the drivers of the project. I hope it comes to fruition soonest.

The project is timely

Is a Welcome Development, it will help alot, it will help in preventing diseases and provide friendly environment

it is timely in this era of going green. We hope it goes round Nigeria not only Kano. All the best

Its coming just in time to put right what we have neglected i.e. basic sanitation. When Kano is clean, Adamawa will invite Zero Bola to support us to do same in Adamawa State

It's a dream come true for me. I notured similar idea but it died as an Idea!! Hope to see you make it a reality

Health is of a great Importance when talking about Growth and Development of every Community. This project will have a great Impact in reducing lots of diseases that are caused by Environmental Pollution. I like it.

For it's a great idea and will be beneficial i guess.

Its will eradicate jobless among

I like this idea of #zerobola because it is a project that will enhance the life of people and improve the health conditions of kano metropolis

It's innovative!

Greatness in a nutshell πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

The idea addresses the three main trilema of sustainability 1, Social - jobs 2, Environment - reduced air pollution and carbon emission 3, Economic - wealth creation

Not only Kano, it's clean Nigeria in generalπŸ‘Œ

It’s solving a pollution challenge and producing clean energy in an economical way

this is a very good idea

Laudable project. A little late but never too late. 101% in support

Great initiative Mal. Anas. This’ll go a long way in providing windows for more venture creation and in keeping Kano clean. Kudos

It’s a very great idea

It's more beneficial to us


It will bring the much needed sanity to Kano state environment.

This is an Excellent idea

Amazing. It's what we called 'killing of two birds with a single shot'. The project when actualized will help in reducing the deleterious effect of pollution in one of the most populous and dirtiest state in Nigeria. That alone is enough to earn a credit. The project will also help address the problem of power shortages in Kano State which is one of the most pressing issue in the giant city of Africa.

It is quite a great idea that could transform Kano into a clean city and not only kano but Nigeria and Africa in general.

A great way to reduce waste, improve the environment, reduce health risks, create alternate energy supply, create Jobs, the benefits are endless


Kano is a pretty large -and growing- commercial area and it's refuse problems will only get worse as it grows. Zero Bola offers a two-pronged solution tackling refuse disposal, and the poor situation of electric power from the main grid.

because it clean our city, and generate electricty to us.

A great project that will contribute to Nigeria achieving its commitment under the Paris Agreement and also Nationally Determined Contributions

We will support to achieve this in whole country

It's nice

Allah ya yayi jagora

Attempts to solve a perennial problem that the Government has thus far failed to address while Generating much needed Power

Very interesting, we pray to see it realityπŸ˜€

This is a great idea it will help drastically in the reduction of rubber waste and it will help in the control of local and global pollution, This will create job for the young youth and it will engage them to be busy, I am fully in support of Trash to Cash..

Terrific idea. Well done!

A project that benefit the community in: - providing clean environment by managing the waste in a sustainable way - reduce emissions by clearing the landfill - provide much needed electricity to supplement the national grid - provide employment opportunities for the community Worthy of all support and encouragement.

Contributes towards the global drive for zero carbon by 2050

Detailed transportation analysis has to be conducted as the logistic of collecting waste and transporting to the dumpsite/plant is a major challenge within the metropolis.

This is mind changing, beautiful and innovative...we need revolutionary ideas like this.


Waste is a problem in general in Nigeria, so any scheme that removes waste from the public is plus.

Making it a community problem and solution - how the Kano folks can be actively involved.

Nice one

What we all needed, say bye bye to mosquitoes.

Innovative and practical

What an excellent idea.

Very interesting, I pray this happen.

This is a great project. And i am interested in it 100%

What a great idea,it will definitely help against the fight of malaria from kano.. Kudos brother..

It’s a great initiative with an opportunity to address the critical issue of safe disposal of waste in Kano State. I just hope the 20mw will be relatively cheaper than KEDCO For our industries to thrive.

Why i like this great idea is because it target towards making Kano a better place for waste management.

Kano seriously need this kind of project we have waste everywhere it will reduce polution and also mosquitos this will go along way to help us reduce people from malaria

Tones and Tones of bola in Kano will be put to good use. I don't have to worry about where my bola goes

A very brilliant idea that wilp help manage improper waste disposal.

It's an amazing engineering solution to waste management

Alhamdulillah, we woll soon reach the place

Great idea to sanitize the environment, reduce green house gas emmissions and generate clean energy

It will serve as a template for a key component in Industrial Development in sub saharan Africa.

