Brycoal- Farm Waste to Smokeless Charcoal

Brycoal- Farm Waste to Smokeless Charcoal

Brycoal- Farm Waste to Smokeless Charcoal


It helps to reduce waste and its a form of recycling

These is something that would help in reducing waste And it would help in reducing deforestation and climate change

This will help in reducing green house effect.

This is innovative and creative and would aid with deforestation. This would help move the country forward.

It's innovative and as well cost-effective and it's only by supporting them they can move forward

Its one lf the best ides because it will really help with environmental protection, make it look clean and a cheaper raw materials.

Wow diz is amazing it's jst like recycling ..

Very good initiative from Brycoal

Great idea and innovation that can guarantee a sustainable clean and healthy environment, when successfully implemented.


Perfect solution for Kano bola. We'll be grateful for many generations to come

It promotes the sustainable development goals, it is efficient and will creat a conducive environment for the residents of kano.

Itโ€™s for the good of humanity

It saved millions of live because of pollution

Because it is creative, innovative and economic diversity

Where have you been hiding all this talent? Keep it up๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

I am on board with innovative solutions that help in tackling environmental pollution

Nice one. Keep it up

This innovation is sustainable and provides a subtitute to other forms of fuel that emits greenhouse gases.

It's very practical and cheap!

Brycoal is indeed a better solution to tackle climate action

As an environmentalist Brycoal is solving the problem of environmental pollution, which with such innovation like that of Brycoal the earth will be safe again.

This is a marvelous way to kill two birds with a single stone: provide familiar cooking resources to the populace in an environmentally responsible manner, while contributing towards minimising the impact of climate change. I am all for it.

With this brilliant idea it will help to reduce the stressors affecting the ecosystem making the environment more safe and clean

Itโ€™s brilliant idea that can help our environment.

This is actually a good Innovation which will indeed help reduce in the rate of air pollution.

Its a very nice and innovative idea

Because brycoal is an innovative solution.

This is an amazing initiative that would help in improving climate change and reduce environmental pollution

Brycoal will help africa and the world by provide a clean, sustainable and efficient cooking and heating fuel

Itโ€™s Sustainable and ecofriendly

I like this idea because; 1. It highly reduces or even eliminates the negative effects of harmful gases and smoke (carbonmonoxides,) to the direct society, because of its super economic friendly nature. 2. It makes the most appropriate end to the cycle of (dicarded or unwanted) agricultural products. 3. I think brycoal suites the economic condition of our communities, by making it affordable to ANY household. ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ

Because it will clean our environment and rid it of the waste. It stop the diseases like Malaria, Typhoid and Dysentery. It is a cheaper option of getting energy to cook etc. It will stop the felling of trees.

Because brycoal is an innovative solutions, that will tackling environmental issues, and brycoal Will make our Nigeria! a better place ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช may All mighty Allah help you succeed.

Climate change

Itโ€™s an innovative idea that will help tackle environmental pollution

It will save lives.

This innovative idea will help curb the challenging situation of garbage and wastes consuming the streets and water ways causing flood, and transforming those into a functioning product

Very interesting and it creates empowerment , this will really help in protecting the climate changes

It is clean wand easy to use

I like the idea because am an advocate of sustainable development goals

Yes, it's a great idea

The idea of brycoal addresses some of the major challenges we're facing in Nigeria and the world at large. It provides sustainable solutions directly and indirectly to some of the SDGs like climate action, decent work, good health etc. Despite the innovation in the making of the product, it is also accessible to local users.

Itโ€™s a good product actually and the fact that it turns wastes into some form of energy we can use, is incredible. No smoke, reduces the wastes in our community and above all prevents people from cutting down trees ๐ŸŒฒ in order to make fire woods.

I support this idea because if they were giving oppurtunity they will provide long lasting solution toward environment problem such as erosion pollution and deforestation, Health risk of particulate smoke as well as as biodeiversity protection.

I love the idea becasue they are alble to come up with a better solution that solve environment pollution and climate change.

