Waste plastic made floor tile

Waste plastic made floor tile

Waste plastic made floor tile


Great project

It is wealth from waste! Jobs from waste! What better idea can I imagine in this area? It is absolutely feasible and realistic business idea for a city like Bahir Dar.

very helpful for the community and nature!

it is an idea which will keep the earth clean and safe !!!

Good for Lake Tana and the global warming as a whole!

Upscaling through private and public sectors buy-in.

A very creative initiative.

Dear Bety, Interesting idea because the role of technologies in waste management towards lower risk of pollution incidents.

It will reduce waste which can pollute our communityπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Our city needs more of such transforming ideas, great job!

love it! great job!

Its is good idea b/se it keeps the envirommet clean and safe

Tiles are a very useful material. They have a good lifetime Since recycled plastic tiles are resistant to bad weather. At the same time, It will help the environment as well.

It will reduce plastic municipal solid wastes and creates a sustainable environment.

It will create healthy and clean environment. dry waste on the city. It ignites further inventions. The city's waste disposal methods will be advanced.

it will help for environmental protection by recycling one of the most pollutants of the environment.

This idea is very innovative solution to most cities of Africa, as it will enhance environmental cleanliness and health status of community.

It is a very serious case that has to be given attaintion.

It is a creative idea and good for an environment

Because it is an environmental problem solving idea.

I like this idea because of it reduce or elimnate wastes and to creat good enviroment.

The project is Interesting and acceptable by the community which solves the current problem that we are facing in our day today life routine . πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Resources are limited, creativity is unlimited. Their idea is a nice creativity that be able to develop environmentally, economically and socially friendly cities.

Bahir Dar a source of Blue Nile and near in lake . Plastic waste is a BIG environmental challenge.So we are lucky to change waste to wealth.

This days recycling a plastig and alike bags or bottles have become a serious escape plan for the Environmental significance of the world, henceforth the all world image and environmental issues will become a basic serious quote line to give attention for and having this processing a waste plastics and alike materials and reuse them in the form of a project like will forward a healthy environment and living trend of the society to its peak best motive.


I liked this idea because it reduces environmental polution and keep safe ecosystem.

As our population, for the last decades increased alarminglly and Bahirdar city is near the registered biosphere Lake Tana; such inovation will save the entire ecosystem and creat a lot of jobs for our young generation.

This is an excellent idea to solve the plastic waste pollution problem that we are currently facing. This innovative approach to plastic waste disposal through recycling technique will be very useful to keep our environment clean and provide better income to the already established local plastic waste collectors while providing cheap and durable tiles and terrazzo for the local road construction projects, hence minimizing total cost of the projects while increasing the lifetime of the roads.

πŸ‘πŸ‘ Best way to take advantage of waste plastic.


The idea is very interesting, there is no well organized wste plastic management system the city, then this project is a cost effective way of handling the waste in a productive way by converting it to tiles.

The raw material can be easily found with less cost

Creative idea and if you have your own brand for your product it will be profitable and competetive business..GREATE JOBπŸ‘

nice idea to safe our enviromet!

It significantly reduce the waste plastic problem and also will create job.

Reliable resource to work on.

A great project to reduce our environmental pollution impact & helping the construction industry.

This kind of business plan is one of the immediate solutions to the current all types of plastic waste management problems of the city of Bahir Dar, which is a very critical problem of the city especially to lake tana and the sewerage system of the city. It is just like hitting two birds with one stone.

I is a very nice idea. It can contribute to minimize the environmental pollution of the Lake Tana and its surroundings. Also, it will create job opportunity / in plastic collection, recycling and manufacturing of some others products/.

know a days our world are in question due to pollution that is why this idea will come up with great solution and accept.

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