Home allocation and relocation will be fast, plus the interior can be designed as need arises and each family can afford the long-term payments with no rush of being evaluated. This can change slums in a heart beat if supported to bear fruit.

Housing in slums is realy bad. And the transformation always takes long. The need of moving people for over a year so that construction commenses is frustrating. This will help those planning to know how many units are needed in a particular place, they get produced and people can move for just a week and then back to their homes. I see no reason why we won't grow realy. Times have changed and so should mode of operation. Even us who are so into the Airbnb, this helps maximize space.

We believe there will be time saved and finances maximumly utilized. Waste will also be controlled, there won't be dumping. More jobs will be created to the persons in the communities transformation is to happen. It will increase the chances of affordable housing to the largely ignored categories which are the low income earners and the middle income earners. Their production is fast, so is installation.

I am a mother, and if something of this kind is to be available, it will benefit community a lot. Me as a teacher, I believe I can be able to afford such a house with my specifications of the interior and pay it progressively with my civil servant ability. Home ownership will be possible to many. The fact that it comes ready to be used.

It's a great idea and can support many low income earners to have their own homes within a very short time.

It's a utilising great idea by the way especially to we youths who are just developing Thanks so much for being creative

It will the chances for more affordable accommodation that is of good standard. As well as provide employment to the community thus increasing on the rate of employment in the country. Brilliant idea. Love it and I would be willing to buy their housing

Brilliant idea and it will provide sustainable and affordable accommodation. Additionally, they increase the employment rate in the country since they will need human resources to develop this idea if it's to come to life. Love it.

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