This idea can be easily applied in other parts of kano state and Nigeria in general

It sounds unique


Because the organisation that made the application, THE EVENTORS, comprises of young minds that are undoubtedly capable of turning the idea into a reality

The creativity in inviting an artist to perform in order to attract audience makes the idea organised, and full of creativity and intellect.

Presentations on how to turn waste into money will add up to pur number of business start ups

It sounds unique.

Its practicable

This is the best idea i've come across on this platform. It aims at tackling environmental problems through youth enlightment.


The best way to reach the project’s target audience(youths) is surely through fairs. This is why the idea sounds

Such kind of events are given much consideration in the city of kano. The idea is brilliant.

Sallah festival, food fairs, and the like surely entertains a large number of youths. It is the best way to educate them about their environment.

The involvement of awards to the most eco friendly business in kano state makes the idea sound fantastic.

The scalability of the idea will be very easy as it will be determined by the amount of people in attendance.

The idea can surely be improved. This is because, with stall and ticket money, the idea will be able to sustain itself.

Because it targets the majority portion of the Kano state society–Youths.

The idea can be easily duplicated in other parts of the country.

It is practicable because kano state youths are fond of fairs.

It will give room for kano state youths to connect with each other and share ideas

The inclusion of literature competitions will add up to the teeming number of youths that will attend

This will go a long way in creating awareness on climate change in Kano state.

Kano poets and essayists will get to be exposed to the world of environmental essays writing and poetry.

By staging a drama on the effects of climate change at the greeny fair, kids and youths in attendance will have a take home lesson

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