I like this idea because it can be practiced by everyone.


This idea fascinated me

With this idea everything wil ok lano state

If you need any of the plastic waste processing machines like the washing machine, shredder, compression, extrusion or molding, we can talk

No waste will remain if this idea is fully implemented

I will be very happy if this idea will be implemented in Kano.

Thank you Mr. Odebunmi Adeleye for supporting this idea. I hope we will prosper, so that we can work together.

Absolutely, fantastic, fabulous and feasible idea I really like it.

Great end product eco-system. looking forward to working with you

This is a good idea indeed my man, and how do you think of it's recycling process when it's broken?

An excellent idea.

I like this idea so that to increase productivity

This would help in reducing pollution.

This is a very good idea especially for nowadays, because if this idea really implemented it will provides more jobs opportunities to the society so as to reduce the rate of unemployment.👍

Good idea thank you

Upon all the ideas I have red this is the best idea that facinate me most.

I like this idea because it can be practiced by everyone.


Good initiative

I really support this idea👍

Wow! Its amazing!

I really support this project because plastic bags are the major problem among all the waste. This project Will help to eradicate them.

I'm ready for this training in my state

That's great and a crucial thought, I like it also support it Because it would largely employ Our youths and eradicates alot of obstacles forcing the smooth of youths well fare and development

This seems to be a novel idea which definitely enhance waste management.

This idea surpassed all the other ideas because, its the idea that can be implemented within a few days and with a little money.

Good idea!

Great Engr! You have a good ideas.

This idea seems to be the best among all.

Simple and innovative, a job opportunity for all, can be started with little capital, no need for electricity, most importantly "simple and already available equipments and raw material.

This idea will definitely help to achieve the purpose of this challenge and can be implemented within a few days.

I buy dis idea oooo! Great!

I hope those people to implement this idea will choose this.

It is a good initiative

This idea can work even in villages.


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