zero plastic waste in kano city

zero plastic waste in kano city

It will reduce pollution caused by waste/Garbage disposals, generate additional energy for the state and also create job opportunities.


I like the idea it will create jobs

Very good idea Me. Idris

Good job

It create entrepreneurs in waste management


Nigeria need this idea for every state and not only Kano


Dabara mai ma'ana

Looking good

I love this idea.

A welcome idea to kano city


A welcome idea

Great idea from our Alumni @AfricanEntrepreneurs

Good idea

Good idea

I like Zero plastic

I dont know, just like it

The world is talking about plastic waste solutions. This is one for Nigeria and Africa

It will create jobs for our ideal youths

My Boss you have my full support

This is part of the industralization that Nigeria is looking for

Good job


So wonderful

There has been a lot of challenges on how to manage plastic waste in Nigeria and this should be the solution

Zero plastic in Kano city a welcome idea


I love this idea

Hi Idris😁😁

It will reduce the level of unemployment in the state

This is a welcome idea

Industrilization can never be if government do not promote ideas like this one.

Carry me along please.



It will improve cleanliness in the city and provide jobs

Good idea



Good idea Allah ya taimaka

Its a good one

The idea is something that has been lacking for a very long time.


So great and promising

Good idea and seems easy to implementt

It will reduce pollution caused by waste/Garbage disposals, generate additional energy for the state and also create job opportunities.

Its a realistic and adoptable project.

Love it, its good. I wish you luck

Very interesting

Its going to create jobs and solve the challenge of plastic waste

Good for your country

We love people who are working on our type of project like this one @ZeroPlastic


I like this idea because high cost of equipment to me is what has stoped a lot of people from venturing into plastic waste recycling

Fabrication of plastic waste recycling in Nigeria is the solusion.

I know something like this will only come from a TEF Alumni like you Idris

Bring this idea to the Science and Technology incubation please

It will increase income for low household through waste collection.

Making machines from auto vehicles scrap mainly for plastic waste recycling in Nigeria will sulve the problem of high cost of plastic waste recycling machines in the country

This can solve the problem of plastic waste in Nigeria and create business opportunity for the vulnerable youths in the society

It should be extended to other cities like Jalingo where plastic waste has become decoration in the whole city. It will help solve the problem

This guy have done alot of things that are helpful to this country. What he need is government support


Hi Idris we have'nt heard from you this year, hope you are fine

Good idea from our eble customer

We love this idea @Rockstarflipper

Because of employment opportunity

If Nigerian citizens can venture into fabrication of industrial machines it is a welcome idea

It is capable of improving the Nigeria economy


It is significant in solving the problemm of plastic waste challenge in Nigeria

It a good idea for plastic waste challenge in Nigeria

An idea from my mentor, goodluck Mr. Idris

We need this idea to create entrepreneurs in plastic waste recycling

We need this idea to provide mini plastic waste collection and processing all over the country

It can provide employment and reduce youth idealness


I will like to be a partner to this idea, it is promesing

Fabrication of equipment and creation of mini processing centers will provide less cost

It looks good

It is an idea that is highly supported by Precious Plastics.

Good idea, God bless

Hi my friend our end of year promo is open and prices are down. Hope to see you again

It is a technology that needed support in Africa

Easy to adopt

Fabrication of equipment will benefit other enterpreneurs who want to venture into plastic waste recycling

Good idea


Provision of machine - Design of products - and establishment of mini collection and processing centers for plastic waste is an all inclusive idea that can be achieved in so many regions of Africa

It can create jobs

Source of revenue to the syate


Good technological idea. We at CNC parts store are with you Mr. Idris.

Good idea


I like to be a partner of this project

Hi, my mentor God bless you and goodluck

It will make kano city clean

Its unique

I love this idea, its full of opportunities for our youths

I feel this will reduce polution from our environment

Its a promising idea

Easy to adopt

It is a welcome idea for the problems of plastic waste in Nigeria

We realy need things like this in our country


Christal clear


I love this innovation

How can l be involve please, l want to participate

Will solve problem of dranage blockages

Plastic waste processing equipment are expensive, this idea may provide a solution for the country.

Good for smart cities

It is full of innovations and jobs opportunities

The idea is capable of addressing plaste waste challenges in Nigeria


Perfect idea so far

It is capable of growing the economy of the state

It can create work and income for the poor uneducated youths

Just like it


I love the idea because it can carry along all people, the educated and the non educated


I dont know how to say it. It extremly good

Woo! This idea is coming lately. This could have been done a long time ago

This may make plastic waste processing less in cost to operate


It a nice idea

Innovative and craetive with technology involved


Perfect solution


It is simply and understanding to implement

Its an all inclusive idea, l like it

It can be adopted without any problem

Good idea


It is perfect for the problem of plastic wadte management

Its very intereting. Hope to see it practicalize

This idea seems to cover the whole problem Nigeria is facing on plastic waste challenge. Lets support this guy.

Very good idea

Let Taraba state government be the first to adopt this idea in Jalingo city due to the all year round challenges of plastic waste effect during rainy reason



It looks good, I like designing and fabrication

Using auto vrhicle scrap to make machines that proceese all types of plastic waste is a double impact initiative


what a good idea

Nice idea

Hi Mr. Idris you have a good idea there, goodluck.



It beautiful


Its creative and innovative

Hi Idris, remember me in this project

Too good to be ignored

Good one

I wish you goodluck Oga

Good job brother keep it up

Its going to breed entrepreneurs in waste processing and management

Its a good idea, people like this should supported




I know you can do more than this mr. Idris. Goodluck

Its an idea that can be realized and grow

Ideas like this should have long been implemented due to there economic and environmental importance.

I have witness this Guy received an award of recognation as an Agribusiness Champion in Nigeria for fabricating a machine that when used in packaging tomatoes can keep it for more than 6 weeks without being damage. I know he can do more than you expect in industrial machines fabrication and processing

This is not just an idea its a project that needs to be executed




Allah Ya taimaka dan uwa.




A good solution to solve plastic waste pollution in the country

Spectacular idea

This is a very good idea

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