Reducing and improving waste generation through technology

Reducing and improving waste generation through technology

Reducing and improving waste generation through technology


Because it’ addresses some of the major challenges we face which is environmental pollution and air pollution.

This brilliant idea will go a long way in solving a lot of problems caused by the waste and refuse that litter the streets and alleys of Kano, thereby creating jobs for many and providing an alternative power source to the residents of the great city.


This is a great idea, I can see its potential and the impact it will have

This solves the underlying problem

It's eco friendly, economically beneficial to the government and overall it's highly sustainable

It's cool

This idea is mind boggling solution to bedevling environmental problems in kano state,as it will help sanitize the whole city into a more healthy and conducive place for living.It will also enhance industrialization,job creation,investment oppotunities thereby boosting the economy of the state.Also,with the ongoing urban renewal program of state Governement, the project will upgrade kano to the realm of excellence and place it among world class habitable cities of the globe.


Not a Bad idea as such.... Perfectly drafted out plan... Just insure the duties are put into the right hands by so doing it can be carried out effectively..for the betterment of everyone... Keep it Good 👍

Great idea... I love it

Yes the best way to move ahead and which ultimately create value for both Government and the citizens

This idea is definitely the solution! It’s a win win for both the government and the people, whilst putting environmental sustainability and cleanliness in place. It’s is a 100!

It's a good idea that can help prevent poor waste management and also create jobs.

This is obviously a well thought out solution. Managing to solve the essential problem whilst creating value for both the government and the people. Very well done.

This idea has a well thought out strategy and is very impactful, because our waste management system needs to be organised properly for us to have the adequate environment we need to be productive. Health is Wealth.

The idea of a clean environment is ecstatic coupled with job creation,this will improve quality of life in the state.This is good😍

This is definitely the best idea. This idea provides solutions that would drive a Clean and Green Kano, with proper waste management and data tracking, provision of over 6000 jobs across the 44 LGA’s of Kano, additional Government revenue of over 10B Naira (20m USD) annually from the proposed waste to wealth strategies, easy and trackable payments for the government leveraging advanced technology solutions. The practicability of this idea is 100% and I believe it will make a big difference.

I'm in support of the steps so far.

Great idea!!!

As a tech expert I'm totally in love with this idea. This idea is impressive as it solves a huge problem in Nigeria and gives value to both the common man and the government.

This is very important and a nice idea to prevent inadequate waste management. Basically technology makes life easier.

This idea is a well thought out plan for effective waste management/ reduction , and if given proper attention and funding could have a long lasting impact on our environment/ society at large. Health is Wealth

It’s the future


Because it'll help regulate waste overproduction

Taking into consideration the health hazards waste could cause, this is a good solution for waste management and recycling

In as much as Urbanisation is desirable,it is obvious that our environment is suffering from the negative effects it comes with.The SaaS Solution captures a good remedy for This and I am Sure both the people and Environment of Kano State will be grateful .

Because it’s also an avenue to eradicate poverty and increase the revenue of the state

This solution will help in waste disposal management.

A great idea towards eradicating waste and promoting hygienic waste management system.

Its the best solution to an ever waste generating people

Well as the world is now falling back to renewable energy

This solution is a win-win for both govt and its citizens. A cleaner, healthier environment for the residents of Kano and a IGR source for govt. Brilliant!

Awesome innovation!!! There is a thin line between the health of the society and waste management/disposal. The application of technology in the waste management sector will be a milestone achievement as it can both be cost effective and efficient.

I like this idea because a proper management of waste is important for building sustainable and livable environment and also Health we all know is Wealth.

Nice idea towards having an eco-friendly environment.

By making sure the technology reaches the rural areas and communities across the state not just only the township

It's a fantastic idea, it will help prevent the major illness caused by waste not properly disposed in the state and will improve the cleanliness of the state at large making it habitats friendly.

I support this idea because it is beneficial to both the Government and its citizens and would promote a cleaner and healthier environment. Its definetely the best way to move ahead.

Every thriving economy has a proper waste management system. Digitizing waste management is the way to go today. I like this idea because it addresses waste management with technology and aims to make live easier for both the government and the people.

It’s a very strategic in curbing the problem of waste management thereby creating employment opportunities for people and ensuring a healthy society.

This is going to be a very big step in making our towns and city as clean as we have always wanted. A very great move it is indeed.

Excellent idea! This is indeed a great step for a better Nigeria.

It's a great idea, as it provides a means of effectively tackling waste disposal and recycling of waste which is needed in providing a clean environment

its one of the best in recent times improving waste disposals and also on a long run save the climate

Its nice💯 And i totally support it

It's a nice idea

Waste is a huge problem in Nigeria and i definitely think this is a great in eliminating that problem

This a highly sustainable plan. This is very well thought out.


