Drug Abuse in Kano Slums

Drug Abuse in Kano Slums

Drug Abuse in Kano Slums


Good doing lespada kano

Drug abuse is a global monster that destroyed the physical, mental, emotional and socio economic development and well-being of the our society most especially our younger generation. Kano state is one of the state that record almost the highest drug abuse problems in Nigeria but with the help

Drugs abuse is a serious challenge that affect both male and female

By government support

Through employment and empowerment

To support the reduction of drug's circulation in the society


Slums have their own social and economic problems so that substance abuse may be different in kano slum and might be related with these problems.

Because drug abuse is one of d major cause of so many things in this state, When some one is abused he or she will act abnormal to so many things

Drug manace is a societal problem now adays which needs all hand on deck to takle the phenominum

I love what LESPADA are doing. They are help humanity.


Your work in saving humanity is beyond the limit KUDOS LESPADA

I want to see a drug free kano

The idea is very relevant been the drugs abuse as one of the most disturbing factor in Kano and northern Nigeria in General.

Free kano drug abuse in our slums

Wish you the best

Well, Drug Abuse according to my own understanding is beginning of committing any crimes why because it was the state that someone engage in that crime loses his sense or looses his mind and it mostly in the slum, I can even said 80% of the people engage themselves in the act were youth under the adolescent age. So in this situation The Authority Concerned ( Government), philantropist and any member from the community has to do something inorder to tackle the matter, like awarenes & Employment

Drug abuse is one of the challenge among youth That happenned to abuse our community

Drug abused is one of the reason why the rate of crime skyrocated in the ancient city of kano.its leads to so many socio cultural problems in our Enviroment.

Let joint hand and fight against drug abuse in kano

Drug abuse is our major problem in kano slums

Let's join hand and fight against drug abuse

Drug Abuse is among the Major challenges that are negatively affecting our youths in so many angles across the Kano State. and the problems needs to be resolved because it was always spread out in our society, So everyone will be responsible for the stopping of Drug Abuse in our State Kano. Don't neglect the issue and say I'm not involved or my children were not in the act, may be your child's friend was involved in the act and the probability of your child involvement in the act is 2, two.

Drug use can hurt the people who take drug and the people around them. So therefore we should all join hands together in the fight against drug abuse.


Drug abuse is a social vice that affects Kano state especially the slums where the sales is higher due to poverty level in the area. Tackling this menace will not only help save a degenerating society but also help in human development. Provision of vocational training will provide them with work and make them self sufficient and in the process prevent them from abusing drugs. As the saying goes " an idle mind is the devil's workshop".Development can only take effect in a sane and drugfree state

Because it will sensitize our youth

I want to see an end to drug and substance in my state

Drug and substance abuse has become so common among youth in the slump of Kano State and it is degenerating our society, leading to all sorts of social vices ;domestic violence, sexual harassment, prostitution, thuggery theft and many more. Drug abuse has been one of the key reasons that makes youth to drop out of school and broken homes. Therefore all hands must be on deck to tackle the menace of drugs , there should be stringent government measures on drug trafficking and manufacturing.

Drug abuse is the most dangerous act in our society now that needs to handled with an iron hand

I want to see drastic reduction of drugs abuse among young men and women persistently negating the potentials of our future generations

I want to contribute in the fight against drug abuse

To wipe away the bedevilling drag deendancy in kano is the most importance considering the rate of crime and other un wanted evils.

Because drug abuse is one of the most crucial issue in kano slumps, drug abuse does not help the society in a single way

Drug abuse is one of the most dangerous problem in kano slum that need urgent attention

I like this because drug abuse is a major challenge that causes crimes and social vices in the society. And I want to create awareness on the danger of abusing drugs and other substances.

Drug abuse is indeed a societal vice in modern day kano, it's major cause is poverty i idleness i think. I hope to see a drug free kano in near future. LESPADA is indeed is doing a good job, well done.

Drug abuse has become a menace in Kano with millions of youths that supposed to be the future of the society being wasted to drugs. Corruption and dishonesty have continuously hampered the official efforts toward curbing the increase of drugs abuse, hence the urgent need for non-governmental organizations to step up and face the menace in order to tackle it. I'm fully endorse this idea.

Maintaining a drug free society ensures good lively hood and development. It also ensures a crime free society

Drug abuse in Kano is a disturbing issue which needs to be addressed.

Really like the idea it will go along way in helping the community agaisnt the devastating effect of drug

Its a meanful strategy to convert tye menace of drug abuse in our community

Most of the social crimes in our society were emanated from drugs related issues that changed the idea and mindset of a person which derailed the moral ethics of positive actions.

The issue of drug abuse in kano has become a nightmare for the state. All hands need to be put on deck to bring an end to this nightmare our youths are into.

To end drug abuse menace in kano

Drug and substance abuse has become a national emergency thus all hands must be on deck to tackle it

Mainly the use of drug nowadays become fast in the slim area where drug and substance abuse is widely accepted due to the socioeconomic factor we are facing

Awesome !!! Will go a mile in reducing if not arresting the abuse of substance or drug completely

A wonderful initiative can immensely help to annul drug and substance abuse

With the abuse of drugs, the slums will never come to life but trying to tackle the abuse of drugs will definitely help the slums. I am with the tackling of this and i am with the people that want to see the slums In a very good way. Drug abuse in the slums hinders development, so this menace has to be tackled first.

Drug abuse has been an element that commonly used among the teeming yourth in the slump area of Kano State which coursed most of criminal activities within the state. It brings about having bad quality education, bad management in public sector, increase of social unrest and high rate of health abnormality associated with drugs. Therefore measure can be taken by bringing all hands on deck( government, privete sector and indivisuals resfectively) by organising campaign and empowerment.

