Because informal is the pivot of most developing economies


Because informal is the pivot of most developing economies

The best inclusive financial idea with a dedicated mission to meet the financial inclusion of the disconnected people.Thank you so much and I wish you the best hoping that the judges can see the impact which this idea can bring into the informal communities. I love it.

I love how inclusive it is especially for the informal sector. This idea deserves to win this competition. I see tremendous impact after it has been implemented.

Well defined, good vision and mission with the right target audience. All the best.

Indeed, this idea is capable of creating a multiple impact to the lives of those in the informal sector. It deserves a win. Good luck

Bravo. Great idea man


Keep up the good work. This idea is real and whether you win here or not, don't give up on it. I see lives transformed by it.

Brilliant, inclusive, and impactful. Good luck

You deserve to win.

The real ideal idea for the informal sector inclusion. Thanks

Thanks for sharing this impactful idea

Indeed its an impactful idea. Good luck

Given another chance, I would still vote for this idea. Its so inclusive and brillian. Good luck

I have sent you an email for potential collaborations. I love the idea and even the extent to which it can accomplish. ITS SO BRILLIANT

Thanks for sharing. Very innovative and inclusive. Good luck

Well done. Good luck

So true and perfect for the informal sector workers.

I love your idea. It makes alot of sense to the target beneficiaries.

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