A cleaner environment equals to a better and quality life

Well the ideas portrayed as solutions are good. However EIA report is very essential before and after the proposed solutions.

It's absolutely the best

It attacks the a major pain point with a transparent and effective solution through which can be easily monitored to ensure delivery.

It supports what I have passion for. Seeing and keeping our country and environment clean and devoid of unnecessary waste

It's brilliant and easy to implement. If it can work in the western parts of the world it can happen in Kano.

By waste Hierarchy: Reduce re use and recycle.waste prevention and minimisation being the most desirable goal. 2.Extended producer responsibility:Adding all environment costs to the market prize of a product,including end of life disposal. 3.The polluter pays principle:Requiring that a waste producer pays for the appropriate disposal of the waste. Recycling:is the physical reprocessing of old materials such as plastic,metals,e-wastes-industrial or household into new productThe type of material

Nice idea

Its a fantastic idea that can prevent inadequate waste management

Transparency in waste management is important as this will block leakages in the system and promote efficiency. I stand for it. This is why I love this solution.

These is a good idea, that would go a long way to creating a healthy environment for all to live

This Idea will bring great solution to the state and also create opportunity to the community.

It sets up an effective plan for energy management 😂

The idea is amazing

Wow! This is really an amazing idea. And I hope this will extend to other states too, especially south east. SaaS solution, kudos to you guys

It's a great Idea which will benefit the masses and government. It's a win win at both ends. I will love to see this come into reality. Thumps up

I am strong advocate for making the most of whatever is available...the Oyinbos have shown us that there lies great potential in waste management, I'm excited Nigerians are beginning to connect the lines themselves. What's more the government will also benefit from this in terms of revenue generation. This is a welcomed development on all levels!! 💯💯💯

Reducing waste in our society and its management has been an issue. Seeing this practicable solutions come to reality will be great and beneficial to both Government and the masses in General. I enjoin well meaning Nigerians to support it so it can see the light of day.

We have been made to understand that nothing is considered as waste on earth. The 'whites' are on it, if we go into making use of our waste for our good we will benefit a lot from it. I AM IN FULL SUPPORT OF THIS INNOVATIVE PROJECT

I love this idea because it uses new technology to solve waste management problems

By effective implementation in both urban and rural areas of Kano state.

Wow, brilliant idea 👏

Waste can be of great benefit if it is properly managed. So with technology I so believe the teeming population of Kano can have a beneficial waste system

Great idea.

Waste management is a sector that hasnt been well harnessed in nigeria

The idea is very good, it will the country roo


Its a great initiative and very innovative.

Improvement of public sanitation

This is definitely a great Idea.

I like how the strategy includes recycling of waste and control of trash disposal, for me this idea should win.

I'll love to see this strategy being executed, not only in Kano State but in all parts of the country. It's a good one.

The waste management practices of developing and underdeveloped countries are far more different from the practices done in the developed countries, so this software solution can bring us closer to being a more developed country, from the way we dispose waste to recycling and general sanitation.

To me waste is inevitable in every part of the world how we handle and control it is what matters, I think this is nice step towards its all..

I like how this initiative leverage technology to protect the environment. The recycling will help to generate money and improve the economy of the state and also reduce all types of waste, thereby saving the earth and conserving energy.

This is a really great Idea, I love it 👌.

By making sure the technology reaches the rural areas and communities across the state not just only the township

Well thought out strategy. I hope this would spread across Africa in the nearest future.

Poor Waste management has and is still one of the major problems we face in this country, and this has become even worse with the emergence of urbanization. The SaaS Solution Through their automated means seeks to combat this problem which will in turn be beneficial to the people of Kano state and Nigeria at large.

Wow, I can already imagine what the state would look like with this strategy being implemented. Well thought out.

Waste management is a serious issue in this country and they proffered an easy way to curb this plus technology is the order of the day... this is killing 2 beds with 1 stone as labour would be needed job opportunities is created and the work would be done on time and our environment would be clean as it suppose to be i dont see what's not to like about this idea🤷‍♀️

Great idea! I strongly believe it is going to promote good hygiene and improve the health condition of citizens.

I welcome the idea because it will really help in eradicating waste products in the environment which some times contribute to environmental harzads

In a world where waste is directly proportional to the products we manufacture, a waste management strategy like this is needed to keep the balance. This is awesome.

It solves a major problem of waste in Nigeria, which unlocks the next step to power generation through proper waste disposal. The way I see it, the government can make a major breakthrough financially through this idea, by commercializing proper waste disposal and in the long run, generate power from it, which is another way of commercializing and creating jobs and employment for its citizens. A win-win for the government! Good one guys!

