The idea is super brilliant. It's will create a healthy environment and reduce environmental pollution.

Helps manage waste and foster helthier environmental living condition.

This is an amazing idea considering how many lives are affected annually by flooding which is both a direct and indirect consequence of poor waste management particularly from non-biodegradables. It is a sound innovative idea that should be fully supported

It will create a more conducive and healthy environment for the people of Kano especially for our children.

I like the idea because it addresses solution to waste challenge in Nigeria as whole.

The addressing is simple and superb the solution is impactful to life .. we can’t enjoy a healthy life in an untidy environment...the idea is a possible reality and implementable ..

The idea is eco-friendly, because it encourages the the production of materials with low waste potential and more importantly biodegradable ones. It also helps in breaking the loop in disease transmission, while the volume of daily waste generation and disposal is reduced to the nearest minimum.

I like the idea because it is a super intelligent way for a better world.

For a better, Safe and healthy Nigeria this should really be adopted as waste such as polythene bag as become an issue we them disposed improperly in every corner and area of the country years after years they still lye waste there before you know it makes the area an isaw affecting must drainsge system like gutters. This is really a brilliant solution for a Safe Nigeria

Cause she addresses a prominent issue and provides a very doable solution to said problem. I'm all in!!

I like this idea because it brought out one of the root causes of increase waste generation and proffered an alternative on how it can be tackled

This Idea addresses one of the most challenging environmental hazards in our community and supports global warming

A very eco-friendly idea and I'm definitely up for it.

Wow! Superb Idea as it will keep our environment clean and fresh. In other words safe measures for energy conservation there by resulting to reduced environmental pollution.

Waste management has been a bigger issue in our immediate environment and Nigeria at large. This idea encompasses the great technique to manage waste and even recycle them. I believe this idea, if implemented, will be a plus to the government and people around. Great work to the team for putting this up

If implemented, It portends a massive increase in the quality of the environment which impacts the community and well as international perception of the state at large. Needless to say how much impact the quality of the environment has on the health of the community!

I love this idea because it embraces the foundamental need to conserve the ecosystem. Allowing the land to heal itself and be nourished in the process. Wel done ma'am

I like this idea basically because the use of degradable bags will reduce the generation of waste in our communities since, the degradable bags can decompose easily and will eventually serve as manure, that farmers can use to grow their farm product, this will definitely, be a plus to the Agro sector.

I love this initiative. It is high time we have an environment void of dirt and waste mismanagement. I am in full support. Lets make an impact on our environment.

This idea will help create a more healthy environment, reducing sickness and eventual death rate.

This conversation needs to be put on the front burner with all the pertinent stakeholders. We need to take responsibility for our environment now!!!

We need clean environment for healthy living. Clean environment affects our minds positively and hence boost our productivity

It will help create a safe and clean environment.

The idea us practicable and will not cost much to implement

This idea gives a clue on how to monitor our waste generation habits and the way forward to reducing it. This could be archived through educating/sensitizing the community on adverse effects of poor or unnecessary waste generation to human health, quality of life and the natural functioning of the ecosystem.

The idea is a very brilliant one and it also suggests solutions needed to implement the vision.

I like the idea because it will help sanitise our water ways. Polythene bags contribute greatly to blocking of water water ways thereby causing more erosion. Paper bags on the contrast can easily soak into the water and will have less effect on the moving water. Fact that paper bags are bio degradable means they can be collected into farm land and allow to decay into manure as against the burning of polythene bags that will add to the global warming.

The idea is become a necessity for healthy living and if I dare say, longer lifespan. It will enable the public to confront a reality too often neglected and unfortunately to our disadvantage in the immediate and long run.

I think it's a fantastic idea as it will ensure be leave a cleaner and healthier environment (with all the attendant benefits) for our children and future generations. As individuals we can contribute via social media in educating ourselves (end users) and calling out relevant authorities to take immediate actions.

This is indeed a topical area that needs to be supported by whoever birthed the idea. It is a commendable one considering the negative effects posed by improper disposal of polythene materials especially bags by the teaming populace of Nigeria, Kano state. If Nigeria must achieve the sustainable development goal number 6 and 13, clean water/sanitation and climate action must be taken seriously.

This great will enable us have a very safe and healthy environment which will in turn improve the quality of life, as wastes generated will be disposed through the right channels.

It's just the perfect project with a perfect timing,most especially in the city of Kano where all our drainage systems are blocked with all sorts of polythene bags,which makes the city a mess especially during rainy season. Trust me,this project would help keep the streets of Kano clean and promote not only a better drainage system but also our health. I would say this is a welcome development,we look forward to achieving this together and don't forget to call US for support if need be. Thanks

It will the state and nation in its entiety great and a better environs to live in with less polution. The idea is a superb welcome idea.

Waste management and recycling of plastics and polythene will make our environment more conducive, there will be employment opportunities if the idea is implemented.

Its super brilliant and achievable. There's always a first time for everything and I think its time we adapt a healthier system of packaging in Nigeria.

Less pollution, increase in life span of citizens. What better way to make a difference!!!

Waste management is a major problem in Nigeria and have caused a lot of damage in the society. Proper waste management leads to greener life.

This addresses waste reduction which is very important around this area for healthy living and longer life span

I feel very sad and angry sometimes when I see the pollution being caused by the poor disposal of polythene bags. The idea of paper bags would be make disposal easier and convenient. It is the way to go.

It's a great idea, with this we can Enjoy a healthy and Tidy Environment.. Impactful to life..

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