Integrated Waste Management System in Bahirdar, Ethiopia

Integrated Waste Management System in Bahirdar, Ethiopia




Excellent and very good!

Ensuring waste management and waste management enhancement.

I like it as it has numerous waste management options like recycling, reusing, incineration, waste to electricity and dumping.

Acheive clean environment.

Waste minimization at generation and waste management increase with this creative idea.

Nice ended!

This concept note has real waste management stratagies which would be adoptable and transferable to Bahirdar city society at both household and community level.

Look it at all waste issues and can provide impact on waste management in Bahirdar city and can be applied. Excellent proposal.

This idea is one of the pillars of the waste management system in the city municipality of Bahirdar and this idea helps by giving sustainable solution to the city of Bahirdar and further the idea can be shared to other African cities.

I found it intersting because it integrated all waste management approaches.

Well done idea.

I like it as it makes clean our city.


It is a current warm issues to be solved. Nice idea

Problem solver idea

This idea has included all waste management methods.

Pleasant idea.

It is a kind of say good idea about the solid and plastic waste management system.

Very good!!!

MSW management alternatives included in this idea and can be worked for Bahirdar.

From waste generation to waste disposal, looks intersting management of solid and plastic waste.

Waste management with numerous evidences.

Very impressive idea employed in this proposal which can be done for Bahirdar city. It will apply systematically the various aspects of waste management.

Marvellous proposal idea which can increase the waste management challenges in Bahirdar.

I like this idea because it is feasible and functionable system. Integrated management strategies could be worked for Bahirdar city for solid waste and plastic waste management.

The idea can create community awareness and helps how the waste collector can collaborat as well as detail information on the current stuation of the waste collection and management system in Bahirdar.

It is an innovative strategies to reduce waste generation and improve its management.

This concept note highlights efficient infrastructure to collect, sort, and manage waste through this integrated waste management system.

Garbages such as food waste, packaging wastes etc which they need high attention require system designed to reduce those wastes and increase the existing management of waste. And this method can solve this problems.

Smart idea for smart cities of Africa and the world.

Clearly identified waste problems and waste management ways described indetail with the support of figuure.

It will give insights to reduce, separate, recycle and reuse waste in integrated ways.

In this particular idea ecycling and reusing along with conversion of waste into useful products and dumping in a well design landfilling are explored.

Wonderful proposal which integrated all waste management methods to reduce wase and improve waste management.

Practicable and implimentable in Bahirdar because of its socialy acceptance , exonomically cheap and environmentally friendly.

This proposal can be liked because of the integrated solid waste and plastic waste management and improvement of waste reducton at the source of generation and proper transport of those wastes.

less expensive integrated waste management which reduce waste and improve waste management of our city in Bahirdar

I like this interesting idea since it stated about integrated system for waste management with the help of diagram.

Good proposal!

This is a cheap, sustianable and quickly applied project proposal to reduce waste management problems in Bahirdar.

It covered all waste management methods and can be appllied in Africa cities under multicities Africa challenge.

Implementable and can be applied quickly in Bahirdar city.

Excellent project idea for waste management system improvement and waste source reduction at the household and community level.

With this proposal project illegal waste dumps, infectious diseases, pollution, and other public health issues for Bahirdar and other African cities could be solved.

Could encourage the Bahirdar city and other African cities community to reduce, separate, recycle, and reuse waste and to give an engineering management.

It's a great waste managenent project idea for our beautifull city.

Problem solver proposal.

Easy interms of practicability and sustainable system.

Simple, quickly applied and transferable waste management at household, community and industry level.

This idea from Bahirdar University from the local inhabitants can encourage to reduce waste generation, to recycle waste, to separate solid with as dry and wet waste and to recycle and reuse solid wastes can be achieved through this integrated system. And it will help the municipalities to collaborate with waste collector so as to improve waste management and decrease waste generation rate.

Besides waste reduction it contributes environmental and health benefit through this system.

This project idea should be implemented in Bahirdar as it gives strategies about the waste situation on the ground to reduce current waste generation and improve waste management. moreover, it gives sustainable solutions to reduce waste generation and improve waste management in Bahirdar cities and the participating cities in the multi-cities challenge Africa category.

Reduce waste pollution and produce fertilizer and enrergy aiming at conversion of waste into useful products. More likely feasible and practicable.

This project will solve our city issues with this timely idea , integrated system.

This is a remarkable idea which will solve Bahirdar city waste problems wnd if impliment it will solve environmental, health and energy related problems.

This idea can bring Bahirdar community at both commercial and household level towards a safest environmental zone through this integrated system.

I like it as it bring environmental beutfication and sanitation for my Bahirdar city, Ethiopia.

Safeguared our environment by eliminating waste and converting into useful products like bioenergy and compost.

Green environment revolution.

It will bring environmental, social and economic impact if implement this idea

Eradication of improper disposal of wastes and minimization of waste at the sources

Multiple waste management methods.

