the idea is realistic to Mutare's problems thus it will offer a more tangible positive impact on the informal sector.

The idea offers a holistic approach to human development. I love it because it will not only be relevant to the current problems faced by informal vendors but will also address future problems after the COVID 19 era. It is simple,cost effective, greatly impactful and easily to implement. This makes it a great idea

The idea offers a gendered approach in its implementation, the empowerment of women highlighted in this idea means a lot in the 21st Century. This idea if implemented with address many cross cutting ideas thus creating more urban resilience in Mutare.

This idea is simple to implement yet has a capacity to impact many househoulds in Mutare. It takes into account not only those actively participating in the informal sector but rather even those indirectly linked to this sector. The idea also shows an indepth sustainability plan and also offers a holistic approach to human development as it factors in the social/software component of development

The idea requires limited funding and is easy to implemented. It also takes into account the importance of women empowerment. The incoporation of the GBV component makes it an outstanding idea as it is offerig a comprehensive approach to community development

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