For once, people in the Slums are thought of and especially the age bracket that can bring about change. The youth are the future leaders of the nation.

The fact that Team 12's idea is family and community centred, strategically encompassing youths in slums aged 16-30 years, ages that are still impressionable and bursting forth with dreams and aspirations is an endeavor that resonates with me. Bravo Team 12.

Its a good idea en vision to many i believe..

It's very beautiful and future promising.

it is very good for it will see so many people improve lives in different communities

its impacting a lot of lives across all communities and its improving people's lives financially and spiritually

When we talk about slum communities, these are areas with a number of youths who have lost faith in today's life, afraid to step forth and improve their livelihoods and end up putting their lives to waste say use of drugs, alcohol etc. Yet for a nation to escalate into sustainable development, it needs it's young people to be put at the Frontline in development issues and guiding them as they transition into later adulthood.

This is a brilliant idea. It will hel

I have worked in communities and the state of families and the communities at large is devastating. If we can have even one thing that's to unit us towards taking our own responsibility to growing ourselves and the communities into the cities or towns we need, we have solved the problem we face as a team. And I believe Team12 is doing great community initiatives to transform people.


Way to go for sustainable development in communities.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

I believe this project is going to change people's mind set of waiting for the government to come help them but rather come out of their comfort zone and develop themselves and later on extend a hand to another. This will help in developing the society. Thanks team 12

The idea is highly practical, well researched and pretty achievable. There is clear understanding of life in Kampala slums and Uganda at large.

Thanks for focusing on this important issue!

Awesomely community impactful!

It has helped youths and women to create daily income

It's a great idea that accommodates community and youth inclusiveness

The idea promotes self growth in the community by avoiding exploitation from outsiders. Great initiative, I am in.

I like the idea because it points to reducing the gap in communities, it's gets close to bringing together the called rich and poor in the communities since the project purpose is to build confidence in people, encouraging them that they are able to reach their dreams, become the best version of themselves and attain all they wish to have and be in life. To assured of a future and full filled life

I love the idea of personality development for sustainability

its indeed agrt idea coz it gonna help da youth in da slums it will be of agreat impact to da development of da communities hence reducing rate of crimes amongst youth

It will lead to the development and creation of a community which are job creators and not job seekers, this idea will accelerate innovation and industrialization, it will decampeign various evils in the community since the youth who would have been idle engaging in various evils acts will now be occupied meanwhile thanks to Team 12.

It provides solutions within the many seemingly problematic situations and has a clear sustainability plan of helping people realise that they are the answer to their problems. Empowerment and not conditional dependency.

I think the communities need to think deeper and figure out how to break out of poverty.

The idea involves the community to identify solutions to problems that affect them

Since it's family based it's really a great idea. Family has the biggest impact on the community .i love the idea

It is inclusive, robust and low cost

There are so many people in these areas that are limited by lack of such information to help them realise their economic dreams. Being a community setting, these ideas are owned by the community are really sustainable.

This is great stuff reason being that its something that is gonna help the pepple around to make good use of themselves in the areas they live regardless of their roots.

Yes, I really like the idea of a community's working together, most importantly turning their challenge into a resource. The idea of turning waste material into raw materials is actually brilliant. It will be killing two birds with one stone, having a clean community and making a leaving.

The idea poses sustainable opportunities for the communities to be able to grow to a level of financial independence. The all round training also contributes to personal growth of people in the communities.

This is what our communities in uganda need. Apart from this initiative, our communities are doomed. Most communities most especially slam areas are devastated. A lot of practical education is needed in order to redeem the communities. This is a great job Micah.

currently what we need is action and l believe this idea brings it out!!!

Absolutely yes, it is a good initiative for the community

Very impactful

Interesting, mentoring and coaching has been a dream career for me

I love the idea of family centers. Every home needs a vision

It empowers the young generation,so good idea.

Itโ€™s tailor made to fit everyone they come into contact with and itโ€™s designed to address challenges of communities at the grassroots. It nurtures a young person right from the point of getting to know and understand who they are to help bring out their potential. Then help them align this to their community. This way, they take part in developing their own communities because they will be able to understand their problems, map out the challenges and identify opportunities.

It is a very nice Initiative that has a big vision of solving problems in the community.

Great idea

Its empowering people and keeping there minds busy

I think it's a great idea

Team 12 is a true definition of youth making a difference in their communities

It is tackling a very big problem. And it has potential for major impact that is sustainable and scalable.

This is a great idea and it could help provide income generating opportunities to especially the youth of today!

Is nice idea that is scalable and create big impact, it will change big number of youth from disadvantage background

Wonderful initiative, to transform the slum society in our country. Through you, hope and transformation shall be realised in these communities.

๐Ÿ˜‡ its a sustainable number of people, manageable and easy to work with. Train a man to train a man, very sustainable move

Very eye opening to us the fellow youths, to stand up and make our communities a better place to live in

It has a big vision and solving a relevant problem that is growing communities

Yes. The idea speaks to us, as community members we feel connected to the cause.