Posetive impact on environment, health and cleanness of our city.

This idea is atempting improving the health and the environment of Bahirdar and other Africa cities.


It is an economical cheap practicable and impactful work.

Good points for application.

Simple to impliment in Bahirdar

It is a promising ideal for a practical appliction for multicities challenge because of the systematic and integrated design of waste management methods.

This idea is practicabke and should be applied as it composed from numourous waste treatment strategies and waste management increasment.

Problems in Bahirdar have been clearly identified and appropriate management approaches have been also indicated with this idea. And the idea must be done in Bahirdar. The diagram briefly discussed yhe problem to the nanagement approaches briefly.

Could be implementable idea.

It will create job opportunities for local people in addition to green environment for one of the beautiful cities of Africa, Bahirdar city.

Integrated waste management will help to mange waste through reduction of illegal waste dumps, pollution, infectious diseases, and other public health issues.

This proposal will protect lives and environment for Bahirdar city along with in reducing waste accumulation on the streets of Bahirdar city and plastic waste that create problems on lake Tana and Blue-Nile river. water

This proposal will contribute in enhancing the capacity of existing waste collection systems to increase waste management issues.

This idea can save the life, natural resources and human health for Bahirdar city with proper management system.

This is a very hot topic which can solve households, industries and public institutions solid waste issues. Highly recommended for practical application.

This may increase municipal infrastructures to enhance the solid and plastic waste management of our Bahirdar city. interesting proposal.

This proposal could added value added products for instance energy, fertilizer, biogas along with waste management.

In this idea an appropriate landfill disposal method is proposed and it also give an overview of the nature of solid wastes from Bahirdar city and various waste management system with integrated design was proposed.

It will contribute waste and waste management issues arising from single use plastic, non-recyclable wastes, and excessive packaging materials for most consumer and commercial goods at both household and community level.

The fundamental waste management principles have been proposed in this system.

good points!

Basic waste management system proposed. practicable and implementable and impactful.

good points have been added in this proposal.

In this idea basic and fundamental solid and plastic waste with integrated collection, segregation, transportation, and disposal have been proposed by Bahirdar University community in Bahirdar.

The idea is proposed by the inhabitants of Bahirdar who have in-depth knowledge of the waste problems and situation on to improve the waste management.

This idea can be liked since it has been designed properly and can create values in the community and can contribute in mitigating climate change by reducing green house gasses.

Acceptable idea.

Economical feasible and integrated system for waste management.

Reduce, recycle and reuse have been proposed in this waste management system.

Good proposal.

Sustianable management system for Bahirdar city of Ethiopia which is one of the turist attraction place. Also plastic and solid waste create problems in one of the turist attraction lake called Lake tana and one of the longest river called Blue Nile is also affected by those waste where both places are found in Bahirdar. And this very nicely proposed integrated management strategies can solve this problem.

I like it the way how they can be used to solve waste reduction and waste mangement enhancement.

Waste management design using integrated system can help protecting waste problems.

This idea can help waste collectors how they could be able to settle waste management and waste reduction problems at the source of industries, commercial and household level.

Practical and impactfull integrated waste management stratigies which can bring health to both humans and environment.

Waste to energy, waste recycling and reusing and composting and landfilling disposal have been explained with this integrated management system.

Reduce waste and can be used to manage waste which have been disposed to the open landfill.

Problem solving potential for waste reduction and waste management improvement capability.

This integrated plant system can eradicate waste issues and waste source decrease at and waste conversion into value added product may enhance this problems.

Most reliable information of solid and plastic waste management system.

System design to give practical work for designing waste removal in Bahirdar city.

Integrated system what a fantsdtic view of waste mangement for Bahirdar city.

Innovative and sustiniable waste management.

Very good proposal.

Nice description of idea.

It is a combination of all the six elements of waste managements such as generstion, transport, disposal etc.

This proposal consists of msny unit operations for waste management.

Most outstanding idea for waste management.

MSW management in Bahirdar will benefit our community. It will make clean city.

Good concept note for waste management.

Wonderful proposal which covers integrated management of waste.

Good one.

This idea cnsists of waste recycle and recovery to waste minimization at the source.

Excellent idea has been pointed out by this proposal as it comprises numerous unit operations for waste minimization for the selected the multicities challege Africa.


This proposal idea seems interesting because it has been covered all waste managenent strategies with the support of flow sheet.

what a innovative idea

I do loke this idea as it has been investigated fir waste mangement with a case study of Bahirdar city with integrated waste mangement through different unit process system design.

Logically structured proposal idea.

Best explanation with support of figure.

This idea shows detail management stratigies that can improve the waste management system in our city, Bahirdar.

Sustainable idea which can eliminate problems like environmental problems, public health problems, and etc.

This idea can be practiced and also has impact on waste reduction.

Very good idea.

I do like the description of idea and the problems identified as well as the explanation with the aid of figure.

