This is the way we should go. pay as you waste

Create an ecosystem monitoring. from source to landfill. including creating value chain in collection of recyclables. great.

Highly innovative

A good way to our manage waste effectively.

this is a global solution not just for waste but environment.


The solution will impact positively on expanded market in tech space

The idea is the first stage waste management eco-system. it sync with the eco-system and that makes it the best so far

It does fit into any waste collection scenario that might beg created by any state government

Great idea, its an innovative way to keep the environment clean and habitable.

It is a very innovative way of waste management, the ecosystem is very good and the workability is truly achievable.

It;'s a very brilliant approach to solve waste management problem in Africa.

This is such a great innovation. No more hips of dirt around us. It can only get better from here.

It is a nice idea that uses new innovative ways to improve environment and waste management

I like the idea because it is an innovative way of dealing with waste collection which will have a positive impact on climate change and make our world a better place.

Great idea, now People can create wealth with the waste they generate and have a decent way to exchange the value for money

Wow, this is a unique idea, with this one can keep a clean environment and as well earn money for oneself.

Wow this is commendable. Apart from its innovative way of making our environment clean, it will create job opportunities.

We'll have a clean environment soon

Great solutions

A brilliant way of managing the ecological state of our planet !

It entails the 4Rs of waste mangement which further makes it environmentally friendly and will reduce the emission of green house gases during combustion process. This will in turn combat Climate change that has been a bane in modern times.

Great concept, it will certainly be generally acceptable. Nice one.

Its a great idea at least it will reduce the all pollution we have found ourselves as it has side effects to our health .

Very innovative and forward thinking

Great solution for smart and enhanced environment

Great innovation is so nice and will definitely work.

This is good am happy this is been done by a Nigerian,kudoπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

This is great the waste will be really managed and the people will also get some funds in return.

Good Stuff we need waste management as it will help in managing a cleaner society


A great innovation. It will make our environment clean and I believe It can only get better from here.

Nice concept very eco friendly

Going green preserves the eco system and help ckean our environment

It is an interesting and innovative idea from a great mind. I pray it is adopted

It is a great idea to resolve waste management issues in Africa

This is a great innovation and a brilliant idea to resolve waste issues

It’s a win/win resolution to our waste management problems! Finally we have great minds working!

I like this idea because of the creativity behind it; waste products turned into useful materials which are sustainable. Reduction of waste in our society which will improve our health ground and reduction of unemployment due to job opportunities in BOLASOLV.

Great solution.

Great solution. scalable, innovative and adaptable to fit statewide deployment.

This is a global waste collection technology. it will serve anywhere in the world. great solution. cheers


This is an avenue to beautify and make Lagos healthy. This innovative idea will reduce the rate of unemployment in Lagos.

This is it. this is a solution not an idea. it should be encourage

very impactful

best have seen

sure one.

reduction in data streaming

Nice one

The world should wait for this. great work

Coming at the right time

the best eco-system solution have seen

Nigeria will appreciate this solution. its so nice

This solution is dope

I love the name Pakam it depict the local expression

This is the future now

This will change the face of waste in Nigeria

This is topnotch

This will go a long way to resolve waste challenges

Nice solution for communities. this is really advance Taxify of waste management. kudos


Hmmm pay as you waste and waste and earn the catch for me. great solution. I hope its implemented soon

I love this. the video explain it all



All state of the federation must have this

Good initiative

It’s a great idea because, it’ll foster a cleaner healthier environment, whilst also improving the ecosystem through recycling & having people get paid to have their waste collected & recycled is a good initiative to ensure customer retention.

This is great! Would definitely help reduced the impact of waste on the environment thereby enhancing wealth

It doesn't discard the existing system rather it enhances the current system. nice insight

All state in Nigeria should follow the lagos example. they just adopted and launched the same project. it will go a longways to solve waste challenges

We have to embrace this solution across board


I see greater collaboration and partnership across board

sweet and great for deployment

Very impacting!

NGOs will support this product, this is the first step to waste eradication before it gets to recyclers

I vote for this solution now and in future. this is just it.

This will create lots of jobs and take young boys off the street. great!

Great product

I just love reading the description over and over

The explainer video says it all

Innovative approach with the digital platform to solve Africa's long-standing issue with waste management

Its great, convenient and modern. It engages all stakeholders in the lifecycle of waste management

It is high time we migrated waste management to a technology platform where it is stress-free and cost effective.

Great job. Very innovative and it will create more employment. I support the great innovation

The first point of waste management is sorting from source and this application deals with that. Then monitor all through to landfill for the decomposable materials waste while recyclable one is recycled. this is great indeed

its all inclusive.

The fact that LAGOS State has adopted the solution is a huge buy. it validate the idea.

It will go a long way to solving environmental challenges

The waste that this eliminate monthly billing and waste can be pay as you waste wherein you can still waste and earn is the real deal for me.

This is like a smart city solution for waste

This is like uber waste management but more complex that uber

This is no longer an idea its now a working solution.

I don't like the idea, I LOVE IT it's long overdue.


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