A reliable and workable idea. Weldone brother, the sky is the limit. All the best

I like this, accurately justifiable.

I can't embrace any idea as practical as this one. It depicts and takes into consideration contemporary status of the state. Marvelous thought, keep it up!!

Fantastic and great idea. Good work

Well organized and practical, one of the best implementable ideas so far. May u emerge victorious.

Really it is an excellent idea, becouse it brings advancement and development not only in kano state, but to the Nothern region.possibly it could be a sub-Enviromental sanitation by decreasing or minimizing the rate of land pollution.there are many positive impacts it may course:-improving socio-economy for many (stores, kiosks, super-markets, homes...), job opportunitiesπŸ‘ and ultimately a stapping stone for eliminating youth redandancy.πŸ’ͺ

I love the idea because the plastic waste and waste in general is destroying our beautiful Kano state. It's a great thing it can be converted to energy. Great Idea!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

I believe this concept will provide the breakthrough we desire in waste management. May God bless you brother!

Keep d good work

πŸ˜€ i like the idea because it is a way that we can reduce waste in our community

The idea is very economical and it will help in reducing waste in our environment

Very nice idea, i thing this is the another way of eliminating unemployment within the state

This is idea will a long way in saving our environment from pollution. It's indeed a great brainwave. Well done. Thank you for saving out planet.

Well , the idea is so impactfull and a welcome idea mostly to the environmental waste disposal management, and control of the environmental waste by collecting , and recycling the plastic waste for regeneration,

It’s a very practical way of solving the problem of solid waste especially in a city like kano where there are no effective ways of waste disposal

The idea tackles the problem of waste from the point of use easily.

A very good idea it will help

A very creative and innovative idea. Thumbs up

This is a nice and welcoming idea. It will have a positive impact on the society and the environment. The rate of environmental pollution will reduce, and will provide jobs for the youth.

This is a great idea, through this our society will be clean, flood danger can be minimized and it can create job opportunity to our youth more expecially women at home.

I like this idea due to some reasons. - it will reduce the abandon plastics materials - it comes up with new economical strategy by paying the collectors for collecting waste plastics. So i am very happy about this magnanimous idea 100β„…

Good Job...

A very good idea,it will help to reduce waste in our community especially in urban cities.

This is perfect. The ideas will blow out waste from our community. 😘 Another thing is that it also reduce the amount of unemployment within us.

Good development the idea of saving our environment should be the first step in saving mankind from one generation to another. Kudos to your effort you have my support

I really appreciate and like this idea this is a well coming idea we are going to practice it in our community

is a brilliant idea because, kano doesn't have a proper way of waste disposal this idea will help to reduce waste among the state.

A wonderful and promising idea

Very nyc idea ..the very good point out of it is the business model creation... #/supportive

I like this idea simply because kano state needs a waste solution system such as this. The rate at which the state is polluted can actually do with an idea of such magnitude. Simple and at low or zero cost.

Through this idea we can minimize the disposal of waste in the state.

The idea is practical and the idea is easy and non costly to adapt.

I support the idea because it will make a huge impact to the society.

The idea is very important and I believe is what Kano State needs

Its very cheap and effective!

This is a nice idea and it will go a long way in reducing the environmental negative externalities for Kano and Nigeria at large

I like the idea because it will help in reducing pollution across the ecosystem and provide jobs to people.

A very nice idea, because it will help solve the problem of plastic waste in Kano state and will also reduce unemployment..

The idea s practical way that solve these case,to reduce waste in our population.thanks bro

First & foremost it will drastically reduce the waste disposal and it's debilitating degrading effect on the environment. Secondly it will create a sustainable stream of income to women, widows and other in abject poverty with no source of income. Thirdly it will provide employment to the teaming unemployed youth. Fourthly since it's riding on tech, it will boost technological development in the ancient city of the Northern Nigeria. Fifthly, it will augment exportation & boost Nonoil Forex inflow.

It is of great importance and good to humanity

Very helpful

I think this idea is very practicable as it seeks to utilise existing shop owners for waste collection. I am impressed by the fact that it also incorporates the elements of modern technology in solving waste and pollution problems in Kano.

Fabulous and fantastic idea, go save the earth

A very easy and brilliant innovation. Keep it up and thank you for saving the planet

It is a wonderful development because it would help to create a job opportunity to our youth and it would help in reducing the plastics that is becoming a problem to our environment.

The idea is very straight forward. practical and affordable to be implemented especially in state like kano. It will help in alleviating poverty and unemployment in the kano state.

Practical and noble, it will help create employment and sustainability

Very good and practical and promising idea

Very good idea. Well done anthophila we need need to implement this concept in somalia. We look forward to have a collaboration.

Wow this is the best solution to the pyramid of waste that we have all over kano. I can’t wait to see this properly implemented

I want Kano to look very clean.

it is viable option

Nice idea, very practical

A very great and Noble initiative brother, keep the good work.

Yes is a good idea regarding the numerous benefit of the idea to the society and environment at large by more eapecially reducing environs west and also recycling the plastic waste littering the sorroundings

This is a nice and good project,and it would help in reducing waste,and is another way of helping our youth to have something doing. Thank you!

This fantastic and practical idea

Waw this is indeed an excellent idea especially when nyou consider how it will really help in minimizing waste problem in kano

It's indeed a great idea for a business

I think this one of the best ideas out there...highly recommended.

It has positive impact on our economy and the environment. Is also serves as a tool for Economic diversification, and will provide jobs for the youth.

The idea is unique, excellent and very feasible. As he has mentioned in the video, it is not just an idea on the napkin, it has undergone the pilot test and it has an excellent score. Anthophila is solving to major problems. That of climate change by targeting not just the most known and used plastics for recycling, but the ones that are left out, those that remain in the environment, those that are unconsidered by most recyclers. Then they solve problems of poverty be empowerment.

I like the idea because it helps in job employment and it will have a positive impact in the society and will reduce pollution rate

Wonderful and excellent

The increasing rate of infection of people with malaria parasite and other pollution-related illnesses, especially in Kano state, is alarming. This idea if adopted, will surely help in reducing such infections drastically, in addition to adding value to the economy and the global quest for green energy and control on climate change.

If you need any of the plastic waste processing machines like the washing machine, shredder, compression, extrusion or molding, we can talk

Very creative and impactful. It will help reduce unemployment and boost the economy.

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