I like this because it helps in cleaning the atmosphere from toxic foam and help in having a clean environment and eco system


I like this because it helps in cleaning the atmosphere from toxic foam and help in having a clean environment and eco system

It suggests improvement.

This is a very graet idea! It captures almost every aspect of pollution that affects our environment. Each problem stated has a bright and promising solution to which if the project goes through, will solve a great deal. With great ideas like this, the world will be a better place. I would love to partake in this noble idea.

Because the world is in need of substitute to convectional petroleum products and looking for ways to get rid of biodegradable and non biodegradable wastes. The use of technology in wastes conversions to energy is the ways forward towards solving such challenges affecting our environment for sustainable development.

It reduces green house effect on the planet, thus reducing harmful emissions and reducing preserving the planet.

A great idea. The 3R concept (reduce, reuse and recycle) is now adopted as a way to secure the environment from the harmful contaminants through the conversion of waste to energy. They're mostly renewables which makes it even more preferable. I do concur that the solution to waste management in Nigeria is to turn our waste into wealth. This will go along way in ensuring improved public health, reduced toxicity while ensuring environmental sustainability.

Like it because if implemented it'll reduce both the environmental and atmospheric pollution, and much more on tackling the unemployment that's bedeviling the region.

I conceived this idea positively as it target a solution to sustainable waste management in our areas. Environment, in developing world should have a greater contention as it affect both human and physical development either directly or indirectly. Negative impacts of ecological human disturbances has led to several issues on health and food security due to climate change and food consumption is at stake with minimal or non mitigation to address the problems in some areas.

This is a very good idea,it will help in having a clean environment and diseases would be less transmitted

I like this because is the solving problems of what we are facing in northern part of the country, if open dump can be controlled our environment will be in healthy, and in term of burning the waste if most I suggest using incineration process. But landfilling is that best, and dumpsite is to be encouraged in an Livin community. Because burning is another way of pollution or polluting the environment,by air pollution,and through air pollution by greenhouse gases and it lead to global warming.

It’s great and very innovative way to improve the health issues in our environmental society.

This idea will help for the protection of the environment and the health of the population. Rubbish and waste can cause air and water pollution. Rotting garbage is also known to produce harmful gases that mix with the air and can cause breathing problems in people

It will bring the much needed environmental sanitation we are longing for

Because the idea conforms wtih International standards on protection of encironment, renewable energy and perfectly fits into the future.

Great idea. This is important to promote human's well being

This idea will ensure the maximisation of environmental potential and reduce the rate of environmental pollution that brings many uncertainties and destruction of the environment and human health.

This is great news at and all encompassing to tackle the huge issue of waste in Kank State.

Energy is needed in the ecosystem

I like it bcos proper waste management is vital to our quality of life. Moreover, by leveraging on modern technology such as this we can transform and recycle waste into value

Cleaner Ecosystem = Less Pollution = Better Respiratory/Overall health = Less hospitalizations = Less Income spent on illness = More income for households = Less economical hardship on poorer families due to out of pocket spending on Curative healthcare.

This is a very good idea because waste to energy is widely recognized as a technology that can help mitigate climate change by reducing greenhouse gases and generates clean energy.

This is a great idea for a developing country like Nigeria. By using Kano as a sample due to large population shows how we can harness our waste into something important for the growth of our economy. It’s also provides the opportunity to have a mega city, because a dirty city can’t make a mega city. Employment opportunity is also one of the excellent economic impact of this work.

This is a welcome idea that will assist in reducing devastating environmental pollution which has negative impact on human, plants and animals lives. It will help in making the ecosystem a more friendly one

Environmental pollution will be minimised & there'll be provision of job opportunities

Waste to Energy; for a reliable and sustainable ecosystem.

This is one of the major areas where disease are transmitted and such can affected the well being of the people. Also the idea of having a clean environment in itself makes someone happy l.

Waste to Energy is one of the key strategies in promoting a Circular Economy in addition to providing modern energy access as well as reducing environmental pollution

Because it is sustainable.

Waste management to energy is crucial not only in maintaining the cleanliness of our surroundings but also keeping the good health of the people.And the effectiveness of this process will benefit everyone as well.

I really like this well designed idea, simply because it will not only solve the environmental and public health challenges faced by the good people of Kano State but also creates jobs and internal revenue. When fully implemented it becomes waste-to-energy then to wealth and well-being.

I like this idea because of the numerous benefits it brings, with the most important being protection of the environment and health of the Kano populace.

Sustainability is always the way

Any idea that brings sanity to the way we treat waste will always have my support, it is high time as a society we start thinking about ways to sanitise our environments

To protect the environment and human wellbeing

It Provides a Solution to our Ecological Problems....

This is brilliant. At the moment I’m working on waste management in Kano and everything I read here is facts and facts only. Well done.

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