Practicable points raised by the author.

I do like this idea as it is sustiniable process ans will increase waste managemnet and decrease waste generation.

Good idea.

It is an innovative strategies to reduce waste generation and improve its management for Bahirdar and other Africa cities.

This study will help to reduce waste through single use material decrease, converting non-recyclable for reusing, and to reduce waste through less use of excessive packaging for most consumer and commercial goods.

It is a successful and sustainable approach to improve waste management and reduce waste generation in Bahirdar city.

Impressive concept note and create impact on waste management and improvement for Bahirdar city.

This idea can be implemented into a pilot that can be scaled in Bahirdar and other participating African cities.

This idea will do improve the future of Bahirdar city community for the better with this integrated waste management system.

In this idea reducing waste generation and improving waste management can be 100% achieved in Bahirdar city as the idea was proposed from Bahirdar university community that comprise many expertise people in the area.

This idea will help the Bahirdar city for a better urban sanitation and environmental protection system through waste management.

This idea could give incentives to engage informal waste collectors to professionalize the sector.

I like this idea because it will give insight on how municipalities can better collaborate with waste collection operators to reduce waste generation and improve waste management.

It is an innovative idea which can encourage the community to reduce, separate, recycle, and reuse waste.

The massive amounts of waste that can’t be adequately processed, resulting in dangerous and harmful outcomes can be settled with this idea..

This idea would solve illegal waste dumps, pollution, infectious diseases, and other public health issues.

This proposal idea integrated all waste management approaches and may give a legislative and policy tools to enforce good practices and implement innovative new ones for Bahirdar city communities and government.

In this timely idea can benefit the governments by suggesting efficient infrastructure to collect, sort, and manage waste in a timely manner

This integrated waste management design helps to bring awareness about the need to reduce, separate, recycle and reuse waste for residents' of Bahirdar. Moreover it will create job opportunities.

This idea can be able to increase capacity of existing waste collection systems.

This idea will solve complex Bahirdar city problems in collaboration with the people most affected by these problems: the residents of the Bahirdar city.

It do overcome the challenges associated with waste in Bahirdar city with this innovative ideas.

It an innovative, low-cost ideas which can solve Bahirdar city waste challenges. This idea can be implemented by the cities in the short term.

This idea is supported by evidence and this integrated proposed solution will work in Bahirdar cities.

It is an implementable idea into a pilot that can be scaled.

It gives solutions for Bahirdar city waste problems.

This idea is impactful and practical for our Beautiful Bahirdar city. It will solve both solid and plastic waste in Bahirdar city.

The proposed solution likely to solve the waste problem in Bahirdar city.

This proposed idea solution is feasible for solving waste management issues in Bahirdar. excellent work has been proposed on behalf of Bahirdar University.

The proposed by this proposal idea gives solution to the Bahirdar university waste management problem.

Excellent and cheap and practicable proposal done

Cheap, practiacable and sustinable idea.


Greatvidea proposed by the author from Bahirdar.

It will help in modifying and design of new waste management system decrease the problems related to waste in Bahirdar city.

Waste collected by the community could be settled out using this integrated system design

Utilize waste minimization of waste and management of waste with larger size or pilot scale for application could be possible with this idea.

Potential waste management through this integrated system may be considered for both source reduction and waste management improvement.

Municipal waste management which encompass collection, separation, transport, composting, landfilling comprises were included in this integrated system design.

It will reduce long-term impacts of improperly discarded waste and improve the current waste management system using this integrated waste management for Bahirdar city, resulting environmentally green and less health problems.

Reduces gross solid and plastic waste and toxicity of wastes to the environment.

Very nice proposal

This proposal can help us in reducing emissions due to waste.

This idea can helps us through environmental health issues of solid and plastic waste management.

I strongly agree with this proposal can solve Bahirdar city waste problems as it a very wonderfully concept.

Smart idea

It settled out waste problems in Bahirdar city and could be applied.

Waste management and reduction in Bahirdar would be solved with this smart idea.


Best solutions for Bahirdar city with this integrated solid waste management.

This integrated system clearly shows solid waste management practices and recovery and recycling operations for Bahirdar city.

very good idea.

I like it because of its impact and practicality for Bahirdar city.

Strong idea that can be applicable at Bahirdar city of Ethiopia for waste management and reduction.

Smart idea!

This idea is very good for Bahirdar.

This integrated waste management and improvement idea can be applied and implemented in Bahirdar.

Powerful idea that covered all waste management topics. Also, has impact and practicality which addresses solid and plastic waste management and improvement for Bahirdar city in Ethiopia.

Very good idea which has impact and practicability.

Proper methods to manage and control solid and plastic wastes have been proposed with this nice idea for Bahirdar city.

Interesting approaches for the long-term management of municipal solid waste and improvement of solid Waste Management is proposed with this idea. That makes it competitive.

