nice idea

Good job!

This is extremely Incredible

Outstanding Idea keep it up.


It's sustainable and reliable

Good looking and reliable materials/products

I like the idea because it seems to improve green life

Reduce|Reuse|Recycle #Bolasolv


The idea will save the next generation


Recycling waste, providing jobs, Saving And improving the environment and most important Innovation

This is a very innovative idea , with comes with many advantages for all , great πŸ‘πŸ»

Productivity of being able to recycle waste material accumulated on streets.

I believe the idea is sustainable and very impactful to the local community. 😎


Healthier environment, sustainability, and job creation.

Sustainability,reduced waste in environment,new jobs opportunities,very creative idea,I like the creativity

Recycling of non biodegradable materials.

Nice and good idea it will go a long way in making great impact to the community.

Nice one πŸ‘πŸΌ



Waste reduction,creative ideas and new job opportunities

Jobs creation in our communities while Reducing waste is a splendid idea. Well done bolasolv keep up the good work!

The idea will Contribute in ensuring clean environment and create Opportunities.


It's great idea, and most importantly from students who are the inhabitants of the state, they have indepth knowledge of the situation on ground. It'll reduce unemployment, sanitize the state and reduce vulnerability to flood.


This is a very good project. In addition to creating values in the society, it will contribute to mitigating some global crises like climate. I commends this team for such a wonderful innovation.

I like the idea because it is based on using recyclable waste to form new products. The idea is already tested and working. πŸ‘ Thumb Up to this idea!

It's an era where SUSTAINABLITY is the top priority in developing ourselves and the world at large, economically and health wise.

It’s self employed and a reliable source of income

I find it interesting because the idea is evolving the humanity and also contributing to the society

More job opportunities and vast experience

There would less harm to the African society in terms of mosquito

It will bring a bright future to whole nation,like other developed countries.

nice idea

Sustainability at its best

Reduction of unemployment

Energy conservation, economic impact and most importantly waste reduction.

It will create job opportunities and reduce unwanted waste.

It would make the environment healthier and improve the society economically

It’s creative, sustainable and create job opportunities

Creative & sustainable

I think recycling materials is a good way to regenerate our resources enhancing our economy, hygiene and even health-wise benefits.

This idea will go a long way in reducing the one of the biggest environmental problem which is pollution

Because it will help in reducing the unemployment rate

It will help in reducing unemployment rate


Waste reduction and job opportunity

Nice idea make it happen pleaseπŸ’ͺ🏽

This is it.

This so innovative and will help in reducing unemployment

This idea will develop new sustainable materials for day-to-day uses.

Weather changes is one of the biggest global challenge but with this kind of innovation (s), global warming will be degrading and enhancing green and sustainable environment.

I like this idea because of the creativity behind it; waste products turned into useful materials which are sustainable. Reduction of waste in our society which will improve our health ground and reduction of unemployment due to job opportunities in BOLASOLV.

Its innovative

This is reliable

Nice Idea

I find it interesting because the idea is evolving the humanity and also contributing to the society .

Good idea...its will reduce waste materials in our environment and provide job opportunities to the youth.


The idea tend to create sustainable site and city, one of the SDGs

This is a good move I would love to work with you guys.

This is wonderful!

This shows fine improvement you've really been thinking.πŸ‘πŸ½

It solves the plastic waste pollution in the most sustainable and scalable way

This is a nice business idea and at the same time a good job opportunity for Nigerians. I wish you all the best.



It's amazing

Nice idea worth developing.

Amazing idea!

Provision of Job and eradication of waste

Waste reduction and job opportunity

Excellent initiative by the young leaders of tomorrow that will yield a positive impact on our society.

πŸ˜€It supports sustainability for responsible consumption and production. SDG Goal 12

I like this idea because is very innovative. it's going to improve our lives by keeping our environment ♻️ clean, providing local production of raw materials and creating jobs opportunities which is very important. Our communities will surely benefit from this project.

Honestly this is a good initiative. Recycling waste materials could prevent dumpsites seen in some communities which serves as home for breeding harmful vectors capable of causing some public health infections.... Thiswould go a long away in achieving a safe and hygienous environment.

Good idea πŸ’‘ πŸ‘πŸ½

Recycling gives us new materials without destroying natural and ecological assets, and it prevents the issues related to the disposition of the used products. Resource are Limited, Recycling is infinite.

It's sustainable


The idea is grea as plastic waste is a concern globally, it is not degradeable, and it causes a lot of environmental pollution like erosion, Bolasolv is creating a solution to solve this problem. They have created strong and durable interlock tiles, with plastic pet bottles, even eco friendly home decoration with recycled waste. Great idea!

For the sake of my state

It is sustainable

The innovation is sustainable. Keep the good work guys.

This idea will go along way in reducing waste accumulation on the streets and provide job opportunities.

What a great invention!!! This idea will go along way in reducing waste accumulation on the streets and provide job opportunities, protect lives, our environment etc and also lead to a healthy and sustainable environment.πŸ‘ŒπŸ½


Nice idea worth huge impact. Keep it upπŸ‘πŸ½

The idea is based on the millennium goals.

Sustainable and reliable

I like this idea because it is already in practice. It is encouraging the SDGs

The idea is using waste generated within our surroundings as it's raw materials, there by creating sustainable building materials that are cheap, durable and affordable.

I find it interesting because the idea is evolving the humanity and also contributing to the society .πŸ€ πŸ‘πŸ½

Awesome idea!

Keep up the good work.

Very interesting

You've come a long way with this one.

Your work has such personality.

Your work has such personality.

You're right on target.

Good work Good job!!

I appreciate your cooperation.

This is a nice idea, that is brought at the right time and place.

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