Project Haske

Project Haske

Project Haske


I believe it enhances waste utilization which will definitely result in sustainable environment especially in this era of unstable atmospheric conditions resulting from Green house effect

It is a fantastic idea! Kano State is badly in need of an effective means of waste disposal, and converting it to electricity is an absolute plus!

A very good idea, at least the rate of catching malaria will reduce, the city will become more healthier.

It will go a long way in creating a greener future for Kano State.

Implementation of this project will greatly help in tackling some of the issues in Kano state.

This project addresses some of the key concern areas of the state; lack of electricity and pollution.

Wow!!! Excellent idea I vouch for this idea to be carried out in Kano, it will help the REMASAB in Kano and less environmental hazards.

This is really laudable! Let's continue to spread the word

Alhamdullillah! All I see is greatness in here. This gives an opportunity for us explore, and also a platform to make our mark in the society at large🌎. May ALLAH bless us all. Ameen

This is really really nice. Way to go!

Because the project incorporates several SDGs.

It simultaneously addresses the problems of excessive waste and lack of electricity in Kano.

Honestly, I’m thrilled and ecstatic about this. I mean we’re way behind on innovations especially energy or clean energy for that matter. I really hope this project works out. Good luck. Allah ya taimaka🤲🏾

Brilliant idea,worthy of implementation.

I'm for this 100% dirty environments pollutes the environment making it unsafe for people living round these places. The project is a giant towards eradicatimg this, at same time putting the waste to use. PROJECT HASKE 👍👍👍

Brilliant Idea

Brilliant idea will go a long way in solving solid waste not just in kano but nationwide

I worked on this same topic during my under grads years and believe me you this is one good project..

Not only Kano state but almost allover Africa, waste mismanagement has been the problem and if the government should put these ideas into practice; then if not totally, a large percentage of the problem will be solved.

Very brilliant initiative

It is very creative.. impact one of the best solution to west disposal in kano municipal .. if this got implemented it will reduce a high percentage of pollution in the state thereby adding more to the generation of electricity in the state ... as an Agricultural and Bio Resources Engineer i give this a thumb up

I like this idea because its an opportunity to have a friendly environment to live in.

I m an advocate of a safe and sustainable cities, which can never be realized without sustainable sources of energy. It is a long-overdue project.

Wonderful idea, using a problem to solve a problem.

This project idea is absolutely essential as it will greatly address the health, environmental and energy challenges of Kano metropolitan. It will also have a multiplier effects by creating youth employment, reduce restiveness and crimes and promote general economic wellbeing.

It's inline with my religious teaching.

A very good idea with Solution oriented and highly necessary for Kano given the population.

An alternative power supply that will help reduce the number of people off the power grid, and of course will help yield a better atmosphere in Kano by utilizing the waste produced

Yess And if waste dumps could be utilised for a greater good and made into electricity which is one of the most essential things a human being neef to survive then its a positive turning point for the government and the people of kano

This is something the residents of Kano have always needed, and it will go a long way in making lives better.

It is a very good idea that's nice.

It solves 2 major problems, surprisingly using one problem as a solution to the other.

This is an innovative idea. This will go a long way of keeping the city clean and it's populace healthy. Sustainability at top notch.

Brilliant! A very well needed initiative

Problems wasn't natural norms or value.but way to curb it is the way i wish am an executive to implement the effective working of this initiative.

Real novel idea about bringing clean energy to the rural areas and by so doing bringing development to the grass roots

The best i have read so far, waste management should be a major priority in every government, and i believe this is the best way it can be achieved

This is such a brilliant idea! Will go a llng way in promoting and enhancing sustainable waste management in the city of Kano

It was an easy yes because of the tremendous advantages the project has by converting negative implications of the refuse to the community including pollution, contamination and health hazards, to mention but a few, to a positive effect of complimenting the high scarcity of electricity in the area.

This is a project that seeks to address a major problem that is hindering the development of Kano. Many desire to harness Kano's economic potential but are put aback by the poor hygiene condition of its environment, caused by inadequate waste management. With this idea stemming from a Kano resident, this solution will directly and indirectly impact the lives of millions in Kano and Nigeria.

The kano state government should make this sketch come through as the state is languishing from poor waste management. poor waste management leads to diseases which isnt good for capital and economic development

This is a great idea that will solve health problems, bring about sustainable development and create job opportunities. It’s really amazing

I love the idea because it tackles two critical issues kano is facing, the issue of litters and too much waste being mismanaged and also the issue of power, which has been an issue in Nigeria for years now

It's a practical ideas

A very good idea and help people to get money

The proper management of waste will positively affect the health of Kano residents, improve the value of life.

What a good idea, on A serious note this is a good idea and fantastic view well done dear

Nice idea

An excellent idea to efficiently manage the the kano City waste to generate power and also have a cleaner, healthier and sustainable environment.

Waste management in Kano is a big problem and this project will be a sustainable solution to the problem.