With Nigeria's population fast growing and unchecked, a well articulated waste management system is vital if we're to avoid the spread of illnesses due to dirty environment. This is a fantastic idea, one that also keeps the nation eco-friendly

All kinds of wastes, from the municipal waste to agricultural waste to hazardous residues and health care waste all come under one umbrella. Though all of them are certain waste products, their management practices are not the same, but with this strategy, I'm convinced that each and all waste products can be managed properly.

This solution would provide more job opportunities and I'm all for that

One of the most crucial issue a nation will face for hindrance growth and progress is mismanagement. On the issue, both the government and the governed have got roles to play. So the new idea suggested to be used, if could properly used, ... would have been the best idea.

Such an amazing idea. Waiting patiently for it to actualise.

The move for waste segregation and recycling. This would reduce the amount of waste and make waste easier for collection. If proper segregation is advocate, some of it can be utilized especially if it is classified under biodegradable, non-biodegradable and recycle.

Its a go for me, creates value for the government and the citizens

This is a great idea 💡

Waste collection and rubbish disposal play an extremely important role in the global cleanliness and sustainability drive, with people’s health and the conservation of resources being the responsibility of every government To ease the pressure on government agencies, numerous privately-managed organisations also play a part in these waste management and recycling programs. The idea is a nice idea and well thought out.

Beautifully planned out. The idea of job creation and having a serene environment is wonderful.


Every economy need ideas that can boost its growth and development and this idea simply fulfills that . The automation of waste management coupled with the provision of jobs as a result of the implementation of this idea is plausible

This idea is a great one as it will improve waste management in the country which is a way forward

This is a great initiative and It would be nice if other states equally look's this way in her waste management system Kudos guys.

This is a great idea

The concept is nice and innovative. It will help save environmental degradation and help air pollution

I am very patient about reducing waste. And I think this is a very goood idea

Environmental pollution derived from solid waste littering has create a lot of health challenge to household residents around the dumping sites. In Nigeria, the problem is that people living around the dumping location are not aware of the harmful effects of this particular act of dumping this waste other than the offensive odors spreading around the untidy environment.

Waste recycling helps in the reduction of environmental hazard and as such keeps the environment healthy for it's inhabitants. The idea is a great one!

I think it’s a wonderful idea to curb the problem of sanitation many communities and states as a whole are facing. It’s one step to a better future...

An idea that will most definitely revolutionize waste management.

It's amazing, solving real problems, very deeply thought through and I am sure the execution would be flawless. I have worked with this team and mehn mehn they are the best

Amazing definitely in support with this idea

The idea is super great and it will actually reform the state and makes it outstanding. I believe it's another avenue for creating job opportunity for many who are underprivileged in the state. One thing is to initiate an idea, another thing is effectively carry it out.


Tech is the new way of life

Anything that aids in protecting our environment I stand for it in totality now we have a global issue of climate change and this, this is an idea that will help not just the Kano state government but if projected to order 35 states of the federation including the FCT, we'll have Nigeria as a whole growing in terms of revenue generation, in terms of environmental change and in terms of healthy living. So I stand for this in totality.

Well in my opinion, I think this is a brilliant idea. Great work, I’m in total support👍

This idea births a solution to an improved and clean state. It also creates more job opportunities.

Waste management is an important element of environmental protection. Its purpose is to provide hygienic, efficient and economic solid waste storage. MInta Consult has included all these and with software solutions👍

It is a very great idea

It improves economy and provides jobs.

This is great.

This is a right step in the right direction, waste management using improved Technology is a welcome and sound development

Great idea...

For the fact that people would be making money dumping wastes is credible. It's a win win for all parties ; the government spending less facilities on removing wastes, the company transforming the waste into products and the common man making money from cleaning his or her own environment. There's no bigger motivation for doing the right thing and keeping Nigeria clean.

This is actually a great & an intelligent idea which i must commend you of. By the way both we the citizens & the governments at large will benefit from this. Because this is nothing but a creative value for both Government and the citizens.

The world is going green. An effective waste management solution like this is always a good idea.

The improper handling of different types of waste materials and shoddy disposal methods can result in serious medical conditions. If you do not follow the right kind of waste management practices, it can result in extensive air and land pollution. This can affect the health people and can give rise to respiratory problems as well. Any kind of hazardous wastes that seep into the water and soil can affect animals and plants. THIS IS WHY THIS IDEA IS IMPORTANT.

The idea offers a solution that is both efficient and sustainable in the long term. The solution offers a viable path to improve the transparency and control of waste and recycling operations in a 21st century city. 

