The ‘Less Waste’ project.

The ‘Less Waste’ project.

The ‘Less Waste’ project.


Great idea

Because of its effort in preventing landfills and incinerators from getting extremely overloaded in Kano state.

Its is practical because the kano stae people will surely co-orperate in the aspect of waste collection for the usage of the project and the overall benefit of the society. Also, the idea can be improved over time because of the fact that it will offer its produced products for sale to local farmers and therefore have the capcity to sustain itself.

I am very optimistic that this idea can be improved simply because, in Kano state, people tend to give support and assistance to projects that benefit them. Therefore, local farmers, who will be one of the beneficiaries through fertilizer provision, will do their utmost best in improving the project.

It is brilliant

It is brilliant!

It intends to kill two birds with one stone. Reducjng waste and providing fertilizers for farmers


It sounds impactful

Because of the fact that it adopts uniquebess and creativity in its intention to turn waste products into fertilizers

Because it will help help in reducing the rate of diseases in Kano state

The idea will serve as a savior for our local farmers by providing them with fertilizers for their crops.

The idea’s intention to partner with REMASAB–body responsible for waste disposal in kano– make the project practicable.

As stated, the idea intends to produce organic manure from waste products. As such, it has a very large room for improvement.

This idea has the capacity of reaching all the 44 local government areas of Kano state.

It is practicable because almost all the residents in the state will be willing to offer their waste products for disposal.

The practicality of this idea is unquestionable because its description has stated all the necessary steps to be taken in the course of implementing the project, making it look so real and practical. As for its inprovement, the project is capacitated to get sponsorship from various people and organisations in Kano state.

The less waste project will go a long way in saving energy and thus helps in avoiding energy crisis.

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