Solid and plastic waste management scenario. for development of sustainable solid and plastic Waste management strategies for Bahirdar city has been presented in this interesting idea.

in this proposal solid waste characterization and quantification of Bahir Dar City for the development of an ISWM plan has been proposed.

The gaps identified for the development of integrated waste management and assessment of the solid waste management system in Bahir Dar city and for smart city of Bahirdar has been proposed.

Municipal solid waste management in Bhairdar city of Ethiopia will improve the existing management system.

Good idea!

Impact and practicability

Sustainable environmental management with this system design by Bahirdar inhabitants can solve the problem in our city.

Impact and practicability

The achievement of total waste management with this integrated system design by Bahirdar community has been proposed by the community. This idea has immediate application for Bahirdar city.

Investigated all solid waste constraints and can be practiced.

Practicality and impact for Bahirdar Ethiopia

Recycling, recusing and composting in this integrated system.

Wonderfully idea

Very good idea. It can be done in Bahirdar

It may address solid waste problems. Impact and practicability.

In this waste management design management process takes into consideration best practice in aesthetics and environmental issues.

This integrated waste managment may solve solid waste managment problems from generation to landfill. The proposal cover all aspects and it may be impactful and practicable. Also it may increase waste managenent options. The diagram represented the detail waste managment system. It is imperative idea.

In this idea proper waste management and best practice in planning, public health, economics, engineering, conservation have been identified and proposed.

Amizing proposal. It discussed all waste managnent problems and their solution. Therefore it could solve solid waste managment problems in numerous cities such as Bahirdar (Ethiopia).

Seems very excellent proposal because of its integrated managment from generation to disposal. Therefore it will be practiced.

The idea may solve solid and plastic waste in Bahirdar city. It comprises integrated management system which can be done in Bahirdar. Strong and powerful proposal idea.

It includes generation to disposal topics which was represented with graph. And it is very promising idea which be able to solve Solid waste in Bahirdar and other cities in Africa. Impact & practicability of this proposal is awosome. Also emphasized all solid and plastic waste problems and their integrated managnent system. Therefore it is an excellent idea.

Clear and precise proposal idea. It may be practiced.

Practicable and impactful idea. It provided municipal solid waste management and plastic waste management ideas. It digout source reduction, recycling and reusing, ebergy production from municipal waste and proper disposal approaches as well.

The idea presented comprised waste management methods including conversion of waste into valuble product like compost and energy and proper disposal with the aid of interesting diagram or flow sheet. Very practicable concept note for Bahirdar and/or Africa cities.

Solid and plastic waste problems in Bahirdar city can be solved with this idea. The presented idea clearly showed the management ways and transformation of waste into useful products like energy and compost. Also it showed all disposal ways. Precisely has been shown with the aid of figures frem wate generation to waste disposal.

Impact and/or practicability. The proposal clearly identified all waste management methods. The figure clearly presented the integrated waste management system in Bahirdar, Ethiopia

Smart idea and it integrated all waste management system in Bahirdar. The idea is also supported with graph. The graph sum up the idea shortly.

This idea has investigated wllaste generation to waste management through source reduction, recyclying , composting , landfilling etc. approaches that could be implimented.

Can solve Bahirdar waste with this integrated management system.

I like this proposal because it can be practcable. Generation , collection, transport, sorting, composting, incinerating and landfilli g concepts have been stated clearly with the help of interesting and impactful figure.

Very nice idea. I like it.

Very good idea for Bahirdar if implimented.

It covers all topics of waste management. Integrated management tht co sists of waste reduction ,reusing, waste to sustianable product and proper disposal ways.

Integrated system for waste management can better solve Bahirdar solid waste and plastic waste. Nice figure which summerized the proposal.

I like it since it can solve Bahirdar city waste problem using this integrated waste management methods. Nicely pointed out by the author all waste management with a single figure. A single figure tell us thousounds of words.

From waste generation to landfilling what a fantastic idea.

Why I like this idea is that it may solve the city problem with integrated waste management methods.

Very nicely proposed.

Integrated waste management system for Africa cities like Bahirdar can address waste management problems and can make improvement for waste management.

Solid waste and plastic waste management using this integrated system can solve and increase waste management in Bahirdar city of Ethiopia and Africa.

I like this very intellegent idea which will solve the city waste problems. It mentioned every aspects of waste managment which are integrated together from the source to disposal of the solid and plastic waste.

Interdicipilinary conept. It deserves the multicity challenges.

Integrated solid and plastic waste management can solve everydays trash and garbage from household, commercial and industry in Bahirdar. And it propose an appropriate waste management and disposal method.

Municipal solid waste with integrated management system is a new concept which may integrate all management alternatives and can be applied in Bahirdar particularly and in Africa in general.

It will solve problems associated with solid and plastic waste in Bahirdar city in Ethiopia/Africa

From the perspective of MSW it is very nice idea

I like it since it integrated recovering, incineration, composting and landfilling.

