Vendor Galeria

Vendor Galeria

Vendor Galeria


It provides a permanent sustainable solution which will integrate vendors and provide a cheap infrastructure for them to distribute and showcase their products. It give indigenous knowledge system a fighting chance. It gives young entrepreneurs an opportunity to be innovative and provide solution in the most simple and cost effective way. It values reforestation by giving agro-foresters a chance to distribute tree and vegetable nursery.

By providing chairs and tables for the vendors and SMEs. Connecting this vendor posts with value adding companies as near as possible to this distribution point. Creating a network platform that enables interlinkages between all the SMEs and vendors within the galeria, researchers, and city engineers. Recycling plants and reusing enterprises to be near this posts so as to reduce transportation cost of production. SMEs should be given a chance of 1.5 years to grow and give room for others.

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