I like this idea so that kano state's people will have good feauture by wiping out the drugs abuse.

Drug abuse needs all stakeholders on deck because it affect everyone in the society especially in Kano slumps areas such as Dan Agundi, Kofar Na'isa, Brigade to mention but a few. There is need to mobilise stakeholders such as CBOs, Religious leaders, traditional leaders, women groups, youth groups for awareness creation on the effect of abusing drug in kano and bring more new innovative such as the use of digital ideas that will bring #DrugFreeKano.

its a nice idear its going to overcome the manace of drag abusse in kano as a whole

I want to see a drug free Kano

Because drug abuse deminish future of the society, especially youth,and also contribute in domestic violence

Drug abuse will bring bad quality education, poor management but by reducing the rate of drug abuse, will help our upcoming generation and human development, creating of employment to youth... therefore there's need for NGOs to intervene in order to wipe out drug abuse in our state and our dear country at large.........

I'm in absolutely support about the idea for brought drug abuse in nigeria we will continue to render our outmost concern and putting our hand together. A bunch Thank to the entire staff

Drugs abuse has been an element that commonly used among the teeming yourth in the slump areas of Kano State which bring most of crimes within the state. It also brings bad quality education, poor managemen in borth public and private sector, social unrest and high rate of health abnormality associated with drugs abuse. So I like this idea in order to wipe out the above mention problem.

It will in eradicating drug menace

Drug abuse is an issue that needs urgent attention

As noted previously, early use of drugs increases a person's chances of becoming addicted. Remember, drugs change the brain—and this can lead to addiction and other serious problems. So, preventing early use of drugs or alcohol may go a long way in reducing these risks. Risk of drug use increases greatly during times of transition. For an adult, a divorce or loss of a job may increase the risk of drug use. LESPADA are working hard to see that they reduce the rate of drug abuse In Kano State

Drug and substance abuse in Nigeria has become a threat to public health, national stability, peace and security that needs more than urgent attention. National drug phenomenon has expanded from the conventional illicit drugs like cannabis, cocaine to the non- conventional substances like volatile solvents (inhalants), lizard dung/excretes, bio-generic fumes (soak away/pit toilet gas). This is in addition to the consumption of a wide range of new psychoactive substances.

Drug abuse has now become so alarming in Kano ,it needs to be contained .

This negative anti-social behavior called "Drug Abuse" or "Substance Abuse" has already reached an alarming and scary proportion in our highly prized northern portion of the conurty especially kano state. Intensely ravaging as it is, yet it appears that a concerted effort that enjoys a positive collective solidarity for tackling the problem is yet to be seen on the scene.

Drug abuse is a serious problem un kano slums that need to be tagle

Drug abuse is the major challenge in our society now, Therefore there is need for urgent attention in this area, The government and NGOs need to join hands together and fight for this menace that's affecting our youth future...

The rate of drug dependancy in kano is in the high sight ,it requires an instant and quick response from those in the hame of affairs and the govt in particular to minimise the increase if not bring an end the bedevilled drug manace ,Govt should note that in the next ten to twenty years if this drug dependacy is not contained the rate of crime may not be control by whoever think he is strong enough and it is going effect him and his family directly.

It's is very important to joint hand and fight agains Drug abuse in kano slums be it's one of the most fundamental problem in the community and lead to high level of criminal act

Drug abuse and it's subtance has a great negative impact on our society and it has become a big issue especially in Kano state. Creating awareness and sensitization programs can help stop this menace. Due to this problem our society can never be develope so I am in to create more awareness to better my society.

This is a very serious issue as a result of rampant cases of crimes due to high rate of drag dependency by our youth in kano, therefore all hands needs to be on deck to contained the manace

We all have a stake in the fight against drugs hence we must join hands to bring an end to this menace in order to complement the efforts of LESPADA

I really recommend LESPADA on the contribution and help they are given to youths involve in Drug Abuse. In fact they are the best in Kano state.

Will doing LESPADA in fighting drug abuse and helping the youths to become better in the society especially in Kano state.

By tackling drug abuse first before any development can take place in the the slums.Drug abuse is very deadly to the society and people in general therefore it should be eradicated then development should follow.

Weldon lespada kano

Drug abuse is a killer, endemic in our society, men, women, girls and literally every family is affected. However, it takes a bold group to confront this drug abuse monster head on. I salute the courage of this team. Without addressing this menace, we cannot develop as a people and as a country

Due to the political reign our youths are being used as a score target, that leads to their bahaviour changes some become political thugs or vangards some drug abusers & bandits etc in such situations campaign and awareness is the only solution, kudos and thump up to this platform.

It will curtail or even eradicate drug abuse completely.

Its a good idear going by the rate of crime in kano and the country at large

Lespada needs to wake up to reduce the rate of drag abuse I! Kano

Drug abuse is one of the major problems in Kano slums. It ruined the lives of thousands of youths in the city with a lot of diverse consequences.

My point of view is for the govt to support all organisations like lespada to reduce drug dependancy in the society

I want support to contribute in the fight against drug abuse at all

The rate of crime in kano is getting out of hand all as a result of drug abuse among our teeming youth ,A forum for elders and other stake holders needs to be created paeticularly to cushined the effect of drags in kano .

lespada is a non profit organisation striving to bring an end to drag manace in kano and other states in the country consideriing the level of drug dependancy particularly in kano government need to intervane to help lespada to acompolish this task

The menace of Drug Abuse have been wrecking the fabric of the society. The Kano slums have for a very long time known to be associated with drug use which is gradually hampering societal development. The fact that majority of those affected are youths and women makes it more dangerous. Tackling the menace of drug abuse in Kano State will help to stop further degeneration of the situation. Efforts should be geared towards education and vocational training for the victims .

Let joint hand and fight free drugs abuse in kano slums


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