Very practicable idea and feasible

That is Good program aspecialy in kano nigeria⏰⏰⏰⏰⏰ 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

Waste to wealth idea. The impact the project will have on Kano and Nigeria as a whole is going to be massive. Waste management is a big problem and this project is a step in the right direction.

Africa is a Continent With alot of challenges to which Waste Management is one. Cities like Kano are one ravaged by such problem which has resulted to things such as foul odour, Provides place for insects and infective pathogens to grow which inturn caused many diseases such as Malaria (and malaria has been identified to be the major cause of Death in the state), Contaminates ground water, Occupies unnecessary Land area which also serve as a hideout for Drug abuse and other sort of crimes.

Innovative idea

So good in reducing many challenges of waste in our environment

It's just very helpful to a society.

Its will improve life standard of the people of Kano and Nigeria at large

I want to partispate up the implementation of this program which is coming to kano state that is zero bola to get rid of garbage in kano for our health and sanitation to eradicate malaria and cholera etc.that we will clean up our environment for a better life and we will turn this energy into electricity so that it will not be wasted and we will have income for the sake of investors.

We need to clin

It eliminates city waste, improves human health and produces energy.

It a very nice idea. It will help the society to be free from waste/bola, which is one of the causative agent of most environmental diseases in Kano state. And using the waste to produce or generate electricity will be one of the best thing that will happen to Kano city in this era.

It's an idea that will improve public health, create jobs, boost power supply.

A very good project,will improve on health,economic and social life of the citizens of Kano

It's one of the most important project I can think of. One project multiple environment solution. All the best👌

Kano is a Mecca of Bola and needs to put to use.

Kano will be very neat and tidy

It's very practical and I can't enumerate the advantages

It will help very much to make our city great

I strongly recommend it here in my city Kano because of the lack of waste management we are will be a good development if we are considered as it will greatly help the global system.

It is high time someone put all the waste we generate into some good use. Zero Bola will impact positively in the socio economic development of the city. I applaud the initiative.

It’s a great idea, it would be an achievement if we are opportune to win this and t come into existing reality


It will improve the standard of my city

It's so impressive

It deals with issues of grave importance in a strategic and methodical

The state for which the proposal is meant is already under threat of being ravaged by indiscriminate waste dump sites.

We urgently need this project, because clearly the author have spelt out what the environment stands to derived from the idea if properly implemented. I there urge not only Kano state government but including other states in northern Nigeria where poverty rates are believe to be high at the moment. Poverty alleviation and increase standard of living are paramount for achieve a healthy population, which this project I believe will bring to our communities.

Creativity at it best.

I like the idea for several reasons. The chief of them all is the fact that several health hazards are associated with the indiscriminate and open refuse dumping - a practice that, unfortunately, has punctuated the city of Kano. In addition to being breeding sites for mosquitoes and other vermin, pollution of groundwater, air - which have been shown by experts to be part of the causes for antibiotic resistance - open refuse dumping is also a source of microplastics absorbed into human bodies.

Its will tackle diseases and sicknesses



It is very good idea because it can reduce the number of mosquito, rat and bacteria.

I have been bartling with faver and mosquitoes in my area, kano metropolis and with this idea if implemented i knew very well my solution had finally came, and it also improves the socioeconomic activity in my area, thanks to the founder of this initiative.

This was a great intiative and it will help in reducing the rate of unemployment in the State and also reduce the level of air pollution to zero parcentage.

It will reduce litter thus encouraging safe and healthy environment. Its power generation aspect would improve smooth operations of MSMEs

This is very innovative, Nigeria as a country with so much waste unrecycled, Kano state has a peak of the menace, personally a victim of mosquito bites when I visited kano due to high level of indiscriminate refuse dumping, this idea if implemented and becomes continuous will reduce alot of our health and environmental problems.

This is a welcome project to help us the refuse problem in Kano. It will go a long way in improving the economic situation in Kano

Excellent quite innovative and resourceful

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