I like this idea because it reduces the problem of waste pollution and also make the waste into harmless coal

Yes, The world is on a mission of reducing the greenhouse emissions and Brycoal is at the heart of that mission by providing an alternative cooking source with no smoke and making the environment clean from agricultural waste.

What brycoal come up with, is fantastic idea, it helps in managing and protecting our environment from dirt, the I idea help in recycling the wastes around us,

This will cleanse the community

A wonderful step towards reducing green house emissions. Impressive

This is a great way of cleaning up our environment

Its is very needed, innovative and will tackle the issue of deforestation, climate and enviromental change.

It's very interesting

This really innovative. Wishing you all the best

It is an intelligency

Because it is an innovation to solve environmental problems and waste management.

An alternative source of energy from waste is what impressed me. I love these young ๐ŸŒฑ individuals.

Because. In our community especially some of our local people are living in a place where it's having erosion time to time. So that with is ideas I hope we find the way out of this such kind of harmf.


Yes i do

Excellent it will reduce environmental pollution

I like this idea because it can bring and end to waste disposal that we have everywhere within our immediate environments and also its an entrepreneurship idea๐Ÿ‘

This is needed to trigger efforts on advancing knowledge economy, cleaner environment and a source of inspiration to peers.

It's a very brilliant idea

The solution is the best I've seen so far in the waste management system category.

It's highly efficient and economical

Economical and less pollution.

Good innovation that'll solve lot of Nigeria's problems and the world at large.

I love this idea because it will tackle issues like deforestation and climate change. The coal produced is safe for our environment

It's an interesting innovation,which may help in tackling issue of global warming,unemployment,and poor waste management.

In my opinion and others that have realized this innovation techneques, using farm waste products and trasformed it in to something must significant in every day activities that Brycoal produces, it should be the paramount idea to get a tendancy and overcome all unwanted, annoying pressure, loosy temperature and environmental pollution in a society. how ever this innovation brought out source of employees and reducing the poverty among our youths. My word have no limit on this new technology.

Curb carbon emissions and help in addressing the problem of Global warming

It is an innovative idea to reduce waste and create employment.

It helps clean the environment and a source of wealth creation.

A Very sustainable idea @brycoal

It helps in cleaning our environment and is a source of wealth creation.

Really innovative. Timely too.

Just what the word needs(a practical solution with great impact)


Awe. I am truly inspired by this innovation. Thumbs up!!

Because this will eradicate the end of environmental pollution in Kano state,infact the whole Nigeria

We are in last decade of action for SDGs. This idea is in line with on of the SDGs.๐Ÿ’ช

This is one of the best ideas I have come across in Nigeria protecting our environment and creating opportunities making this generation more entrepreneurial than ever

This is a major break through that will cap down the fast growing deforestation in developing countries.

The idea will save idea environment.

It's against environmental waste

It's reduces environmental pollution and its easy to use.

With the massive garbage/waste littering all over, this would come in handy. Its a yes for me

Health issue and boosting of economy

Its an impressive and innovative idea, it turns an environmental disadvantage into really useful product.


It is sustainable

Its great, will create a clean and healthy environment, create jobs and improve socio economic stand of the populace

It will tackle pollution, deforestation and it is very innovative

Suppressing and combating this challenge by effective re-use and proper recycling of agricultural waste to a more useful and valuable product will allow for the citizens, to create and discover new job opportunities, the environment we live in will become more interactive and friendly to everyone.(2)

It will reduce illegal cutting down of trees and create job opportunities

Helps clean the environment, reduces pollution caused by burning woods, Also helps deforestation and finally itโ€™s made Cheap for end users.

It helps in saving the environment.

I like the idea because it is directly aimed at reducing emissions, recycling waste and improving the quality of life. It is an amazing idea from great guys๐Ÿ‘ I wish you every success.

Way forward to combating flooding and climate change issues globally

Having clean environment plus getting smokeless coal is worth voting for..

I like the idea because of its sustainability and the impact that it will bring to the enviroment through the reduction of polluction, the project will also create job opporunities to youth

This idea will significantly reduce the problem of deforestation and most importantly, it will reduce the discharge of smoke into the atmosphere

It very innovative and simple to use, environmental and scientific friendly,it can also help the rural economic ,reduce over depending on fire wood


It is innovative and sustainable

It saves our environment

1. Utilization of waste products by recycling them to useful products. 2.It will create a cleaner environment. will create job opportunities to the youths.