It gives an overview of Integrated waste management for Bahirdar for practical application.

Detail work for waste management for cities of Africa and Bahirdar particularly.

It can solve waste issues that affecting natural resources, quality of life and human health in Bahirdar and other cities of Africa, Ethiopia. It is nicely presented with this proposal how can we improve solid and plastic waste in Bahirdar city.

I like it as it can be implimented to solve environmental pollution in Bahirdar and other African cities using this integrated waste management approach.

I like it because it will increase the city waste management potential fro Africa cities and Bahirdar in particular.


It may tackle the current solid waste management problems in Bahirdar city and other Africa cities since it comprises an in-depth investigation of the solid waste management issues. Smart idea!!!

It comprised the six various functional elements of solid waste with the help of figures. And it will be helpful if practiced in Bahirdar city in Ethiopia and Africa cities in general. Good idea,

good points mention for waste management!

Solid waste management is an essential part every society and this proposal deserve it.

the fundamental aspects of MSW-municipal solid waste management ways have been explored in this integrated waste management system design for Bahirdar city. The idea can be applied also to other Africa cities too.

This proposal willgive waste management from Bahirdar city commercial and industrial sector. Should be implimented.

It can give highlights how to manage everday wastes for Bahirdar city.

The keys aspects of solid management choices have been investigated in this idea.

This idea could tackle the present solid waste management crises of Bahirdar city efficiently.

It identify how to solve the solid waste problems of Bahirdar and other cities which have been affected by uncontrolled dumping of wastes on the outskirts of the cities by employing integrated management ways.

I like it since it will be applied for Africa cities that look for solid waste management in scientific approach. good point!!!

The idea covered all the management of both dry and wet solid. It can be practicable in Bahirdar.

Integrally will solve the solid waste problems in Bahirdar. All waste management methods explored in this proposal idea.

It presented all waste management approaches with the aid of flowsheet.



It explored all class of waste management such as hazardous waste, organic fraction, inert debris and recyclable waste.

Integrated wate nanagement system maight address plastic and dry and wet solids in Bahirdar, Ethiopia.

Nice presentation.

This idea describes an overall methods for sustainable waste management.

Integrated solid waste management covered environmentally effective approaches.

Good points have been mentioned with the helps of picture.

Integrated system design for Bahirdar city.

Solid waste management for Bahirdar city is a sustainable system which can be applies in Bahirdar.

Summarized integrated management system for solid and plastic wastes in Bahirdar and/or Africa cities.

Very good proposal.

I like this good idea because of the essentially integrated system which would manage both wet and dry wet including plastic waste that have been thrown improperly by the community of Bahirdar.

Practicable idea.

Good points have been mentioned in this proposal using integrated waste managemet as described in figure.

Impactfully proposal with transferable idea which can solve our city waste issues and can bring improvement of management.

Waste generation reduction and reusing and conversion of wastes to electricity and proper disposal like landfilling have been explored in this summary of proposal. Also picture has been added to clearly indicate the management systems.

Significant waste reduction and management has been investigated.

It discusses all important factors affecting solid waste problems and suggest possible management methods with the aid of pictures. the picture tell us all important factors briefly.

Encouraging the waste management and conversion of waste into useful products for Bahirdar city.

Problem solver proposal.

From Waste generation to collection transport and conversion to usable products and landfil disposal with a best pictural representation.

Integrated management stratagies have been explored in this idea why I like it.

Waste managment with source reduction and proper collection as well as composting and energy and proper disposal points have been explored and discussed with this proposal with the case study of Bahirdar city of Ethiopia. This idea can further be done to other Africa cities since it improves waste management senarios.

Practicable, cheap and sustainable idea.

Waste generationa and management with the aid of figures have discussed in this ida. Pictures also presented for integrated management of plastic and or solid waste.

Reduce waste reduction at the source and improve waste management in Bahirdar city.

Integrated waste management could solve Bahirdar city waste problems since it included all management options together.

This idea may reduce Bahirdar waste issues since it stated from source to disposal mechanisms of solid and plastic waste in proper and systematic ways.

Awosome idea of waste management methods have presented in this proposal. Should be implemented in Bahirdar city.

Sustain environment and also less expensive methods that can be practicable and applicable in Bahirdar.

I like it as it stated integrated waste management strategies clearly and precisely with the help of graph. It has high impact and could be functioned in Bahirdar as it comprises source generation, transport, recycling and recovering , composting and landfill approaches and management alternatives as described briefly in the graph.

Innovative and cheap and can be implimented in a short period of time.

Has large impact and can be practicable.

Could improve and reduce waste managenent system with a lot of evidences.

Waste issues in cities such as Bahirdar can be managed with this proposal.

It may be very systematic idea that could be practicable and improve waste managenent options.

Excellent proposal. Explanation with the aid of diagram. The diagram even is enough to explian the waste reduction and waste management improvement. It is a cheap and practicable integrated system.

