Registration and Subscription Payment for Vending Licences

Registration and Subscription Payment for Vending Licences


Its transformational and has the ability to change lives

More stakeholder engagement

It empowers the maginalised population and reduces poverty SDG1&2

Wow, just the aspect of going digital captures my attention. City expands legal revenue streams, encouraging transparency into the so-called "informal sector". Convenience is also rendered to vendors in accessing trading/vending licenses from anywhere with just the click of buttons

It helps on 2 fronts. On the traders end it provides for convenience in accessing trading/vending licenses and access to official vending spaces that have amenities provided and so safeguards the health of the traders and patrons. At the same time it increases revenue collection for the city enabling the expansion of service provision.

Ensure platform it is accessible on all device types and economic brackets for inclusivity. extend this to Zupco bus cards for the month over time, allow vendors to promote their products on the platform with an eCommerce module, this will also incentivize subscriptions by giving them access to markets. Create an end to end ecosystem for vendors over time

Indeed it encourages conformance by traders to rules and regulations in the most convenient way.

Because it is also going to be helpful to us because we are going to utilise bailed grass as mulch in our organic farm

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