To succeed in the Recycling Industry of Uganda, which is mostly dominated by the Informal Participants, we need to develop few strategies that will enable us to gain competitive advantage over them. 1. Strategy One- Understanding Dumping Behavior We need to know When (at what life cycle of the product) people dump Electronic Product. This will help us to anticipate the amount of dump to be generated in a given time frame and also estimate how much of Reparable E-Waste we can collect.

Describe your progress you have made during the Idea Development phase During the Idea Development Phase, we focused on building strategies that will help us disrupt the Informal Recycling Industry in Bangladesh. The first strategy we came up with was "Parameters for Success" which will be used as a guideline in the initiation phase of the project. It identifies two areas Understanding Dumping Behavior and Components of E-Waste. They are crucial for gaining competitive advantage.

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