Waste management is a serious problem in nigeria and most African developing countries, over the years different plans have been put in place waste management, though didn't work out has planned. So I think this idea of focusing just in a state first might give a breakthrough great initiative. Furthermore the success of the initiative in Kano, will also extend to other states hopefully. Automating waste management is very good initiative for a better Kano and a better Nigeria.

A brilliant solution to a modern problem, the fact it’s environmentally friendly and provides much needed jobs, makes this an idea I'd love to see implemented.

This is a welcome Innovation

This will be a welcome development as tech is the way forward

This is a very innovative initiative

Great Idea. I am of the opinion that ICT is the solution to most of the environmental challenges we are having

I'm in support of the steps so far.

This is a wonderful Idea. Its the best solution to the mounting waste disposal problem in the state and the nation at large

Nice one

This is a welcome development

Good Idea.

It's a brilliant idea, this will greatly reduce environmental pollution and flooding in Kano, there by creating a healthier environment for all.

One of the most innovative and inventive idea not only in or within Africa but rather for the whole world at large ! Providing Economic progress, health, job opportunity, low cost, affordable price, Enviromental sanitation, preventing pollution and many more.

Recycling is one of the best method of tackling waste issues in other to reduce health hazards.

I love this idea because I can see that it will impact the rural areas in kano by providing jobs and revenue.

The future is getting better for Africa with ideas like this. Please ensure you execute this very well if you are given the opportunity.

Beautifully thought out. The idea of effective waste management with job creation is essential, given the time period we live in.

The proposition is a good one, once fully implemented the Kano state government will serve as a pacesetter in waste management and revenue generation through waste not only for other states in Nigeria but many other countries in Africa. If the proposed solution is adopted all stakeholders will benefit: the government and the people of Kanu state.

The plan shows how money can be gererated every month from waste. Seems to have figured it out well.

Income and job creation for me

The solution gave steps to achieving seamless waste management and income and jobs creation, this is why I love he solution.

The idea is good, all I can say is that the government should back this idea and work with them to make it better

If this idea is implemented, then Kano has a better future for her youths who are mostly jobless. Any idea that is focused on lifting people from being jobless and from poverty is a game changer for me and I give my full support.

This idea’s focus is using waste to create a better economy, for everyone, for Government, for the private sector and for youths. Its a win for everyone

I think the best part of the waste to wealth idea for waste management in Kano is the transparency it offers the government and stakeholders, but a worthy point of note which sounds even more exciting is the reward in form of tokens for proper handling of waste by the generators themselves. Proper waste management should begin with generators of the waste and this is integral to a clean and green environment which is a panacea for healthy living.

Waste management is a serious problem in today's economy and this idea solves waste management using new and emerging technologies. This is why I love this idea. Automating waste management is critical in today's economy.

I like this idea because waste is a big problem we all face globally and If there is someone that produces waste, I also believe there should also be someone to reduce the wastes and this is where this unique idea comes in. They are leveraging on technology to reduce it and to me this is the Innovation we all need. Tech makes life easier and better. Also this idea will help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals as set by the UN. WASTE IS REAL AND WE NEED REAL APPROACH LIKE THIS IDEA.

Health is Wealth! This idea of waste management is the ideal lasting solutions, in response to the Health and Wealth of our dear State, Kano. This idea do not only focus on cleaning up but also on converting what seems like a mess to money. Income generation and creation of means of livelihood will definitely reduce the high poverty index drastically. We looked forward to the quick implementation of this great innovative solutions.

It is an interesting idea, that is important to the beauty of lake Tana, and it is also best business idea.

Good Idea that shows how technology can be deployed to keep kano clean and provide economic empowerment for young people, this is what matters because there are no jobs and people are hungry.

Incentives for waste management is the future for proper handling of waste we generate on a daily basis.

This is a step in the right direction as it will not only give us a healthy and hazard free environment but also create job opportunities for our citizenry.

A very good idea, because it will reduce the rate of unemployment in our community and also reduce the waste in our environment.

Would help to improve and better our society at large

Ideas for waste management has always proven to play a vital role in urbanization. If we adopt this, we could just be looking at a green energy sector.

If you need any of the plastic waste processing machines like the washing machine, shredder, compression, extrusion or molding, we can talk

While the solution addresses the waste management issue Kano has in the urban areas, there should also be rural area waste management. This would add more purpose to this solution. It's a good one though 👍

The potential impact that such an initiative could have on our home cannot be overstated. It would have a dramatic impact on the health of our people, it would help slow the progression of climate change, it would create jobs and thereby stimulate our local economy.

This is a great idea idea

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