This idea can solve both industrial and commercial waste and can improve the various waste management methods.

All waste management strategies have nicely discussed with pictures. And it can improve the waste management system in Bahirdar.

Proposal submitted by the inhabitants of Bahirdar city which can be used to settle the problems that we encountered in Bahirdar city.


This is smart idea for waste managemnet of Bahirdsr city.

Impressive idea.

Cheap, innovative and practicable idea proposed by the residents of Bahirdar.

The problems encountered with Bahirdar city maight be solved with integrated waste management system that consists all the six elements of waste management. The photo also shortly sum up the six elements of waste management.

It can increase incentives by reducing waste and reducing waste management through integrated waste management. The flow sheet describe detail information how we can manage waste through integrated strategies. Also this idea could help how waste collectors can engage from source collection to transport up to disposal.

I like this idea because it can help increasing waste management and decreasing waste source with integrated method.

Yhis idea can contribute for a succesfull waste management of Bahirdar city since it comprises all systematic waste management strategies all together. Moreover, this idea nay help hoe waste collectors organised from source collection at the generation such as the community or commercial area to waste disposal. It covers also waste to energy and composting and incineration.

In the description of idea portion all the waste source to management have been discussed with the help of flowsheet. And this integrated management system in Bahirdar, Ethiopia can be applied since it gives detail information for any waste collector in the city and for the municipality of the city to reduce waste and enhance waste management approaches in scientfic way.

Scintific approach through integrated waste management and waste reduction mechanisims have discussed and covered in this idea and help waste minimization and waste management reduction. Gives strategies for all concerned body like waste collectors how they can manage and increase waste management inaddition to waste reduction at the source. The figure presented every information for integrated waste management system.

Cool idea which discussed waste management methods in detail way.

Nice waste management which helps for waste collectors and the municipality to efficiently govern the waste issues in Bahirdar by adopting this integrated management strategues for yhe smart city.

Consists of all waste management methods integrally. Detail discussions have been done in the description part with the aid of figure.

Waste decreasement and waste management increasement could be achieved with this systematic approach which consists of all waste management elements suvh as waste collection, transport, incineration etc.

solid and plastic waste collection methods and proper disposal methods have covered and discussed with awosome figure support is proposed in this idea.

It includes waste reduction and waste management methods with the support of figures

Waste to useful energy and compost upto disposal and wast collection upto waste transport methods are discussed in this proposal idea. Can be applied to our cities of Africa.

MSW reduction and improvement approaces and strategies have discussed. And very intersting figure which support the description. Also all problems to be solved have clearly identified in this proposal. So practicability of this idea is 100%.

Good point raised with this idea for waste reduction and managenent of Bahirdar Ethiopia

It can reduce waste source and improve waste management methods.

Very good points.

Very good points raised to improve waste managenent and to reduce waste generation

Fundamental concept have discussed for waste mangenent with the help of yhis integrated waste managenent system.


can be implemented since it is feasible and cheap integrated waste management system.

Profitable if implemented in Bahirdar

implementable and innovative idea in Bahirdar city

this idea is implementable and can be accomplished simply and quickly.

Discussed all management strategies clearly and should be implemented in Bahirdar and even in other cities of the world and Africa.

What a pleasant idea and I recommend it to be done in Bahirdar.

This idea identified the gaps in waste management and stated the anticipated out come clearly. It has covered the waste management processes with graph. Its tasks can be accomplished if practiced.

Best if applied and implimented in Bahirdar.

Description of ideas and problems to be solved are properly listed and also the impacts which are expected are discussed properly in this integrated management of waste.

Fantastic idea. The proposal presented easily where every person can grasp the concept and easir for practical application.

Ideal solution for cities like Bahirdar in Africa.

Describe the multi-city challenge according to the need of the people and administor of the city municipality. Ideas like this type of management processes can bring immense amount of change to the city. I like the approach.

This system of design are typical for managing waste from household, commercial and industries.

Description of idea for MSW are correctly designed. Problems are correctly Design and impacts are also clearly presented.

Identified and proposed numerous waste management alternatives.

Attractive proposal with alot of evidences. figure supported proposal.

Proposal planned with the support of picture which can e transferable to the community at thehousehold level as well as at the community level.

Simple and innovative proposal with integrated system for smart cities such as Bahirdar.

Could be quickly adopted.

Attractively described the idea for implementing integrated waste management system.

Practically possible idea for waste management and improvement

Practicability and impact of waste management are quite impressive

Excellent proposal idea for Bahirdar city and other Africa as well as World cities as integrated waste managment systen is very innivative, cost effective as well as encirinmentally friendly process system yhat can be applied with in a short period of time.

This multicities challenge Africa proposal may be implimented and/or applied in the aelected African cities to overcome the waste management issues. The proposal has done the various management system how they can be integrated to settle the issues along with waste reduction at the source where waste generated implying that it can be practiced.

