Project Haske

Project Haske


I believe it enhances waste utilization which will definitely result in sustainable environment especially in this era of unstable atmospheric conditions resulting from Green house effect

It is a fantastic idea! Kano State is badly in need of an effective means of waste disposal, and converting it to electricity is an absolute plus!

A very good idea, at least the rate of catching malaria will reduce, the city will become more healthier.

It will go a long way in creating a greener future for Kano State.

Implementation of this project will greatly help in tackling some of the issues in Kano state.

This project addresses some of the key concern areas of the state; lack of electricity and pollution.

Wow!!! Excellent idea I vouch for this idea to be carried out in Kano, it will help the REMASAB in Kano and less environmental hazards.

This is really laudable! Let's continue to spread the word

Alhamdullillah! All I see is greatness in here. This gives an opportunity for us explore, and also a platform to make our mark in the society at large🌎. May ALLAH bless us all. Ameen

This is really really nice. Way to go!

Because the project incorporates several SDGs.

It simultaneously addresses the problems of excessive waste and lack of electricity in Kano.

Honestly, I’m thrilled and ecstatic about this. I mean we’re way behind on innovations especially energy or clean energy for that matter. I really hope this project works out. Good luck. Allah ya taimaka🤲🏾

Brilliant idea,worthy of implementation.

I'm for this 100% dirty environments pollutes the environment making it unsafe for people living round these places. The project is a giant towards eradicatimg this, at same time putting the waste to use. PROJECT HASKE 👍👍👍

Brilliant Idea

Brilliant idea will go a long way in solving solid waste not just in kano but nationwide

I worked on this same topic during my under grads years and believe me you this is one good project..

Not only Kano state but almost allover Africa, waste mismanagement has been the problem and if the government should put these ideas into practice; then if not totally, a large percentage of the problem will be solved.

Very brilliant initiative

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