This is a welcome idea and great development that will help youths, it also the environments in general.And improve the economics development in the particular area .

Yes I do

It is hightime we find sustainable solutions for our deteriorating environment. Awesome idea.

Development of this project will help to provide healthy environment, and give solution to the extraction of natural vegetation for energy purpose.

Innovative and sustainable

It sounds practicable, cost friendly and has potential to generate huge employment to the youth and women.

This is great idea because it will tackle the ineffective waste management and the disposal of waste anywhere and anyhow in Kano, and at the same time it'll provide jobs for youths and women.

This is great and what Kano needs

This idea stands out for me, because it is practicable and sustainable. It is also inclusive of youths and women, and it is in line with the targets and indicators of SDGs.

This will help greatly especially in areas like drainage system and air pollution in kano.

It is a very practical, applicable, affordable and sustainable solution that is in line with the SDGs.

It has fundamental ways on how to minimize wastes in a particular environment for a proper recycling and reuse. Which can even lead to decrease in air borne disease

This is a well thought out idea, achieving sustainable waste management, empowering youth and women, improving quality of life....a lot will be achieved by investing little resources using the IMWS.

Municipal waste has been a major concern to the residents of Kano metropolis, this is somewhat as a result of ineffective waste management system, poor policy in governance, irresponsible approach to sustainability. With such initiative, I believe Kano will remarkably count on achieved sustainable goals, and trash to cash policy. Among other benefits include opportunity for jobs and greener environment among others. Kudos to the initiatives and sponsors of such sustainable development goal!!!

Yes. Sustainability all the way

It is a very legit and formidable idea! This is what we truly need.

Great initiative and a pathway to zero waste policy 👍

It is sustainable and user friendly.

I really love this idea, it's something that's so easy and sustainable which will drastically reduce the overflow of waste in our society. This will also serve as employment opportunity to the unemployed

This idea, for me, is a welcomed one. Not just by the fact that it tends to tackle waste challenges besetting the city in a practical way, but also its concept of gender inclusiveness is a plausible step to embrace — just one of those things you need for a project like this to thrive in the ancient city of Kano.


This is an all inclusive idea and very sustainable

It aims in creating a waste free environment.

This would help greatly in developing a more healthy environment and society at large.

I like this idea because improper waste management is one of the biggest problems kano is facing. Apart from the negative health effects it has, there is also an issue of flood, which is caused by lack of proper waste management.

I love this idea, waste is one of the major problem we have. Pollutions everywhere leading to poor health and lost of importance organic resources that could have been converted to manures or something else

This is a very good initiative. However it will be interesting to see how it gets implemented into action, we hope this idea will come to life.

This will attract other people who are conscious about conserving the environment and will want to help in keeping it clean and more sustainable. And also, providing job opportunities in various communities.

This idea will Develop more green urban spaces that improve air quality and climate-change mitigation and promote active living and learning about natures and also Strengthening waste management systems, encouraging recycling, reduction and recovery of waste helping promote a circular economy.

This idea is both practiceable and sustainable

This idea address majority of the SDG's. Waste is a major problem in kano which need urgent and effective management strategies like this one. The idea will encourage people to be sorting there waste, disposing less, knowing that they can get some income from it.

Cost effective and Sustainable.

Great idea ! If implemented, it would go a long way in helping the society in different aspects.

Kano city has a massive waste problem. This is a stich in time. Kano city needs an inclusive waste management solution

This is a very good idea, it creates opportunity to earn through your waste, and keeps the environment clean. Kudos

It's inspiring and awesome

I love its focus and emphasis on solution.

The key to the successful implementation of waste management is the involvement of everyone in the community and this idea covers that. The involvement of payment after the completion of each stage will motivate everyone to be involved starting from households and beyond. This idea is great and covers everything.

Its a nice idea and implementable from all forms of ramifications. However, I suggest the stage 1, should engaged the waste owners by some kinda or incentives to segregate them at the point of dump right from home.

Great idea, it will tackle ineffective waste managemet

This wonderful initiative has rendered me speechless. I like and appreciate every little detail of it. It is practical and applicable and it is the perfect solution for waste reduction in kano state.

To keep my city clean and predntvus from harmful ilness

Interesting idea. Exactly what kano needs

Low cost, sustainable and in line with the sdg’s

This is what nigeria needs as a whole. What a good initiative.

Waste is a major problem in Nigeria. Tackling waste problem will solve one third of kano problem.

It gives the society a sense of responsibilization.

Brilliant And innovative.

My waste my responsibility.

The idea is simple, achievable and all inclusive capable of solving environmental, social and economic problems facing Kano


Creative, innovative and doable.

A practicable idea. Quite innovative

I would love to see how this idea will bring an end to the corruption involved in managing waste in Kano.

Actually the world is into renewable energy systems now, so such a project is very vital for a clean energy production, at the same time relieving the environmental pollution caused by reckless refusing dumping

This is wonderful idea for me I supported stage 1 bcs its so easier to control waste, youth suppose to engage themselves on controlling all wasted material by removing them from road and put them at appropriate place. Secondary we should avoid using leda or plastic something

What a sound and innovative idea! It will certainly helps in addressing both environmental and economic challenges in Kano.

What a great idea, so my waste would be bought right at home. You clean my trash and give me cash! This is quiet innovative and sustainable. I pray it's actualized.

It is highly recommendable, we need to find sustainable solutions for our deteriorating environment. Awesome idea.

The idea are on the need of people and also it provide:- Jobs and eradicate umemployment, Town healthy enviroment, And many more And also kano folk will accept it and happy. To me and my area it is a warmly welcome idea.

The idea is good. It will solve one of the menace of the our society ( waste management) it will also helps in creating job for our teaming unemployed youths.

It's really sound palatable, eco-system friendly and it will help in checkmating environmental inbalance, promote rapid economic growth and improve standard of living

It's help our youths and the environment

The Idea is great, especially providing job opportunities to youths to make them able to build their life, and people will be saved from diseases cost by smoke of burning waste.

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