Utilization of Sugarcane peels in the diet of ruminants

Utilization of Sugarcane peels in the diet of ruminants

Utilization of Sugarcane peels in the diet of ruminants


I like this idea because using of sugarcane peel will make our environment to be neat, processing of peel will be source of income as well as help to produce local feeding for our livestocks.

It will be a relatively cheaper than conventional feedstuffs

This is a welcome idea and very timely considering the increase in consumption of raw sugar cane in our communities which leave the waste unutilized and end up blocking our drainages and gutter causing serious ailments to humanity like flooding, unpleasant smell and odour creating conducive environment for mosquito to breed. This idea will play a key role in : * Reducing the cost of feeding our livestock since it's relatively free * Helps in keeping our environment clean and tidy and much more.

Because it is practicable

This is really a welcome ideal capable of environmental purification as well as employment generation to the growing population of Kano and hence improving the Nigerian GDP.

It is a very good idea and can help towards achieving healthy living amongst the people because we will have healthy animals and utilizing local and cheap resources

It will reduce waste as a result of eating sugar cane which is part of what is causing clutter

Capable of reducing avoidable environmental dirt and reduced cost of animal feeds

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