Utilization of waste by recycling to useful products will creates cleaner environment, tackle deforestation issues and environmental pollution. Also , it will creates job opportunities to the youths.


It will help reduce the waste and turn into a renewable energy which is good

It help in reducing climate change.

I like the idea because it will provide employment, help the environment and climate change

Kano which is the most populous city in Nigeria is reportedly among the most polluted cities in Africa. With plastic and agricultural wastes littered across the city. I believe when given the opportunity, innovative ideas like brycoal's would help in addressing the pollution challenge.

It's a good and innovative idea, ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜˜ am proud of their Archivement

It would lead to a reduction in charcoal attributed deforestation and reduce health risks.

It helps curb environmental problems such as air pollution and health related issues. In addition it has promoted waste management and enhanced a clean environment for sustainable use and development.

I like this idea because it's eco friendly and non toxic to the human body

Innovative clean enery

A very innovative idea, it will tackle the issue of poor refuse disposal in the state and at the same time serve as a source of employment to our youth

Climate change is posing a bigger challenge to the entire world. Untreated waste had, in some part of Nigeria, contributed significantly to the blockage of water ways, this often leads to flooding etc. Climate change has forced millions of people to flee their environment and look for somewhere else to earn a living. It has also affected the situational ecosystem of so many nations. It has also contributed to the loss of infant's lives In some countries. Suppressing and combating this challenge

A creative idea that helps in reducing waste in the society and also creates job opportunities.

Its innovative,reduces environmental pollutions and provide jobs opportunities

Because brycoal is an innovative solutions

This is actually an innovation which will help our environment and climate change.

It is very good idea, environmental friendly and help in tackling deforestation

I am Nigerian and I have witnessed first hand the effects of using unclean energy methods for cooking. This solution would save lives and create jobs. Big Kudos to the team

Its marvelous

Yes It's Amazing

Less environmental pollution and it is healthier.

It's a good initiative that will go a long towards fight against deforestation. #Brycoal

I like this idea because this will help make the communities in Kano perfectly clean and safe especially regarding the population we have there, plus the coals that will be manufactured from the waste will be totally clean for usage and itโ€™ll reduce air pollution as well

This is the best solution to agricultural waste that has polluted our environment. Now more than ever eradicating pollution is essential

A very important talent here a way to move the community forward and the country at large it's important wastes are being recycled because we have more than enough in our society and hence reducing the risk environmental pollution and deforestation. Keep it up๐Ÿ‘

This is one of the best initiatives of ending global warming and preserving our environment.

Indeed a very good initiative that will takle air pollution and reduce dependence on cutting trees

Now more than ever a reliable solution has to be created to curb waste generation in Kano State, and this does just that.

I am impressed with this idea 100% Support

Dumping (both legally in landfill sites and illegally) represents a major source of emission of solid wastes, though final release into the wider environment may only occur when these materials decompose or break up.

Its very important idea, so its may help the world to tackle the problems of climate and eniveromental change,pollution and deforestation.

To encourage more youth to be innovative in solving our problems.

It reduces waste and aids in productivity thatโ€™ll be of great help to the people in rural areas, create employment opportunities, ends pollutions and improvements of health. Health is wealth

I like the idea because, first, it is coming from a very young minds, two, because of the problem it is tackling, a problem that the whole world is concerned about, and three, it is a very good product for both urban and rural markets.

Brycoal is an excellent way to solve several environmental problems at once; pollution, deforestation and climate change.

Kano....we can do it

This will help the worldwide struggle of deforestation and climate change.

This is a great initiative to improve our environment and make things more reuseable

This is awesome!

It will assist in dealing with cleanliness challenges and will create jobs for the masses.

It's help in solving the number problem the world is facing noww, and this problem is "climate change" and "waste management problem"

I like this idea because it has a multi - dimensional approach of solving various inter-related problems, from refuse management to providing employment opportunities and reducing CO2 emissions.

Great innovation

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