KaCyber E-Ticketing System (KETS)

 KaCyber E-Ticketing System (KETS)

KaCyber E-Ticketing System (KETS)


Service aggregation is good, it provides consumer convenience. KETS is addressing a big challenge in the local transport sector. It's great to have an online ticketing portal that supports both bus, train and ferry booking.

Perhaps in the future this system could also support for taxi, boda and even flight booking?

It has revolutionized the way a passenger can reserve for a seat on the bus, train, or ferry. It provides that convenience to book for a ticket on a bus, train or ferry using various options such as aggregated web-portal, mobile apps and website and payment methods such as e-wallet and mobile money at anytime anywhere.

To extend the feature to include other payment methods such as smart cards. If it can be translated into local dialects to accommodate even the illiterates.

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