Organic Waste Recycling Using Black Soldier Fly (BSF).

Organic Waste Recycling Using Black Soldier Fly (BSF).

Organic Waste Recycling Using Black Soldier Fly (BSF).


In a generation that supports mindless consumption with little attention to waste and it's management, this is a noble idea that not only encourages waste reduction but utilising whatever waste we already have! Totally in full support and I can only imagine the immense economic value a venture like this would bring to the entire economy of the country. This is an idea well ahead of its time in Nigeria, sadly not in other countries of the world

I believe with no shadow of doubt that this approach is practicable with all the necessary support made available because of its positive impact one of which is employment for people which automatically have a positive growth on the economy .such a brilliant idea.

Given the increasing number of population in Africa, this is a very feasible and beneficial idea to solve the waste problem”

I believe that this is a win-win idea. The fact that the waste will be turned into a proteon-rich feed and fertilizer while saving the environment is a great combination.

I think this idea is practicable and impactful for a city like kano that is densely populated and polluted heavily. I'm glad that we have youth that are able to think up solutions to the waste problems we face in kano right now.

It’s a brilliant idea that can make a huge difference in waste management in Kano especially if it’s implemented properly and on a large scale.

I think this is a good idea with a state like Kano whose population is really high, it think it would do them a lot of good. Proper waste management is an effective way to recreate new and useful things (like fish meal) in the community. It will also allow the state to have a more hygienic environment and potentially reduxe the health issues within the state.

This idea is very good as it does require specialised infrastructure to undertake the project making it cost effective. It will also help to reduce deforestation caused by soymeal used in feeding livestock, this will also help to protect the land for future use. It will also prevent global warming caused by deforestation due soyameal. It will also help create jobs for the local people of Kano which help boost the country’s GDP.

There is a massive effort by the Nigerian government for people to turn to agriculture. I like that his idea addresses two importance sectors, the waste management sector and the agricultural sector. I think it is very practicable in Kano and other African citites because we have the enabling environment for this insect to thrive, and we also have the problme of increasing waste

This idea aligns with many of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It handles climate action, clean water and sanitation, good health and well-being, and zero hunger. I like the idea’s versatility and how it can be replicated easily.

What I love most about this idea is that it tackles the problem of organic waste. This is the type of waste that emits a terrible smell when its decomposing. Harnessing the ability of the black soldier fly to decompose this waste is a great idea. This process has been happening naturally, but I would like to see it practised in a large setting, because I know the big impact it will have on the community and environment.

This is a very innovative idea, it will improve the lives of Kano residents.

Very good one keep it up

we believe

Now this is something we should all stand for. I mean kano is densely populated and the waste management is very low. Having something as incredible as this yet very cost effective is going to turn things around. I’m optimistic that the positive impact is very high. I’m seeing a cleaner and more waste managed kano already. I mean waste is disgusting and we all don’t want it, but what if we can benefit from it? I say we should go for it. We should all do whatever possible to make this happen.

It is innovative, cost effective and environmental saving. This is definitely a brilliant thought . The manifestation of this idea will result to a multitude of positive benefits.

First impressions ??? Simply Amazing. Just follow the trend, waste treatment, employment, generating feeds like fertilizer and massive growth in our agriculture. I mean we all need it. Considering a time like where things are difficult our means is the key and the way. The waste treatment is costly which will also provide a reduction cost of treating this waste. I really applaud the idea and creativity. Using the bad to good process is the main and also employment and growth of agriculture.

Its amazing

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