Plastics into Plastic Timbers & Timber Saving Roofing Tiles

Plastics into Plastic Timbers & Timber Saving Roofing Tiles

EcoPlastile products replaces timbers reducing deforestation and helping to conserve critical wildlife ecosystems. The timber saving roofing tiles consumes 50% of the total timbers used while roofing with conversional products thus saving costs while preserving forests. For the next 3 years, we plan is to withdraw of over 5 million tons of plastic waste from the environment and prevented them from ending up into oceans, and use those plastic waste to manufacture plastic timbers, hence save an es


Such Products reduce Emission

It will improve on waste management by recycling the dumped plastics. It will also reduce deforestation since plastic materiala such as roofing tiles will replace timber

Eliminates plastic waste from the enviroment

It will provide an alternative to unsanitary dirt floors and prohibitively expensive concrete floors: well-built earthen floors.

It's a great idea to help the plastic industry in term of plastic waste recycling, and will reduce on non biodegradable plastics in the environment

Inspiring and community level oriented innovation that will enable effective climate financing

Great idea is very ideal for environmental conservation, sustainable way of managing waste in the City, developing alternative building materials to timber use hence conserving the environment, setting new agenda for development of slum areas in terms of low-cost housing estate for underprivileged, job creations for young people across the whole Eco system. In general it's a sustainable way of managing the environment. It will help KCCA go along way in reducing waste in Kampala. Tackles SDGs.

What Ecoplatile is doing to reduce plastic and marine pollution, deforestation rates, and the effects of climate change while improving access to health facilities, especially for marginalized communities is inspirational. We applauded their ideas and motivation to create a better world for people and planet.

Carbon Emission reduced

It is a great idea. This will help reduce usage of wood for building hence reducing deforestation. This will also improve sanitation through recycling of these plastics which are actually harmful to the environment when not disposed off properly.

Transforms underserved communities by creating jobs, conserving the environment and provides low cost construction materials

Excellent! Im really interested in sustainable businesses which create lasting change and help the environment!

It's a single, somewhat complex, solution that tackles multiple problems at once. It reduces plastic pollution while also creating jobs and supporting small communities. Truly a driving force to create change.

It protects and conserves the environment.

Am for bro Kamugisha Franc I can't imagine how you are doing this bro wish u had the capacity to manage all the plastic West's around the country am really pleased with the work your doing big ups bro

I like the idea and I am one of the first customers to use the plastic tiles and timber for my dream house! Can't wait to see you launch the product on market! You inspire me a great deal

Purposeful innovation

Ecoplastile will greatly help to conserve our environment by reducing the plastic waste which blocks our drainage systems and kills life! Go ECOPLASTILE, we need you, Uganda needs you!

It's quite challenging more so for a youth, caring for environment the way he is doing. Many lessons for me and others, let's save mother nature by any means possible

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