Kano is one of the Nigeria's waste headquarter, implementing this will not only reduce the waste but also provide jobs and income to the government

I find it interesting.

Is good idea because it's Environmental protection to our state and the country or I can say the all African countries. Keep it up

First off, one of the interesting thing about the idea is the fact that it is economically viable and provides an platform that sensitize the households about the dangers of climate injustice, provide employment for the youths within the community, and also brings the government/non-governmental organizations to set up community-based recycling facilities. It is cost-effective and services to be provided are affordable.

Good initiative if fully inflamented, the idea will help to create jobs to our teaming youth especially this time where covid 19 kills almost everything to our economy.

Thanks for such a nice and informative article. I like and support this idea because the initiative is behooveful and thus lead to sustainabilty skills & environmental awareness...Thereby working effortlessly towards clean and healthy environment.

It is a very beautiful idea, I like it because it helps solve lots of issues in under developed countries for example Nigeria!. Issues like incessant waste dumping, incessant burning of waste, unemployment etc.

I'm more excited about the employment this will create to the youths in the community once implemented. An interesting project here.

It is aimed at solving a long and affecting problem in Kano.

Yes. The idea is very innovative anf it can help the government mitigate community-base solid waste if fully implemented and can also go along way to reduce unemployment.

One good thing about the idea is practicability, the wisdom behind it is feasible, cost effective and can go along way in mitigating the negative impact of environmental challenges

Upon all the articles I read, I found this one to be more sustainable and also has impact on the locals ( economically and socially). So I firmly believe that this will be a game changer on pollution when implemented.

Aside environmental well being and hygiene itโ€™s could be source of livelihood.

This is a great approach. I am particularly excited about the way in which the biodegradables are differentiated from the non-biodegrables, this will facilitate further treatment for its management.

I really buy the idea for it will go along way in maintaining clean and safe environment of this economic city of kano. It will also create jobs to our teaming unemployed youths. The idea is promising and practicable which when duly supported and utelized can reduce drastically the rate of disease and insecurity in the society.

This idea is economy wise, environment sensitive, easy to implement and provides job opportunites.

I like this idea because it brought together all the main stakeholders involved in solid waste management in Kano city, through its community-based approach. By employing local community members as waste collectors, this idea would be able to solve Kano's waste management problems from the source and will equally, help reduce the number of unemployed people in the city.

It is new development and it will helps a lot in wast management and control in kano state

Its a unique idea thay can bring about a lot id environmental solutions in the community.

I like the fact that it is community based and the fact that it is decentralized. These two factors will make it sustainable and practicable. By addressing the issue of unemployment alongside waste management will make it's impact on the society and the environment significant.

Its marvelous, suggesting solutions to the lingering problem of waste management

I really like the idea because when solid waste is well managed, it will reduce the cases of malaria we are having.

The opportunities it would create in Kano State - in line with the SDG2 goal of a cleaner environment and Innovation. This doesn't only solve the problem of dirty environment it also tell how to them to excellent means by Recycling. Kudos Haruna

It addresses a fundamental societal issue within the Kano state and Nigeria community at large It provides employ to the youth within where this plan is to be executed.

I think this idea if fully implemented will serve as a way to reduce both air and water pollution across the state at the same time protecting the community from many diseases, recycling also will brought about increase in employment rate and a means of conserving natural resources

I like the point it will create employment for people

I think if given this idea a chance, it will be a huge stepping stone to a better kano and the country at large. We need idea like this to truly see a great change in this country.

Very interesting Idea, its like hitting thousand birds with one stone. We are hoping for government to buy this innovative thinking to the fullest.

If properly implemented, will provide employment and increase the chances for environmental stability and sustainability.

It's a good idea actually, especially educating people how to differentiate waste, it will bring hygiene and employment to the youths also. Good one, Haruna.. It's a cool idea

I love this idea because it professionally a practical solution to a serious problem in the country as a whole. Many governments and people in Nigeria will certainly benefit from this professional approach to waste management. I also like the fact that this area is an untapped sector in the economy and can provide employment to many people in the system.

This is good idea infact it will make kano to better one and bring jobs opportunities to our society

This is beautiful idea, for it will put our waste products into good use. This will improve the development of our environment.

this is a huge roller coaster, efficient, feasible and its cost effect is attainable.. the fg/state government should be alerted.. thumbs up..

Awsome initiative. It will help recycle waste, generate money and help with rhe climate change.

Innovative. Help reduce the waste being disposed everywhere around the state. Creation of job opportunities.



This is great

As it was said ,it is one of its kind in the history of Kano State ,even due I happens not to be from Kano but these ideas will sure take Kano out the root ,when it comes to health and wealth benefit ,indeed , Government should as a matter of urgency give these idea a good thoughts because it will create more job opportunities and reduce the menace of waste pollution and environmental harzand,nice one

This is a good idea because it will surely help to solve a lot of issues like unemployment, climate change, poor waste management, environmental pollution etc.

I really buy into this idea because, this is innovative and it will actually help in keeping environment clean and healthy.

This innovation would help in eradicating poverty, as it will create job opportunity for the locals. I'm impressed, really. Good job ๐Ÿ‘

Yes, I like idea. Which is highly important to protect our Globe, particularly old cities and new emerging cities. If the idea become fully implemented cities become attractive for residents and all citizens. Even it can create job for thousands of youngsters.

Woah! This entry is well detailed of a great social thought. I personally love the particular coupling of the all key community players - People, Leaders and the Civil societies. I love the sustainability approach, though more can still be achieved towards effective implementation, while ensuring its continuity.

Develop an approach for educating all outlined key players in a single-forum where shared-knowledge and proffer of a holistic thought towards continuity can be developed.

The idea if implemented will upgrade the State, reduce unemployment and indeed The state will be the cleanest City in the north.

The cons is how to engage and sensitize the households on how to segregate waste at source; to differentiate between biodegradable and non-biodegradable materials. Oftentimes, people treat waste as if they are not the ones that generated it. In the Kano metropolis, a deeply sense of approach must be implied by the government and the employed youths -- in order to guide and sensitize the households on the importance of pollution-free environment.

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