Sustainable Waste Management through Neighborhood Biogas Pro

Sustainable Waste Management through Neighborhood Biogas Pro

Sustainable Waste Management through Neighborhood Biogas Pro


It is a great idea as it will address a major environmental challenge especially now that Kano is experiencing rapid population growth.

I like it because it is environmenyally friendly

Because it is timely and precisely needed to overcome the problem of waste disposal in Kano and similar cities in Africa and the world at large.

Development of this project will help to provide healthy environment, and give solution to the extraction of natural vegetation for energy purpose.

The idea is climate friendly, economically viable and sustainable

It is simple, environmentally friendly and quite practically in the intended communities.

It will have double benefits of reducing environmental pollution through waste clearance and producing alternative source of energy.

It is futuristic and address the climate concerns in many developing societies

The idea if implemented will give youth and women for job opportunities, reduced waste and give more environmental friendly source of energy that can be produced locally.

It's a welcome development as you will be killing 2 birds with one stone. Cleaning the environment and making good use of it.👍

This is excellent and timely, especially now that the world is in high need of clean energy.

Apart from sanitazing the environment, it will create employment to the teaming youth in the area.

Because it has multiple benefits, 1. Narrow down the risk of environmental problems (pollution, etc) 2. Enhance resource recovery 3. Increase energy potential 4. Create job opportunities especially in the SMEs 5. Pave way for further research and development 6. Reduce public health risks

The idea is environmentally friendly, innovative, easy to apply by all, sustainable and a good way of revenue generation, waste management and employment generation

The idea is inspiring and a gateway to sustainability.

The idea is quite innovative and when implemented it will address numerous environmental challenges in the city and help in boosting the economy.

This is a very important means of reducing emissions and improving the wellbeing of the Kano people.

The idea sounds great, and it will help in cleaning the environment as well as reducing the level of unemployment by providing job opportunities to people.

Yes i support the Idea it will improve Life expectancy of Kano Residence

The idea is sustainable and can reduce environmental pollution.

The concept is not only timely with respect to waste management issues in Metropolitan Kano, but in line with current global best practices in waste management.

Is environmental friendly and sustainable if implemented,

It's a good idea

It is a great idea that will take care of waste problem and at the same time generate energy

It's Eco Friendly. Rich Methane production

The fermentation process mainly consists of the following microbiological processes, which, overall, degrade the polymer cellulose into biogas.

Yes I support this idea it will improve youth and providing jobs opportunities to people

It turns waste to wealth

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