This is a great idea. I believe it’ll be a long lasting solution whenever implemented.

I love the idea because I think it’s very relevant and will be of immense benefit for the people of the region in Shaa Allah

Will contribute greatly to a formal and effective waste management system in one of the largest cities in Africa

Great idea

Really good idea

Hope this works out

This very kind of projects is what gives us soothing relief in our minds. It gives us hope that africa at large is not existing just to watch the rest of the world develope and innovate.

Fantastic idea and innovative!

Fluctuations in the composition of the Municipal Solid Waste in the proposed project area should be monitored over a period of time. Furthermore, the team can also consider sanitary landfilling as another option, a comprehensive landfill gas (LFG) management strategy to treat the LFG and to generate renewable energy from LFG. Generating renewable energy from LFG promotes sustainability of natural resource by reducing the use of fossil fuel in electricity production.

community engagement in the spread of the message.

It is very practical and does not require serious technological intervention to be actualized. This means it has a greater chance for a successful uptake and/or domestication, as the need arises. Kudos.

This is a fantastic idea with massive environmental and social impacts.

it brings out the Nigeria-Kano local content and increases awareness to the grassroots.

This is a welcome development It’ll help in alleviating poverty by providing employment and job opportunities.


This is a very good idea !!!

Great project, it will definitely benefit kano.

It's a great initiative.

A really good initiative. It promotes a win win win scenario that entails job creation, disease control and electricity generation. A much needed project in Kano and Nigeria as a whole.

It meets upto 8 SDG goals. MSW dumpsites are one of the major contributors of Methane to the atmosphere. Methane is a highly reactive green house gas. Cutting the time cycle ( because the longer MSW is left unattended to the more it breaks down to produce Methane) by interventions such as this is a good way of saving the planet and also inspiring the people of Kano to see MSW as resource that can benefit them rather than waste they dont need.

It reduces waste qnd protects the environment

For its effectiveness and affordability.

A Great Idea

A remarkable idea and a step towards proper utilization of waste produced in the state. The benefits are clear and that makes it an easy yes.

This project needs no vote,its something that should just be executed as simple as as that.

Waste management is an effective way of keeping our environments safe and healthy.

Masha Allah!! This is a good idea and it will go a long way in solving solid waste nationwide

It is solves the problem of electricity and MSW.

A remarkable idea that will make Nigeria to fully utilise it's resources.

Electricity supply have been a major problem in northern Nigeria and the country at large. Therefore, generating power will be a major "Win-win" as it will increase rate of employment.

It utilises the tonnes of waste we have to generate light, it's a fantastic use of otherwise wasted resources.

It will solve the problem of waste management and at the same time generate electricity which is one of the major challenges that led to the collapse of industries in the state. Well done & all the best!!

This will have a positive impact on waste management in the state

It’s long overdue. With the huge amount of refuse in Kano, this should’ve been done years ago. Hopefully we would get rid of all that waste and gain some energy in return

I love this idea because it tackles three problems with one solution, waste management, energy and by extension air pollution.

What is written is purely facts. Every nice writeup.

Apart from waste management and control part of this project, security challenge can be address through job potential of it.

This idea would not only solve the problems of waate disposal but create jobs, good healthy living and reduce diseasea. It would also create smart clean cities.

Waste management is a big problem in Nigeria and any practical idea to improve is welcomed

Reduction in toxicity level, lesser environmental pollution, Healthier environment, Cost Efficiency. Brilliant Idea!

Solving sone fo our biggest challenges of course i love the idea, generate power by taking out trash, that the government has no idea how to control! I pray it works.

Very Good project

Brilliant idea!

A very brilliant idea. Will tackle the waste management problem of Kano state. 👌

It's indeed high time we make good use of our waste products,great initiative.

It’s a solves multiple problems, clean energy for development, economic incentives to keep the environment clean through collection and proper disposal of refuse, will impact health of the citizen, healthy citizenry improve productivity and also will free governmental funds for developmental initiatives

The idea is one that will solve alot of problems and lead to an increase in effective waste management

The proposed project is multi-faceted and each facet aims to address an extremely critical factor. Firstly, it would reduce waste which will eventually improve wellbeing. Thirdly, waste is converted into energy, which is in significantly high demand in the case study location. This initiative couldn’t have come any sooner.

Wow, this is amazing! it'll be a great initiative for kano state.

Very good idea,it will help in waste management

A very good idea

Good idea

It's really a good idea that will help Kano State

I like this idea because of its ingenuity of incorporating so much of the SDGs within a single project.

This is brilliant, will be a very good way of minimizing and utilizing the waste in kano.

Yes. Great idea

It's a great idea, we don't have to live with our waste anyhow. Utilizing waste into something better will be good for the environment and our health. I pray for it's successful implementation and for it's continuity. 😇

The amount of waste produced in Kano is literally wasting away. This project will ensure proper utilization of the said waste to produce much needed energy in Kano. It is also a positive step towards mitigating the effects of climate change.

