Saving Waste to Energy Power and Landfill Problems

Saving Waste to Energy Power and Landfill Problems

Saving Waste to Energy Power and Landfill Problems


It's a great idea

It’s applicable

It is economically friendly and easier to put up

The fact that it protects the environment and doesn't endanger the health of the people

It suggests ways in which waste can be maximized in both an economical and environmentally friendly manner.


It inculcates how waste is managed and economized as well.

Not only is idea aimed at saving the evironment but also will help in creating jobs for people.


Awesome Portia!

It’s environmental friendly

The entire idea is eco-friendly and if taken into consideration will definitely birth progress.

I affirm effective management of resources with recycling of waste being no exception. And so, if there is an initiative that buys into my vision; why not!

Is Cool

It can create more job opportunities

Very impacting!... And besides, takes charge of the environment

This project would play a major role in the Energy sector

Great idea😍

It will help tackle one of the major socio-economic problems in the country, which is unemployment

It's an effective form of waste management

It is a brilliant idea and platform to not only create awareness on the need to protect the environment but simultaneously create jobs in the quest to clean and restore the environment.

It is easy to establish

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