Kano City Urban Acupuncture Project

Kano City Urban Acupuncture Project

Kano City Urban Acupuncture Project


I specifically love this idea because it has a far reaching impact that can solve immediate problems, instantly. I have conducted researches in the past on historical and cultural aspects of kano traditional communities. I have uncovered huge tourist and commercial prospects in a community that is often overlooked as a slum. The cultural lineage of the hausa people is deeply rooted to these corners, which can be unlocked and preserved through holistic approaches.

This idea can be improved with detailed data on demography and existing spatial condition of the selected area of Koki. A detailed underground water discharge and supply system can be designed utilising the topography of the selected location. The design and construction of the public passageways and open areas can be incorporated, if a detailed site plan has been created. These would have given the project a streamlined direction. This could not be conducted within the limited time available.

Splendid initiative! And very timely as well👍

Love this idea because it is targeted to solve problems of flooding and extreme heat. This idea can also be replicated in other cities.

😀Brilliant idea.

This is simply brilliant.

It’s easy to duplicate in other parts of Kano .

This is an innovative idea which will go a long way in solving the related urbanization challenges in Kano.

It is a brilliant idea. It is high time we started addressed the serious environmental problems in Kano State


This idea sounds impactful.

This idea is similar to the super blocks of barcelona, in a local african perspective. The positive impact is already visible in similar projects. A great innovative idea.

This is very innovative. Just what we need to curb the plastic disaster!

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