Supports urban and semi urban community based resilience, creates enabling environment and provides holistic solutions to challenges faced by african cities

It's a great idea mostly because it is helping people to get out of their comfort zone. Not to wait for the government to help them but to realize that they can solve their major problems by themselves Thank you TEAM 12 ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™

The entire idea is so profound hence impacting thousands of lives.

Basically bcoz it empowers the less privilege.

It's a powerful idea to those had lost hope.well done!!

Namaemba Jovia Rita


This is a really idea, especially in a world or country that is interdependent, everyone needs the other person to make a step ahead of their lives, and lf we carried on with this realisation, alot would change otherwise thanks alot for the initiative and all the best of luck..God bless

their is nothing that some one can give back to community other than empowering others to become the best of them selves. that's the only way to go for a better society. so I believe we can go miles in growth with such a great mind.

It is a brilliant idea, people taking their livelihood into their own hands and impacting others in the process.

I support your just cause

Yes I like this idea because community is where change begins from before it spans out. Its the core foundation so its involvement results into better result. Thank you team 12

it focuses on the foundation of building community and guarantees sustainability in the long run. well done guys.

Teaching a person how to help themselves is the best help you can give and that's what TEAM 12 is doing. Thanks Team 12. I will figure how I can tangibly support this good work. God bless you.

Like the idea because it motivates the potential of the young generation .

It impacts families and communities spiritually.

It gives purpose to families and impacts the community at large

Itโ€™s a powerful idea and help in solving problems from the grassroots.

It's a great idea to support unemployed youths

The idea is fantastic because it's impacting and changing lives in the society

The idea of a community wholesomely taking on challenges within is a VERY BIG mindset shift Africa needs. I believe we can be miles far in growth and development with this initiative. Thanks Team12

The idea is community based and seeks to develop communities through youth development basing on their ideas and gifting. The Community initiative is commendable and can still be easily extended to other communities.

This idea is good hence it is impacting thousands of people's lives

It is an inclusive approach towards supporting and empowering youth and women in slum areas of Uganda

Very awesome

This idea is good and holistic, people won't be given what to eat but most importantly they will know how to get what to eat them selves.well done

Bright idea for the community. All the best for the competition.

Excellent. This is so brilliant, the kind of things that society silently craves for. Keep the good work up.

This idea is more than just hand to mouth it involves learning to be responsible citizens which will provide a foundation to improve standards of living and reduce on crime rates in the slums.

Youth n women...yes

I believe it change people's lives

The idea is a social impact which will grow the community

This is a great idea for our community, many disadvantaged people will feel cared for and loved,

Its such a great visionary idea that speaks volumes.From such ideas income generating opportunities can be availed to people starting from our own communities!

Its a refreshing initiative

This idea brings togetherness in the community and at the same time development.

It's a very great idea that can help improve people's standards of living

Thier vission of empowering youth is some thing very helpfull to the community.

It's a fantastic idea for sure because it's going to sensitise people and accumulate their knowledge. I wish it was not only theory but also Practical it would have been better for them.

TEAMING! A Teamwork environment promotes an atmosphere that fosters friendship and loyalty. I think these close-knit relationships of 12 will motivate members in parallel and align them to work harder, cooperate and be supportive of one another given the fact that Individuals possess diverse talents, weaknesses, communication skills, strengths, and habits. Go Team 12!

With the growing global population, income inequality is a looming problem that needs to be tackled right on. This idea is fronting a solution to the challenge and Iโ€™m clearly impressed!

I like the element of Teaming up and enables community ownership & builds on the synergies and team spirit which are what the world is looking at. This kind of self help approach is the best.

Wonderful idea Community building and development is the way to go Thank you team 12

Every community needs such Life changing and empowering programes that not only spear head change and transformation but also enlight the conscience of the Youth to plan better for a greater community..

Team 12 is a solution that answers, communities and individuals alike will never be the same as long as we have such Concepts in practice... This is the solution


Great idea for the underprivileged youth

It's a great idea. Whish you would winโค๏ธโค๏ธ

It's an opportunity to change lives for good and the nation at large

Its towards serving humanity, i love that.

Great. Very Brilliant and Practical indeed. Am certain this is the way to go. An answer to many prayers. Equip

This is the future of informal settlements. Solutions by the people for the people. I love that you involve the community in solving their own problems and foster team work. This is a sustainable model to empowering communities.

It is valid and practical. Itโ€™s well thought about and impactful because there is a lot of need for this kind in various slums.

Very impactful idea that changes lives and easy to scale up once people grasp the concept.

The project prioritizes rural and slum areas and it is very practical because the people in the community are fully involved. This is what every community needs!

They say the highest human act is to inspire, and what team 12 are doing is to inspire people in slums by giving them opportunities that will help them discover the potential that lies in them. That's the best thing you can do for anyone.

An astounding idea!

Yes definitely I would yearn for this idea because in first place it would be a pivotal start to solve many of community challenges and also provide a platform to rejuvenate our ideas and discover the potential and ability in us. Thank you team 12

This is a very unique platform that is not treating effects but the real problem of the youth that is unemployment through the personal and professional development. I believe the world needs this moreso Africa.

I am looking forward to being apart of this great Team

It involves the community to find solutions to issues in their community

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