Garbage wastes in Bahirdar are common problems with inappropriate collection, transport and dumping. Therefore, this concept proposed from Bahirdar can be possible for practical use. The idea discussed all important parameters in waste management and improvement along with waste reduction with the support of diagram.

Socially accepted, Economically affordable and no hazared to environment with this integrated system design which brings waste management improvement in all multicities of Africa under the challenge. It also gives waste reduction management alternatives. Supported with evidences such as integrated sysstem with flowsheet. In summary, this idea can be liked since it stated all management strategies together with clear identification of problems and clear descroption of ideas and anticipated result

I like this idea because it is a cheap and environmentally friendly and socially acceptable integrated solid and plastic waste for Bahiradr city. It seems promising and intersting idea proposed on behalf of Bahirdar University make it more acceptable proposal and I beleive this proposal may be done not only in Bahirda city but also in other multicities challenge in Africa.

Miracle idea which maight address our Africa cities problem in multicities challenge. It discovering all idea related to waste management like generation of waste and its management with the aid of diagram. Also it states transportation of waste and packaging of waste, it states composting waste for fertilizer, it states incineration and convesrsion of waste to electricity and finally landfilling after proper design of landfilling system of waste disposal. Acceptable proposal from Bahirdar


Highlights all important points for enhancing waste management for Bahirdar city.

The engineering of waste management and enhanvement were cearly explained with diagram. Easily transferable to the waste generators and waste disposal activities.

Less expensive and practicable idea has been proposed from Bahirdar University.

Waste generation reduction with proper increasement of management with the help of pictures are discussed in this idea.

It is well written and defined proposal.

Adoptable proposal.

Every day items such as product packaging, food waste and etc may be reduce by applying proposal like integrated waste management methodologies. Accepted proposal for Bahirdar city.

Pretty description of waste management and reduction enhancement goals and objectives. The proposal gaps clearly identified and the proposal can be worked with the government.

If you need any of the plastic waste processing machines like the washing machine, shredder, compression, extrusion or molding, we can talk

Both plastic and solid wastes managenents can be enhanced in such types of integrated design.

Integrated waste management design is asystematic approach which used for solving problems related to wastes in Bahirdar which was submitted by the University of Bahirdar.

Municipal wastes in Bahiradar have not managed properly. This idea may be liked since it contains immense amount of knowledge which can be used in Bahirdar for waste management.


The expected results are promising and tjis idea can work in Bahirdar city with the supervision of Bahirdar Univesrsity as it was submitted on behalf of the Public University of Bahirdar city.

Impactable and practicable proposal

Generation, collection, separation, transport, waste to value added product like electricity and composting and landfill disposal which are the key elements of this integrated waste management are very cheap and acceptable proposal which is submitted by Bahirdar university community may be done in Bahirdr.

Logically connected and impcatful idea.

Excellent proposal which integrated every step by step waste management of Bahirdar.

Less expensive proposal for applying in Bahirdar under one of the multicities challenges for Bahirdar.

Coherent idea of waste management

Good idea for Bahirdar.

Very attractively presented out for solid waste management and enginnering

This idea comprises reduction, recycling and reusing inaddition to managed and well designed disposal into landfill.

I like it because of its approach and sustianability for Bahirdar

Its sustanability along with intigrity of the approaches make it candidate this proposal.

This idea proposes integrated solid and plastic waste for Bahirdar city which can be tranferable to other multicities in Africa under the challege.

Great point by point explantion of idea as well as expected outcomes for the society of Bahirdar city in particular and other Africa cities in the multicities challange catagorey.

Various methods proposed which could integrally address the waste problems

Excellent technolohical adaptable proposal. It include all environmental enginnering knoweledges in to practical way with this integrated design.

This idea contain Waste managenent science, technology and engineering points. Since proposed by the university in Bahirdar hopefully they have enough expertise to make practicable this idea in Bahirdar city. Simple, quckly adoptable, cheap to manage and transfer.

Immense knoweledge has been done in this work. It is a properly design system by the univestsity community possibly by Bahirdar university Professor. And no doubt this idea will be transferable. To best of my knoweledge I highly recommend this idea into practice since it will hace impact to nake clean city of Bahirdar and other African cities.

I like it because it can be sustianavle and create job opportunity for the community in addition to waste reduction and waste managenment improvenent for Bahirdar city. Also submitted by Bahirdar University community professors and/or lecturers. The proposed idea is very well organised and design.

Engineering approach like this idea used to overcome waste and waste generation reduction as well as improving the existing poor waste managememt system in Bahirdar. And this call with UNDP and GovLab together with the city council within the multicities challanege are important problem solver goals for Bahirdar and Africa cities.

Good points raised in this idea.

Ideal solutionproposed by the resident of Bahirdar from Bahirdar university.