It is excellent because it will provide clean energy and create jobs for the good people of kano

If implemented it will solve so many health issues in Kano State. It's really going to be a great project indeed, of benefit to the people of Kano State.

Waste management and sustainable environment

Mashaa Allah. What an excellent idea

Excellent innovation

Wonderful idea

The project is going to eliminate waste dump and have a cleaner environment.

This is fantastic.

Outstanding solution

Very good idea, As waste collection company in kano welcome this idea we hope existence

Awesome ifea that will help Kano State with recycle energy and getting rid of waste and helping the state health wise.

It is a really amazing idea for managing urban solid waste while also generating electricity. That's two for two perennial problems in not just Kano state but across Nigeria being solved

It solves myriads of problem associated with waste disposal in sub saharan Africa and replicity in cities across Africa would be acheived once the first is kick started in Kano, Nigeria.

It's an innovative idea that can significantly improve the waste management of Kano state.

Brilliant idea coming from a brilliant mind. May Allah SWT continue to guide and protect you. It is going to be a success In Sha Allah.


A great idea that promotes several of the Sustainable Development Goals challenges: good health through reduced pollution; clean water and sanitation; clean energy access; and climate action.

It is sustainable and if implemented will provide clean energy.

Because the world will be a better place with less waste.And This is achievable.

The amount of times I've had malaria after visiting Kano alone makes me want this idea implemented and successful. It looks very promising too.

Because it enhance quality of life and also provide clean air and environmental

This is outstanding

Perfect move 100%

Very good innovation keep it up

It is beyond practical and would contribute immensely to the development of Kano and Nigeria at large

It will possibly bring an end to issues of refuse collection and dumping in kano city. Kudos to you πŸ‘ πŸ™Œ

This could also be beneficial to create free public toilets hence curbing open dedication. An excellent idea

Zero Bola

Allah ya bamu sa’a

This is great and practical.

It’s great for the environment

This is outstanding idea Sir. Indeed Kano city needs a project like this as Environmental challenges are growing bigger and bigger, without much attention from populace and stakeholders.

It was great idea and panacea to current environmental hazardous.The part of generating Energy will help in boosting Economy which , subsequently result in job creation in so many economical areas.

I like the idea of up-cycling waste to create energy, these are both challenges we are facing in kano and this idea tends to provide a solution to both.

because the idea will reduce the impacts of waste in our environment and also provide an alternative means of energy to improve power supply.

This project would help Africa to get rid of malaria not just to be limited in Kano. Wish you all the best Sir.

Fantastic Idea

Because it will help in controlling air pollution and also reduce mosquitoes also.

Best wishes

It's revolutionary and it will catalyses growth and improvement for all also provide jobs

Because waste is one of the major challenges facing Nigeria and other third world countries. Lack clean and sanitisation of environment has alot of negative impact that include: 1. Causing air relsted sickness due to air pollution 2. Unorganised dumping wastes anywhere can create water pollution especially during rainy season when rain floaded the wastes into rivers, and the people living villages happened to use the polluted water for drinking and cooking.

It will improve the state by reduction of waste which as well can be used for power generation


Its a very innivative idea to reduce the impact of green house gases and it will generate direct and indirect jobs

Great service to humanity.

It will dwarf climate change

Its great

This is amazing, I so love the idea. Hope you'll someday bring this project to Zamfara State.

I'm sure the amount of bola we have will generate more than the proposed 20 mgw

Be cause it will address one of Nigeria's biggest challenge with waste management

Impressive, I like it because it's gonna bring real solutions to our society, employment opportunities and healthy community. I'll very much like to be part of the project.

It reduces waste, CO2 Emission and Improves air quality.


Effective waste management has always been an issue in our towns and cities. With more urban drifts this is likely to continue. Its compounded due to lack of practical solutions, resources and Govt. focus. This is a welcome initiative with some thought behind it, very practical and definitely needs a trial.

It’s revolutionary and aims at solving multiple problems in my city.

Reduce pollution both Air and Land

A spectacular idea which is in tandem with goals 6,13 and 15 of the UN SDGs.

The best thing I like about this idea is practicability. It will also help in generating more direct and indirect jobs

Let's have indicators on how the idea can be brought into reality

This idea is outstanding

Because it will help us

Vert innovative. Kudos to you guys

A very tremendous and applaudable idea. All the viable best πŸ‘πŸΌ

Very innovative indeed. This will greatly reduce pollution ant its negative consequences

Yes, this is a good initiative.