Yes. It is a very good project that should be promoted for not only keeping the environment clean but for also making good use of municipal wastes in addition to its job creation potential.

I believe it will greatly help in alleviating both energy and financial poverty in Kano. An excellent initiative indeed

It is a good project of converting waste to wealth

AslmAlkm, i like this idea because it help to reduce some of the biggest problems in the community; i.e. the problems of environmental Pollution and that of power shortage.

If finally implemented, kano air toxicity will be highly reduced making the city more healthier to live, which to me is one of the most important objective of this project. At the same time we'll have more cleaner water to use, as this project will greatly reduced the water borne related diseases.👍

A very welcome development that will be of great benefit to the people of Kano State.

Waste management is in my opinion our biggest problem in Kano and I believe that the administration that solves this problem will forever be remembered by it's people

It sounds like a lasting solution to the problem of waste in Kano and also a source of renewable energy. Therefore, I am fully in support of developing it.

I see this as a very brilliant initiative that addresses several critical societal problems in Northern Nigeria. Such a solution provides a win-win situation where the State, the citizens, Industry and small businesses will all benefit from a cleaner environment with improved air quality, improved energy supply and many direct and indirect jobs. The project is also well thought out, with a clearly defined scope and deliverables. Hence, its implementation feasibility is assured.

A wonderful initiative for our dear Kano State.

It's a great idea using waste to generate electricity in the Nigerian context. The innovator will be wiling two serious problems using one approach

It is practical and extremely relevant to the current situation in Kano State and also in line with the SDGs.

An ideal way to produce energy and play a big role in prevention of diseases. This effort will result in a safer, cleaner and healthier environment. It’s also cost effective in the long run.

Brilliant approach

It's a project that has multiple advantages. Renewable energy approach is very much technologically approprite to the environment for which the project is meant for.

A great idea that serves the multiple purpose of cleaning our environment and at the same time providing us with useful electricity. A pionering idea that would pave way for future innovative projects in our part of the world. #RenewablesAreTheFuture

Finally a solution to the utilization of the unending amounts of waste that continues to be produced and not managed properly.

This idea addresses two key issues: waste management and power supply. It will also boost employment to some degree

A very good idea. This will create awareness at the very least on the need to mitigate our tremendous waste problem.

This is aloudable project,if carried out will have positive effect on health,economic and social life of Kano people.We pray to Almighty Allah to make the project come to reality

Reducing the massive urban waste of Kano to produce badly needed electricity is what I do engineering for.

Yes, i love it 😍. Just imagine all those wastes in kano could be utilized to solve one of nigeria's biggest problems @electricity.

This is a terrific idea that will help in the development of the state

It is a very good idea that's nice.


I like this idea because it is highly innovative and transformational as It incorporates a minimum of 8 SDGs out of the 17 SDGs which signifies the level of its impact if implemented. The project is not just an idea because it has revealed literature reviews alongside her investigation which jointly identifies preliminary actions realized for the actualization of the project.

An amazing idea, finally a solution to the problem of Kano. 👏

This is a very good initiative & it’ll contribute to the development of the environment greatly, given the issue of dispersed wastage clogging the drainage system which also contributes to the problem of mosquitoes & other unwanted diseases. I’m 100% in support.

This is a timely project that is a step towards tackling the problem of water contamination and using the waste in a sustainable way.

Waste management implementation will hit two birds with one stone : 1 - Reduction of waste littering our streets. 2- Generation of electricity Its long overdue in my opinion.

Great initiative that should be easy to implement when initiated.

Innovative, intelligent and realistic.😇

Manage waste and deal with power issues at one go, what could be a better duo at improving people's lives!!

Well if implemented, it will help reduce pollution considerably, and boost energy production.

Brilliant, innovative & achievable idea that will hopefully address some of the many issues of Kano State. Kudos!

Waste management is one of our greatest challenge in Kano.

Waste management cannot be over emphasised. A sustainable approach can enhance recycling and boost economic and environmental activities.

The is very relevant for the state

A very important project

This is an amazing idea!👍

This will tremendously reduce environmental pollution in the state thereby bettering the lives of the people

This would help to tackle the waste management problem in the state . Good idea

This would be a great project

This is a very good initiative especially given the massive generation of MSW in Kano. Furthermore, It will contribute significantly to the lingering deficiency in electricity supply to the state.

I will choose waste management as my opinion, because it's our major challenge that we have in Kano state. And I believe who ever bring this solution such person or organization left a legacy for ever.

Because it will be done in the most efficient manner, to keep cost low and prevent waste buildup.

Waste management is a challenge in the area so this is a brilliant strategy to protect the environment and curb the multifaceted problems associated with poor waste management especially related to health

It is the kind of development we needed right now to positively tackle environmental pollution menace to the society..

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