It will go a long way in providing safe affordable housing to low income families

Aside it been new and innovative, it will explore the N8gerian Informal labour sector.

Great thanks my great papa, lives are not only touched but transformed and receive the godly comfort

Would love this idea for both rural and developed cities

Yes, I do.🙌

Yes 👍🏾

It's amazing and helps tackle climate change problems

It’s locally sourced and achievable

This is the most needed project for Nigerians now. It's urgent issue and I highly recommend this idea.

It's great support and helps renewable energy by hybrid system

The idea is a fantastic one because of the high number of poverty rate in Nigeria and the fact that the idea is centred around the Nigerian informal sector which amount to around 85 percent of the population, and so also now that the Nigerian Government is trying to provide low income earners with affordable housing, this innovation is coming at the perfect time. This project is going to go a long way to reducing the high percentage of housing deficit.

It would impact the lives of both rural and urban in terms of generating electricity, house ownership and lots more.

I think this is one innovation capable of positibly revolutionising the housing industry in Nigeria. It will aid significantly in providing affordable housing for the poor and low income earners using locally available materials and also creating real local jobs, hence improving the economy as well. This innovation is timely.

It's a very good idea because it's coming at the right time when the housing deficit been face by the nation at present is at its highest and the high cost of building materials

Is a very nice idea it will be of great help in our society

It's an innovative idea, that provides affordable housing, technical skills in both fabrication and assembly and renewable source of electricity, what's not to like. I support this idea

This is a very good idea as it will bride the gap of housing development as well as provide electricity using solar energy.

Very interesting & good innovation

Great concept. Africa needs practical, affordable and sustainable development such as these to solve and curb the high number of homeless Africans.

The idea will be productive and solves problems in urban areas and makes life easier within the community..

Provides a source of affordable housing

It is cheaper & accessible for people to build their homes

Its brilliant and I love the fact that the solution is so close to the problem! Well done!!

Very good idea as it will ease on individual in the community the issue of housing

A brilliant and innovative idea that will benefit significant number of individuals !

It’s simple, affordable takes care of urban needs for mass housing that generate their own electricity for their basic needs.

A very nice idea.I hope it benefits us all

It will greatly help in reducing the housing deficit in Nigeria esp for low income earners due to the affordability

Absolutely terrific idea. May it benefit humanity!

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