More like minds needs to be included to drive the idea forward

Because it’s what we need at this particular moment Zero emission

Superb, an idea with multiple applications and uses,reduces non-useful waste to useful matter,and if its been enhanced it will give some jobs to some youths,many unsayable positivities exists for the idea

This would keep the Kano city safer for all

The idea is remarkable and environmentally friendly. It is a innovation and very strategic.

Very ingenious and brilliant idea for cleaner environment and cleaner energy.

To eliminate modquetos

This will help locals commercialise waste, hence improving livelihood financially and healthwise for the people of Kano.

Beautiful one.

It is brilliant idea that will solve the emission of carbon into the atmosphere. It is another of addressing the global warming issue.

1. Fills gaps; the perennial environmental health/sanitation challenge of Kano city and the cheap recyclable energy for low income people in a very enterprising city. It will have positive consequences on environment and Enterprise. 2. Inspiring; A project like this in Kano will inspire other places especially in the north to replicate it.

Well thought out

Turning waste into energy!

It will really impact the lives of Kano residents positively.

A great and practical idea

This idea is very environmentally friendly

This is a great idea

Kano is Nigeria's most populous state with poor refuse management. This project will enhance refuse management, save millions of lives and boost economic activities.

It is very innovative and practical. The idea will reduce pollution within Kano.

Because waste dumps are becoming nuisance in kano and northern Nigeria in general, if this project becomes successful it's going to serve as a model for African cities to emulate for a cleaner environment. Most deadly diseases in Africa today are malaria and typhoid, thi project has a potential to check mate that, by eliminating breeding grounds for mosquitoes, and eliminating water conterminating agents.

It's a project that will have instant impact, boost local economy, and improve overall health and aesthetics of Kano.

Kano as a major hub in Nigeria the impact of 20 MW electricity will benefit the whole of Nigerian economy

It will reduce pollution and generate clean energy

Its an excellent initiative that will not only generate alternative energy, but it will also enhance the air quality and the overall wellbeing of Kano state residents. I hope this gets adopted nationwide

Excellent innovation

It’s an amazing idea that impacts on people’s life by making Kano State clean again through waste (bola) management to produce electricity. Kudos and success

It's such an amazing idea!!!!

An idea whose time is overdue,Kano being a mega city generates huge wastes and the waste disposal mechanism is slow,tedious and generally ineffective. This waste to power initiative is unique and will supplement grid supply in underserved areas in the city and beyond. This is an amazing initiative Hopefully there would be scaling in the near future.

I think this is great for our environment, and it is also a sustainable way to generate power for the community. I think this is brilliant because it is addressing two problems (Waste Management & Access to power) with one sustainable solution.

It will solve a lot of waste problems in the whole country if replicated in the other states of the country.

This is amazing πŸ’―

It will improve health conditions in Kano


The project is a very good idear if you look at the procedures and the processes it entails. It will contribute highly to the eradication of waste in the kano metropolis which has being one of the highest challenges to the residence of the city for decades.

It's a great idea and will definitely improve the quality of life of kano people.

Absolutely is so amazing

This is an excellent idea which is a global problem that needs to be addressed.

The reason behind this project has many impact to the world at large not only Nigeria. Because it will reduce some virus and other unhealthy symptoms, which I believe we Nigerians we will be happy if this project is accepted.

It will be a game changer in the environmental sector.

A fantastic idea that make the city clean and generate electricity

Its amazing and innovative

Smart idea, we need this kind of innovation with multiple solutions to our renewal energy, sensation and environmental health

Great idea and innovation, if successfully implemented it will greatly reduce and solve the huge waste we have in Kano State and Nigeria. Sabon gari area of Kano should be the first point to kick start this project, that area is so so terribly dirty.

This is so amazing. Excellent innovation

This idea would help a long way in curbing malaria and other diseases. It’s also an effective way to achieving a cleaner and healthier Kano.

This is great idea


Great Initiative. Kano is BOLA-full right now.

It is a great idea

I like the idea of zero bola because of the impact its going to give to the people of kano state where the local air emissions will be reduced to zero there by reduce respiratory diseases and also the elimation of breeding of mosquitoes and rats will be reduced there by reducing infectious diseases such as lassa fever and malaria. And lastly, the generation of 20MW from the waste material.

This will go along way in ensuring our environment are healthier


Requesting more inputs from like minded young Nigerians especially in other states

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