I am liking this concept note proposal since it explains the detail integrated waste management system. It has Environmental science, engineering and management approaches which has immense amount of practicable transferable and applicable knoweledge. The flow sheet indicates the management system how integrally be able to manage munucipal solid and plastic waste. Very illustrative picture.

MSW that consists for instance solid waste and plastic waste attract issues has gotten attention with this system design. It can creat job opportunity for collectors, waste sorting workers and composting gus implying this proppsal gives both waste management and income generation.

Practicable at Bahirdar city.

I do like it becase of its practicability as it integrated many options of management.

Looks practical and cheap as well as sustainiable idea.

Excellent proposal that has all management strategies and can improve all management alterbatives that could be applied.

Good proposal with enormous evidences.

Nice proposal for our Veutiful coty of Bahirdar. Contains all management approaches.

Good engineering management and enginnering waste management improvement with the aid of flow sheet have been added to this proposal.

It is a feasible and practicable idea. It is less costy and can manage the waste integrally.

This idea do contain all management strategies that can be practical and implimentable and all enginnering management opportunities have integrated with this system. Integrated systems have xplained with this management system with the help of figures. Should be practiced in Bahirdar city.

In this Multicities challenge I beleive this idea can contribute a lot of waste management processes strategies.

Feasible in Bahirdar city Ethiopia.

Seems good idea and practicable.

Explained clearly with the help of flowsheet.

Systematic approach to overcome all waste management issues with system.

This idea is supported with graph and pictures. Clearly explain all management strategies.

Good points raised.

Smart idea.

Very interesting management alternatives for Bahirdar city.

I do like this idea as it contains all waste management system and processes from generation of waste to final proper waste disposal.

Integrated management alterbatives have been added in this management system.

Nice presentation of problems with interesiting description of idea.

Practicable and impact to Bahirdar city make this idea competative.

Many alternative ideas has been proposed.

The problems related to waste abd waste ma genent can be solved with this idea.

Excellent idea.

logically arranged and well discussed idea.

This is a practicable idea that contains every aspects of waste management.

Impact versus practicability make this idea innovative and problem solver thst can be implimented in Bahirdar city.

Interesting for Bahirdar city waste management.

Integrated system designed for solid and plastic wastes for Bahirdar city will be very helpful for green environment as well as protecting human health and will bring aschetic value to the coty of Bahirdar.

Attractive proposal with graphical evidences. Well prepared and written. This idea must be practcticed in Bahirdar city.

Everyday wastes could be reduce and manage using this integrated system.

Impressive idea for Bahirdar city wadte management. It ought to practiced.

Nicely presented idea.

What a prety description of ideas and nustvbe practiced in Bahirdar city.

Municipal solid wast can be exactly manage with this innovative and cheap idea. Additionaly this idea can be applied and implimented in Bahirdar city with a short period of time in less than 1 year.

Fantastic idea.

Nice presentation.


Integrated solid waste and plastic waste management system for Bahirdar city is an innovstive idea which must be implimented in Bahirdar and may result clean environment for the city of Bahirdar. The idea can be transfered to other cities of Africa.

This idea is remarkable and environmentally friendly and in my opinion should be employed. It's a great strategy and very innovative

Ideal solution for our beautiful city

This idea consists of waste management and its improvement for Bahirdar city.

Wate minimization and reduction, waste recycling along eith reusing and energy production from waste are the main important considerations as presented in this proposal. Therefore, this idea integrated all the aforemantioned management of waste as well as waste landfilling.

This proppsal would add more contribution to address the waste management issues.

Waste source reduction and waste management improvenent idea had explained with the help and support of figures. This idea will bring 100 percent impact for Bahirdar city. And thus integrated system design should be done in Bahirdar to make our city free from open dump disposal and to protect health and environmental problems assciated with waste.


Waste mangement like this nice idea is important for Bahirdar city

Excellent work from the residents of Bahirdar. Must be done in pilot scale since it is submitted on behalf of Bahirdar University expertise on this area could do contribute a lote if implimented.

This idea is sustiniable and environmentsly friendly. Easily adoptable. Quikly can do pilot scale for Bahirdar city

The process which are used for managing solid and plastic waste comprising recycling, composting, and landfilling disposal are proposed in this proposal.

In this idea MSW including organic fraction, recyclable waste, inert debris and hazardous waste can be managed properly with this integrated system.

Dry and wet waste materials could be managed through integrated management.

I like this idea since a range of management options including waste recovery, composting and bio-gasification, and land filling are properly design in this proposal with integrated waste management system.

In this idea the solid waste management has been indicated as a comprehensive program where the solid and plastic waste has to be reduced, recycle, composted and disposed and prevented. .

This idea proposed management of various components like waste generation, waste storage, waste collection, transport and processing of waste as well as proper landfill disposal.

The current waste management and what would be the future waste management has been clearly indicated in this proposal.

In this idea important aspect of all solid waste management like public attitude, the administration, the planning legislation has shown to be taken into consideration to have a good solid waste management.

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